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Stan and I have decided that it's time to come out to our parents today. It's been about a month since we had sex and a bit more than a month since we started dating. We've been debating whether or not to tell our parents, knowing they'll be mad we've decided to keep it a secret.

"We have to do it sometime…we might just as well do it now rather than wait too long…" Stan says after a long amount of silence between us.

"I don't think my mom is going to take it well." I can feel a nervous frown form on my face.

Stan is lying on his stomach on my bed, playing video games. His gaze is fixed on the television but he gives me a sympathetic look. I'm sitting cross-legged on my bed beside him, twiddling my thumbs.

"It won't be too bad. Maybe she won't freak out or get mad. My dad will probably be disgusted by me, but he'll get over it."

"Dude, she'll freak out for sure. I mean I'm Jewish and gay…she'll kick me out. Or hit me…or kill me."

Stan sits up and wraps his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to his warm body. He presses a tired kiss against my hair, whispering against it.

"She won't kill you or hit you. You're over exaggerating! And whatever happens, I'll be there for you. I won't let anything happen to you, okay?"

I smile at his comforting words and turn my head to kiss his jaw before pressing my lips against his. I place my hand on his thigh and give it a quick squeeze.

"Thanks Stan…call your mom and dad and have them come over."

Stan nods understandingly and pulls out his cell phone, dialing his house number. My hands become wet with perspiration and I can feel my heart beat start to pump faster and faster with each passing second as I listen to Stan tell his mom and dad to come over to my house.

"K mom, see you in a few minutes."

He hangs up, and we both stare at each other, knowing that we're both scared and I feel like I'm about to have a heart attack. Stan notices this and walks up to me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Stan…what are we going to say?" I whisper quietly against his shoulder, resting my head against his chest, listening to his heart pounding like a drum.

"We just have to be honest and tell them what we feel for each other. Kyle, calm down, we're going to be together and that's all that matters."

I smile, tilting my head up to search for his lips. He chuckles and presses his hastily against mine. My hands run up his chest, and wrap around his neck, leaning more into the kiss and putting all my emotions into it.

Our lips release and we hug, holding each other tightly until we hear the front door open and my parents greet his. Stan and I reluctantly let go of each other, looking into each other's eyes before our hands lace together.

"Ready?" He gives me a sad smile, knowing how upset I am.

"No…not at all, but…let's do this."

He gives me one last peck on the lips before we leave my room and head down the stairs, our fingers still laced together and I swear my heart is pounding so loud Stan can hear it.

When we come into our parent's view our fingers drop away from each other and we stand there, in front of our parents awkwardly. I look at Stan and he looks at me, both of us asking the other if we're ready.

"Boys, what's going on?" My mom asks with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"Yeah, why do we all have to be here?" Our dads both look slightly bored.

"Is something wrong?" Stan's mom asked worriedly.

I look at Stan once again, trying to get some reassurance from him, when he smiles at me I know it's going to be alright. I let Stan make the first move. I bite my tongue, wondering what their reactions are going to be.

"Um…well, we just want you guys to know…umm…well, Kyle and I…are…"

Our parents continue to stare at him to continue, all of them with either concerned expressions or baffled expressions. I can tell Stan's all of a sudden become extremely nervous, so out of nowhere I decide to step in.

"Stan and I have decided to date…"

Our mom's both gasp out loud while both of our father's look slightly confused. Stan's dad looks around at the other parents with a baffled expression before speaking up.

"You mean like…you're dating girls?"

Out of the corner of my eye I see Stan pinch the bridge of his nose and sighing out loud at his father's stupidity. I can't help but giggle during this serious moment, but I quickly stop when Stan glares at me.

"No dad, Kyle and I are dating…each other." We watch as our all of our parents jaws drop in shock.

"Wha-Wha-WHAT? Kyle! Tell me this isn't true."

"Mom…it is true, I like him. More than a friend. Please try to understand mom…"

At this point my mom stands up angrily, fuming and my dad grabs her arm, trying to calm her down. I look to see Stan's mom smiling understandingly and Stan's dad looking a bit disgusted.

Oh no, my mom and Stan's dad are totally grossed out by this, my mom is going to kill me, I think to myself.

"That's nice to hear. I'm a bit shocked, but it makes me happy to see you happy son."

I smile and nod my head to my dad.

"Thank you dad…that means a lot."

"Kyle, I'm ordering you to break up with him now. You're Jewish, you cannot be gay! You need to find a nice Jewish girl and date her. You can't be with Stan!"

Tears burn in my eyes but when a strong, warm arm wraps around my waist I start to feel a bit better. I tilt my head back and lean against Stan's shoulder, letting out a long sigh.

"Mrs. Broflovski, not to be rude but you can't tell him what to do. He should be allowed to do what he wants."

"Be quiet Stanley! This is between my son and I!" She starts to come towards us and I flinch slightly but Stan's mom grabs her arm to stop her.

"Sheila, stop this." My mom's eyebrows are furrowed but she allows herself to be dragged back to the couch by Stan's mom. My dad puts his hand on her back and rubs soothingly.

"Mom…please…please just try to understand…I want you guys to accept me…I need my parents to be supportive of me…I-I don't want you guys to hate me…"

My mom still looks unfazed, but my dad gives me an attempted smile. I let a few tears slip out of my eyes before wiping them with the back of my arm. Why can't my mom just be happy that I'm happy?

"Mom…dad, what do you guys think?" Stan's mom gets up and walks towards us, giving her son a big hug before wrapping her arms around me.

"Stanley, Kyle…I'm so happy for you both. I respect your decision and I hope you you're happy together."

I watch as Stan's face fills with tears and he throws himself in his mother's arms again, squeezing her tightly. I notice Stan's dad on the couch, his arms crossed with a grumpy look on his face.

"Dad…what about you?" When Stan's dad doesn't move or make any different expression, Stan let's go of his mom and walks over in front of his dad, his hands shaking at his sides.

"I'm not like your mother, Stan…I can't accept it. I can't have a gay son. I've always thought of you dating, and marrying a cute girl."

"Dad…please…I want you to accept us. I can't be with a girl…it's not who I am, I think…I love Kyle."

My eyes widen at his statement, and I've always dreamed of Stan saying those words, but to have him say it in front of our angry parents lost it's meaning. I wanted it to be a romantic setting, not this.

"You love him? That's wrong, Stan."

I watch as Stan's face falls completely and he buries his face into his hands and starts to sob. Having my mom this mad, and Stan's dad this grossed out is ruining everything. We shouldn't have come out this soon.

"Stan…" I walk up to him and rub circles on his back, tears suddenly dripping out of my own eyes.

"How long have you two been together?" Stan's mom asks, but because he's too shaken up I answer in his place.

"About a month…" I whisper quietly, looking over at my mom, seeing her still angry. Her face is bright red and she looks so disappointed.

My dad and Stan's mom are beside us now, trying to get us to calm down. Stan and I are both bawling our eyes at this point and they're whispering words of comfort.

"Stan…Kyle, why don't you go upstairs…we'll talk to them and try to get them to calm down, okay?"

I nod and lead Stan upstairs, closing the door behind us and wrap my arms around his neck. We stand there for what seems to be ages, me holding him and him whimpering into his hands. Tears still fall from my eyes, but not as badly as Stan's are.

"Stan…it's okay. Remember what you said? No matter what happens we'll be together, right?"

He finally looks at me, his eyes bloodshot and he lunges at me and locks his arms around my waist tightly. We decide to sit on my bed, still holding each other and I pepper kisses all over his face.

"Stan…I love you, too."

He looks at me with a confused expression and I can't help but giggle at how cute his face is right now.

"Downstairs…you said you loved me…I love you, too." His tears finally stop and he throws me down on the bed, one of his knees wedged in between my legs.

"Of course I do…how could I not? You're so perfect."

I give him a large smile and lock my arms around his neck again, pulling him down so we can lock lips, sealing our love for each other. When we let go he nestles his face into my neck, whispering how much he loves me.

"Do you think my mom…and your dad will get over this and accept us?" I finally decide to ask.

"I don't know…I won't be able to feel better until they all accept us…what's wrong with us being together? We've always been best friends, and I'm pretty sure they knew we'd end up together one day…"

I can't help but blush at his statement, and I've never felt happier than I am right now. Even though my mom won't accept me for being gay, the love I'm getting from Stan makes me forget about everything else.

"Did you…always think we would end up together?" He props himself up, his hands on either side of my shoulders, looking down at me.

"I think in a way…yeah…"

I prop myself up on my elbows, and lean my head forward to catch his lips in between mine. He lowers me until I'm on my back again, and I cup his cheeks between my hands, his hot cheeks warming my hands up.

"Mmm…Stan…love you…I love you…I don't ever want to stop saying it."

"Me too, Ky…I love you so much…"

We mumble our love for each other every few seconds, our warm breaths mixing together until we hear a loud knock on the door, making Stan hop off of me quickly. He reluctantly opens the door to reveal his mom standing there with a remorseful expression.

"Mom…wh-what are you doing up here? Is…everything okay?" Stan's voice if filled with concern.

This probably looks bad, we're both red in the face and our lips kiss swollen. She puts her hand on his shoulder and leans in to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Boys, you need to come back downstairs for a minute." With one last smile, she leaves to go back down to the others.

I roll off of my bed, walk over to him to throw my arms around his waist, resting my head on his back. I feel him let out a big sigh before I release him.

"Maybe…maybe your mom is okay with it now. Maybe my dad is, too…"

I lace my fingers with his and give his hand a quick squeeze, leaning up to peck him on the cheek. His head turns towards me, tilts down and captures my lips in a gentle kiss. God, I love him.

When we pull apart, his glistening ocean-blue eyes staring straight into mine and I shiver slightly from his gaze. We both nod at each other and head back downstairs to face our parents once again.

When we see our parents standing in a line, my mom with her arms crossed and Stan's dad looking down at the ground, my nerves start to kick in again.

"Sit down boys…" My dad whispers and we do what he says. Stan places a hand on my thigh, giving it a quick squeeze. Our parents all look at each other, and we sit in an uncomfortable silence for a moment before they speak up.

"Stan…your mom and Gerald talked to me and Sheila and…I can't accept you for being gay, but I can tolerate it. I apologize for what I said earlier. You're old enough to make your own decisions and Kyle is a wonderful person."

I can feel a big smile form on my face and I swiftly look at Stan to see a joyful expression on his gorgeous face. I lean my head against his shoulder and whisper a quick love you against his shirt.

"Thank you dad…" He gets up, leaving me sit alone to give his dad a big hug. His dad doesn't look thrilled but he doesn't look angry anymore. I take a quick glance at my mom, who still looks pretty upset.

"What…what about you mom?" I lay my hands on my lap nervously, blushing and looking down at the ground.

"Kyle…Sharon and Gerald calmed me down a bit, but I need more time to think about everything. You're going to have to stay with Stan and his parents for a bit. I'll admit I overreacted earlier and Stan is a wonderful boy. But I need you to understand this is a lot to take in."

A lump forms in my throat and I can only nod in response. My dad comes up to me and gives me a big hug, and I see Stan and his mom and dad having a family hug. I feel slightly jealous that both of his parents accept him, but I'm also happy because he's happy.

"Thanks dad…I love you." He nods and lets go of me, looking down at me.

"I love you, too my boy."

He walks back to my mom and she stares at me for a moment before going upstairs, still looking quite disappointed. Stan's parents grab their coats and I run up to my room to grab a few things and throw them in a small suitcase seeing as I don't know how long I'll be at Stan's.

When I come back downstairs, Stan throws his arm around my waist and presses a kiss on the top of my head, helping me out with my stuff.

"Bye dad…tell mom I love her." He nods and gives me a quick wave.

"She'll get over it soon. Don't worry, you'll be home before you know it." I give him one last smile before opening the door to reveal Ike coming home.

"Hi Mr. Marsh, Mrs. Marsh…Stan what are you doing here?" His eyes widen when he notices me with a suitcase.

"Just…was with Kyle…" He releases my waist and rubs the back of his neck nervously.

"Kyle where are you going?" His voice is full of worry and he grabs my arm and looks at me with teary eyes. I can't tell him what is going on, not yet at least.

"I'm just going to stay at Stan's for a while…you can come see me whenever you want."

"But…why?" He looks so sad and his grip tightens on my arm quite a bit.

"I have to go Ike, we'll talk later…" I pull away from his grasp, and look at him guiltily.

I lean in to kiss him on the forehead before closing the door. The drive to Stan's house is a bit awkward, and I start to feel sick to my stomach. I just got kicked out of my house for being gay.

When we get to Stan's house, his mom takes my coat and hangs it up and we head upstairs to his bedroom. His parents were a bit weary about us staying in the same room, but I think they know we've been through enough.

I plop on my stomach onto his bed and bury my face into his fluffy pillow. Just thinking about what has happened today brings tears to my eyes and they drip all over his pillow.

"Kyle…I'm so sorry…this was all my fault, if we didn't tell them none of this would have happened. I just ruined everything for you."

I feel the bed shift beside me and I dart up to wrap my arms around his neck. He binds his arms around my waist and I whisper words of comfort to him and tell him it's okay.

"It's okay…I'm fine…it's all okay, Stan."

When we end up pulling away from each other, we smile lovingly at each other and press our lips together. The kiss is salty from our tears falling down our cheeks and onto our lips, but neither of us care at the moment.

"Mmm…I don't care, my mom will get over it…even if she never did I would never leave you, Stan." I mumble softly against his lips.

After a few silent moments of holding each other, we strip down to our boxers and cuddle up together under his warm blankets, wrapping our arms around each other's waists.

We stare into each other's eyes, and I run my fingers through that silky, smooth black hair I love so much. Our eyes tell each other how much we love each other, and no matter what our parents or what anyone thinks of us we won't lose the love we have.

"I love you, Stan…"

"I love you, too…"

And with our words of love confirmed to each other, we seal it with a kiss before we close our eyes, giving in to sleep and enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies.


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