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Dean was surprised the following morning when Balthazar didn't give him a hefty pat on the back with a large grin. Instead he just gave him a devious wink and made himself some coffee. Dean shrugged and went about his morning business, grabbing some food and going to sit outside with everyone else. Sam was chatting happily with Jess and Cas about school and things they were learning in their respective classes; Gabriel played with the fire, poking it with sticks and throwing flammable objects in to the flames. Dean grinned and slouched down next to his boyfriend, slipping his free arm around his waist. Castiel shot him a quick smile, keeping his attention focused on the younger Winchester.

The day passed quite slowly, no one really wanting to do anything. Balthazar and Jess decided to take advantage of the sun and sprawled out over towels, hoping to add some colour to their skin. Gabriel and Dean sat fishing on the dock, not expecting to catch anything but hoping it would pass the time as they talked. Sam and Castiel remained sat around the fire discussing school; still.

"Come on, Dean-O. I've seen the little winks and nudges you've been getting from Balthy, how far have you and Cas gone? And don't say just kissing or sleeping topless, because I'm not an idiot!"

Dean chuckled; "disputable."

"Don't be changing the subject! Come on! I can keep a secret! Has he opened up to you yet? Have you seen him naked?"

Dean quickly glanced around the check there was no chance of anyone overhearing their conversation; "don't tell Cas. Or Balthazar."

Gabriel grinned manically; "oh my God what!"

"Um, we got naked the other night and lay in bed together. But the lights were off so we didn't see each other-"

"-Well that sucks!"

"Still though, Cas! He got naked!"

"True... Go on!"

"And then yesterday-"

"-Oh wow what happened yesterday!"

"Will you shut up? ...Well uh... He asked me to get naked for him... So I did..."

Gabriel nodded along, hanging on Dean's every word.

"Anyway, long story short, he uh... Got me off?"

Gabriel's limbs began flailing as he made strange, loud noises; "oh my God! You're lying! That can't be true! Oh my God! What have you done? How did you do it? What is going on here?"

Dean gave his best friend a sharp punch in the arm; "shut up!"

"Sorry, sorry. I was a bit loud... But oh dear God, Dean! How the fuck did you managed that? What did he do?"

Dean grimaced; "you're asking about your cousin's sex life?"

"No, I'm asking about my best friend's. Spill!"

"Well... He just wanted to get to know my body? I don't know. He started off touching me nowhere near my dick, and it was really curious touches too. Like he expected my stomach to eat his hand or something... Next thing I know, he's got a firm grip and he's asking how I like it."

Gabriel barked out a laugh; "what the fuck?"

"Obviously he had no clue, so I had to help... After a while his arm started hurting so I had to finish myself off."

"What a dick. I hope he at least helped you get yourself off."

"He stuck his tongue down my throat? Well, it was more I stuck mine down his but... Same thing, right?"

Gabriel's grin doubled in size; "oh most definitely! I think I change my mind; you are my hero. Balthazar can host as many orgies as he likes, but you are deflowering super-virgin!"

"I'm not deflowering him!"

"One sexy act at a time, Dean. Today it's hand-jobs, tomorrow blow-jobs, and very soon you'll be ramming home!"

Dean stared wide-eyed at his friend; "...You're just... How... You're disgusting, Gabriel!"

"Never said I wasn't!"

"Anyway... Moving on. I don't feel comfortable talking about this with you any more."

"What do you think you'll do next? Do you think he'll let you see him naked?

"I don't know."

"Do you think you'd be able to give him a boner?"

"I'm not talking about this with you Gabriel."

"Oh come on! I'm just showing a healthy interest in your sex life!"

"No, this is most definitely an unhealthy interest! You should be more focused on your own failing sex life! Or do you not want to to get Kali in the sack?"

Gabriel grinned; "oh she'll be there soon enough. Not long until she succumbs to the Novak charm!"

"Hmm, I bet."

"Don't act all sceptical, Dean! You get by on your good looks and girly lips to seduce women and awkward asexual boys. Some of us have to rely on wit and conversation to get the ladies in to bed."

"Well, good lucky anyway. When do I get to meet her?"

Gabriel shrugged; "I don't know... You should come by more often instead of holing yourself up in Cas' room having all kinds of kinky sex."

Dean chuckled; "of course, it's all we do."

"You're sick, Winchester! Sick! Doing all those things to my cousin! You should be ashamed!"

"I'm sorry."

They both stared intensely at each other before doubling over with laughter. Dean jumped when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind.

"I apologise. I didn't mean to scare you," Cas breathed in his ear. Dean smirked.

"It's fine. Are you okay?"

Castiel hummed as he nuzzled his boyfriend's neck, tightening his grip on him; "your brother and Jessica were getting snuggly in front of me... It made me crave affection."

Gabriel chuckled; "are you some kind of cuddle-monster?"

"Somewhat. I enjoy having Dean's arms around me. It makes me feel warm and safe."

"...Fair enough."

"I've found physical affection is very pleasant. Balthazar said it's common for people like me to prefer it to anything else."

Dean took Cas' arms from around his waist and pulled him around to sit across his lap with his arms around his neck, his forehead resting against Dean's cheek. Gabriel smiled and quietly began making retching noises, earning himself a punch in the shoulder from Dean.

"You're a douche."

"And you're sickening."

"You'll be just as bad when you finally get a girlfriend."

Gabriel laughed; "no chance. I'm way too cool to allow myself to be as loved up as you two!"


"Don't take it personally, I'm exactly the same with Sammy."


"I mean, they have no shame! The noises I hear at night! And I wish I was joking. I really do!"

Dean's jaw dropped; "you're telling me they're getting..."

"Getting jiggy with it, yes."

"Why hasn't he told me?"

"How should I know? Go ask him!"

"They're 14!"

"So? Kids are starting earlier and earlier these days."

"The sly little git!"

"I think it's a great opportunity to embarrass them."

An evil smirk spread across Dean's face; "I think you're right!"

Castiel ignored the two of them plotting, instead, closing his eyes, enjoying the warmth of Dean's body wrapped around his own. He had a small smile permanently etched on to his face, the corners of his mouth twitched whenever his boyfriend's fingers slipped under the hem of his shirt to stroke at the soft milky skin.

"Why don't you ask Balthazar?" Cas finally sighed; "he's good at finding out information about people's sex lives and embarrassing them."

Gabriel and Dean grinned at each other.

"Yeah! Why didn't we think of that?"

Dean chuckled, giving Cas a quick squeeze; "because Cas here is the smart one."

"True... I'll go ask him, you two be all couple-y."

Gabriel scrambled up and ran off in search of the eldest Novak, leaving Dean and Cas to sit and cuddle. They sat in a comfortable silence for a while, just enjoying each others' company in the idyllic location. Castiel let out a long content sigh, burying his face further in to Dean's neck.

"You really are a cuddle-monster, huh?" Dean chuckled. Cas smiled.

"It's just an urge. I can't help it. Like you get sexual urges, I get snuggly urges."

Dean pressed a kiss to the top of his boyfriend's head; "you're adorable. Please; never change."

Cas pulled away to look up in to Dean's eyes; "only if you promise the same thing."

"Of course."

They smiled adoringly at each other for a few moments, sharing an intense stare before meeting in the middle for a soft kiss.

Balthazar kept Sam and Jess occupied whilst Dean and Gabriel snooped around their room. Gabriel giggled manically as he rifled through Sam's case, holding up various pairs of underwear and throwing dirty socks at Dean; Dean threw them back as he carefully poked through the waste-paper bin.

"Evidence! I have evidence! Oh God this is gross!" Dean shouted. Gabriel looked over and burst out laughing; Dean's face was screwed up in disgust, a used condom dangling off the end of a pen.

"Result! I told you they were going at it like horny rabbits!"

Dean dropped the used prophylactic back in to the bin and backed away, covering his mouth as if he was going to gag; "so... What do we do now?"

"Now, we consult Balthazar."

"What do you think he'll do?"

Gabriel shrugged and began putting things back where he found them; "no idea... But I hope it's hilarious!"

"I'm going to be having serious words with that brother of mine," Dean grumbled, helping his friend. Gabriel laughed.

"Haven't you already had 'the talk' with him?"

"Well yeah. There's the talk about 'if you ever have sex, always be safe and make sure she wants to,' blah blah. And the second one when they are having sex and you remind them of the first talk, and discuss tips and tricks and things."

"Oh yeah! I love the tips and tricks talk! You've got to get Balthy to do it! His sex talks are brilliant!"

Dean let out a long sigh; "but he's my brother!"

"You want to embarrass him, right?"

"...Fair enough."

"Come on! Let's go tell him!"

"Hold on! We've got to clean this shit up first!"

Gabriel let out an exaggerated sigh and returned to cleaning up the mess he and Dean had made.

Later that evening, the six friends were sat around the camp-fire chatting and laughing. Dean, Gabriel, and Balthazar had discussed prank ideas earlier, the latter waiting for the opportune moment. Dean had just finished joking about Cas' cuddling urges when he piped up.

"Did anyone where that weird noise last night? It was like... Banging, and a weird kind of groaning. I thought it was a bear at first!"

Gabriel smirked; "I heard it too! It was really loud! It was a like a constant thumping, and a lot of groans!"

Dean discretely eyed his brother and his girlfriend to gauge their reactions before jumping in; "I slept like a baby... Sounds like people having sex from what you're describing!"

It was hard to tell from the orange-ish hue from the fire, but Balthazar was sure Sam was blushing.

"And who's going to be having sex? It's certainly not you and Casanova!" Gabe laughed.

"Well there's always Sam and Jess," Balthazar smirked; "but you'd know if they were doing the dirty, right?"

"Oh yeah. I'd know if Sam and Jess were waking up in the middle of the night, and whispering amazingly loudly, not aware that they're not being quiet and I'm only down the hall and can hear everything. I'm sure I'd know."

Everyone turned to the wide-eyed couple. Sam let out a quiet squeak. Dean grinned.

"Anything you want to say, Sammy?"

Sam stared blankly at his older brother for a few moments before shaking his head; "nope."

Balthazar laughed; "give it up, kiddo. Dean and Gabe found the condoms."

Sam spluttered; "I always carry them round! I'm not-"

"-The used ones!" Gabe interrupted. Jess his her face in her hands as Sam's mouth opened and closed, unable to speak. Dean tried to stifle his laughter, burying his face in to the crook of Cas' neck; Castiel just smiled affectionately at his boyfriend, stroking a finger up and down his arm.

"Do you think this is cruel?" Dean mumbled, pressing a quick kiss to Cas' neck.

"Somewhat. I suppose I just don't understand your humour though. Is it supposed to be funny?"

Dean shrugged; "a little. It's more punishment to be honest, for not telling me."

"Sam is supposed to tell you?"

"Yeah! He's my brother! We tell each other everything."


"Pretty much, yeah."

"Even... Things about me?"

"Hmm? No! No, no. It's different with you. Sam and Jess are a normal couple... That came out wrong... You know what I mean, right? Their sex life is nothing like ours. And I know my brother, he's not as shy about sex as he seems to be right now."

Castiel nodded; "I understand... I think."

"...You want to go snuggle in bed? Gabe will tell me about what happened later."

Cas smiled widely; "yes."

Dean grinned, jumping up and pulling Cas up with him. Castiel stumbled over his and Dean's feet, falling in to Dean's chest, the two of them laughing as they steadied themselves. Balthazar smiled up at them.

"We're off to bed. If Cas doesn't get some Dean-cuddles he's going to go crazy," Dean grinned, grabbing his boyfriend's waist and yanking him closer. Gabriel laughed and gave them a thumbs up.

"Keep it down in there. The last thing we need to hear is you two having marathon-hugs!"

Castiel frowned; "how much noise could we make just-"

"-He's taking the piss, Cas. Come on," Dean smirked. Cas nodded and let himself be led up to the cabin. As soon as the two boys got in to their room, they grabbed at each other, clinging together as they stumbled over to the bed. Dean collapsed down on to the mattress first, scrambling up the bed to rest against the pillows as Castiel watched him with a warm smile. Dean held out his hand for Cas to take, softly pulling on it. Cas crawled up the bed next to his boyfriend, lying down in his arms and resting his head on his chest. Dean chuckled softly, rubbing Cas' back.

"You good, Cas?"

"I'm content, yes."

"Just content?"

Cas smiled; "I don't think I could be happier. I used to be content, but now... Now I have you. And Sam and Jess, and all of your friends... It's perfect. I'm going to Harvard. I'm going to be living with the most perfect human being in the history of the world. I have amazing friends and family... I don't think there's a word that describes how I'm actually feeling... Elated? ...Exultant? ...Euphoric?"

"A lot of 'e' words?"

"It's a good letter... How are you feeling, Dean?"

"Um... Ecstatic?"

Castiel laughed; "get your own letter."

Dean gave his boyfriend an affectionate squeeze; "I'm... In love. With you. With life... It's... I can't explain it. I feel like I could take on the world. Nothing could bring me down. And I blame you. I didn't care before you... I never used to talk about my feelings, or care... And then you... And now... Bam. Everything's perfect."

"...Do you ever get the feeling it's all going to go horribly wrong at some point?"

"I suppose... But it won't. This isn't some chick-flick, and I wouldn't allow it! Nothing's taking you from me."

Cas sighed happily; "this is why I'm so comfortable with you, Dean."

"Hmm. Our love is legendary."


They both let out a sigh. Dean pulled away from Cas, quickly pulling his shirt over his head before lying back down. Castiel smiled and did the same, the feeling of heated skin on heated skin sending a pleasant tingle through his nerves.

"I wish I could just... Touch you forever," Cas mused, stroking a finger up and down Dean's chest. Dean chuckled.

"I wish you could too, Cas. I'd be quite happy to never do anything ever again if it was possible."

"Perhaps it is possible... Maybe it'll come to me in a dream..."

"Hint taken. Good night Cas."

Castiel smiled, reaching up to press a soft kiss to his boyfriend's lips; "good night. I love you."

"Love you too."

It was the last night at the cabins before the six friends set off back home. Everyone was sat outside around the camp-fire enjoying their last evening together in that setting. Dean and Castiel were sat with an oil-lamp reading Cas' book on sexuality. Dean hit himself on the forehead with the book, grumbling quietly.

"This is confusing as Hell. I'm not following this any more."

Castiel smiled; "pan is Greek for 'all', or 'of everything'. So, pansexuality is the attraction to all genders or sexes, regardless of their sex or gender."

Dean stared at his boyfriend blankly; "you lost me when you started speaking Greek."

"Look. A is Greek for none; so asexuals have no sexual attraction to anyone. Homo means 'the same', hetero means 'the opposite'... Pan means 'all'... Are you following?"

"I thought homo meant man."

"In Latin yes. In Greek, the prefix means 'the same'."

Dean sighed loudly; "still confusing."

"Okay. Let's break it down in to it's simplest terms. Would you care if your partner had a penis but identified as a woman?"


"What about if they had a vagina but didn't identify as either male or female?"

"Um... No? Are there people like that out there?"

"Yes, many. What about... If your partner was in the middle of gender reassignment, and had breasts and a penis?"

"What are they changing in to?"

"Does it really matter?"

Dean paused; "...No. Just curious... Are there people who don't have genitals?"

"I assume."

"What do they identify as?"

"Whatever they wish," Cas smiled. Dean rolled his eyes.

"Fuck gender. And sexuality. This is too damn complicated. Can I not identify as anything, and if anyone asks I just say I'm taken, fuck off?"

"You can identify as whatever you like."

Dean grinned; "Cassexual."

"That's not a valid sexuality."

"Because there's only ever been one known case. Me."

Castiel laughed, taking the book from Dean; "how is it possible to be immature and charming at the same time?"

Dean draped his arm over his boyfriend's shoulders, pulling him closer; "easy. Be Dean Winchester... You know, seeing as you've never shown an interest in anyone, ever, that makes you Deansexual."

Castiel sighed in fond exasperation; "if you say so."

"Don't be being difficult! Balthazar!"

The eldest Novak looked over from the conversation he was holding with Sam and Jess; "can I help you?"

"Tell Cas he's Deansexual!"

Balthazar laughed and nodded; "he's right, Cassie. I'm glad you've finally come to terms with your sexuality."

"You're all so childish," Castiel muttered, flicking through the pages of the book to find the last bit he'd been reading of surrogacy. Dean smiled, pressing a soft kiss to Cas' temple before wandering over to where everyone else was sat, leaving Cas to his reading. He wandered over to where Gabriel was sat throwing flammable things in to the fire, mumbling to himself about the burning things.

"Need a hand burning shit?" Dean grinned, sitting down. Gabriel smirked and passed Dean an old newspaper. They both screwed up pages in to balls, throwing them in to the fire in an odd silence; Dean could tell Gabriel was deep in thought, finding it a little unusual. As he balled up some paper, he glanced over to where Castiel was sat, one side of his face lit up by the lamp, the other lit up by the fire. Dean grinned. He could sit and stare at Castiel all day, especially his face, which Dean was convinced was a work of art. Staring at his boyfriend's face, Dean wondered if there really was a God, because a face like Castiel's couldn't have just happened by accident. Divine interference had to have played a part somewhere; genetics made no sense. Anna was pretty; Balthazar was all right; but Castiel was beyond beautiful.
His azure eyes which were always so intense and innocent; one fixed stare from him had Dean's knees buckling. He always had a smattering of stubble. Never more than 2 or 3 days growth, but Dean was sure Cas never shaved, and it never got any thicker. Dean didn't even know where to begin with Cas' lips. Cas' pink, chapped, oh-so-kissable lips. He stopped gazing at Castiel when Gabriel's elbow connected sharply with his ribs.

"Why didn't you stay over there if you were just going to drool over my cousin?"

Dean smirked foolishly; "sorry, didn't mean to."

"Sure. Sure. So... With finals coming up, Cas is going to be really busy, you won't have much time together..."


"Want to help me with Kali?"

"I thought you had it all figured."

Gabriel shrugged, throwing another ball of paper in to the fire; "doesn't hurt to have back-up, right? I mean, I helped you and Cas get together, I thought you might like to return the favour."

"You want me to steal your phone and text her?"

Gabriel chuckled despite himself; "no, thank you. She just sort of... Needs convincing I'm more of a catch than Baldur."

"What kind of name is Baldur anyway?"

"Cas informed me Baldur is the name of a Norse God. And that Kali is a Hindu Goddess. Who knew there were so many people with religious names hanging around our town."

Dean grinned; "good job Sammy and I came around to instil some normality."

Gabriel snorted; "yeah. That's what you do... Normality my perky ass!"

"So anyway! Kali?"

The two friends sat discussing wooing tactics, continuing to throw balls of paper on to the fire.

Meanwhile, Castiel was taking mental notes of his book, occasionally peering over the top to look at Dean and Gabriel bonding. He smiled affectionately when Dean threw his head back and laughed loudly at something Gabriel said; he enjoyed that Dean was close to his family, it seemed to make their relationship easier. He dreaded to think what things would be like if members of his family didn't like Dean - discounting Zacaharia, because he didn't like anyone very much. Most important to Castiel was Balthazar's opinion; thankfully his older brother approved of Cas' choice of romantic partner, even playing an active role in their relationship to bring them closer. With everything going so well in Cas' life, he was just waiting for the moment for it all to go horribly wrong. It always happened. It happened to his parents. It had happened to Balthazar. It had happened to Dean's parents. It was only a matter of time.

He was snapped out of his depressive thoughts by Balthazar slumping down next to him. He gingerly shut his book and smiled up at his brother.

"You were staring pretty intensely there, Cas. Something up?"

Castiel shook his head; "just thinking."


"When it will all go wrong."

Balthazar frowned; "it won't."

"It will. It always does."

"You know, bad things don't always happen to good people."

"They do."

"Not to you they won't. We won't let it."


Balthazar grabbed his brother's shoulder tightly, giving him a gentle shake; "Castiel. Listen to me. You and Dean are made for each other. The only thing that would separate you would be an untimely death. Okay? If anyone. Anyone at all, tries to come between you two, you tell one of us and go focus on Dean. We'll deal with the little shit. Right?"

Castiel nodded, chewing his lip nervously; "okay?"

"I'm not kidding, Cas. If I hear someone's trying to break up you and Dean, I'll skip out on college to come kick some sense in to them."

"Balthazar, you don't-"

"-No one messes with my little brother and his overly butch boyfriend and gets away with it! Kapiche?"


"Good... So anyway, what were you reading about?"

Castiel shrugged; "just reading some more about surrogacy."

"Are you and Dean making progress?"


"Good. So what's the next step?"

"I don't know yet. That's what I'm figuring out."

"You're going to continue with this when we get home, aren't you?"

Cas smiled, casting a quick glance over to Dean, who was juggling a couple of balls of paper; "most likely. It seems a bit redundant to make so much progress only to give up the moment we get home... I'm actually proud of how far I've gotten."

Balthazar grinned; "we're all proud of you, Cassie. I think you should go celebrate with a nice big Dean cuddle."

Castiel chuckled; "I agree."

He gathered his things, giving his brother a quick one-armed hug and wandered over to where Dean and Gabriel had resorted to just throwing anything and everything flammable and non-toxic on to the fire. Dean grinned up at his boyfriend.

"All right, Cas?"

"Indeed. Would you like to come to bed?"

"Sure would. Night Gabe."

Gabriel chuckled; "keep it down. I don't need to be kept awake by two Winchesters!"

Castiel sighed, unimpressed; "really, Gabriel?"

"Don't act all innocent, Cas."

"Come on, Cas. He's just jealous he's going to die alone," Dean smirked, slipping his arm around his boyfriend's shoulders, pulling him away.

"It's our last night here," Cas mumbled the moment they entered the cabin. Dean nodded.

"It is. Gold star for observation."

Castiel managed a laugh, hitting Dean's chest playfully; "I just... Thought we could make it special."

"Hmm? Special how?"

"Um... It's a surprise."

"Surprise? Cas..."

"Just go get ready for bed."

Ten minutes later, Dean was lying in bed, waiting for Castiel to be finished in the bathroom. The only source of light was a very dim lamp in the corner of the room, which only just illuminated the room enough so their eyes weren't straining to see. Dean was quickly looking under the covers, mentally telling his body to behave itself when Castiel quietly slipped in to the room, clutching his bathrobe tightly around him.


Dean dropped the covers and grinned up at his boyfriend; "Cas."

"Are uh... Are you okay?"

"Sure... Are you okay?"

"I... I think..."

Dean frowned; "whatever surprise you have planned, you don't have to, Cas."

"I know, I know... I want to."


"Honestly. Just... I just need to get in to the right frame of mind."

"Okay... I love you, y'know."

Cas smiled broadly; "I love you too."

After a few moments of standing and staring at Dean, Cas finally crawled up the bed, lying down next to his boyfriend, gazing in to his eyes. Dean smiled, reaching up to brush a lock of hair from Cas' face, cupping his cheek gently. Cas smiled back, resting his hand over Dean's.

"You all right?"

"Yes... Would you get undressed, please?"

Dean's eyes widened; "fully undressed?"


"Yeah. Sure..."

Dean quickly stripped off his boxers under the covers, dropping them over the side of the bed. Cas quickly crawled under the covers next to Dean, nervously picking at the hem of his robe. Dean smirked subtly, winding an arm around his boyfriend's waist.

"You're naked under there, aren't you."

Cas nodded sheepishly; "yes."

"Do you... Want to show me?"

"That was the plan..."

"Well, you know you don't have to."

"I know..."

Castiel swallowed around the lump in his throat and slowly began tugging at the knot of the belt. He slipped the bathrobe off his shoulders even slower, keeping his eyes focused on a patch of the blankets covering them. Once his arms were free, he felt Dean's hand cover his as he dropped the robe over the side of the bed. Cas took a deep breath and finally looked up in to Dean's eyes, smiling meekly.

"I'm nearly there," he sighed, entwining his fingers with Dean's. Dean sighed happily.

"Take your time... Am I allowed to kiss you?"

"Of course."

Dean pushed himself a little closer to Cas, resting their foreheads together, staring in to his deep blue eyes for a few moments before softly pressing their lips together. Cas shook his hand free from Dean's, wrapping his arms up around his shoulders, pulling him even closer. Dean's hand found Cas' bare waist, softly pressing his fingers in to the soft skin, keeping a firm grip on his boyfriend.

"I apologise in advance if anything happens... Down there," Dean muttered against Cas' lips. Cas chuckled, peppering Dean's face with light kisses.

"It's okay. I think I'd be insulted if nothing happened."

"Look at you, making jokes!"

"It eases my nerves. Can you keep kissing me, please?"

Dean chuckled; "yup, sorry."

Castiel nodded, gripping the back of Dean's neck and pulling their mouths together in to a searing kiss. Dean groaned in to his boyfriend's mouth when he felt Cas' tongue part his lips.

"Mmph, are you trying to turn me on, or what?"

"Occupational hazard."

"Not that I'm complaining..."

The two boys shared a long string of passionate kisses until Castiel began to get short of breath. They lay curled in to each other, panting lightly, threading their fingers together and gazing in to one another's eyes. Dean smiled goofily, nudging his nose against the back of Cas' hand, pressing a soft kiss to the knuckles. Castiel smiled back.

"I think I'm ready."


Cas hummed in affirmative, wriggling his fingers free and lying on his back. He looked up at Dean expectantly, who just nodded and slowly began dragging the covers from their bodies. Cas scrunched his eyes shut, throwing his arm over his face for good measure, not wanting to see Dean looking over his body. Dean's tongue flicked out, wetting his lips as he finally got to see his boyfriend's body. He was thin, and pale. His hip-bones jutted out, outlining the 'v' leading down to his crotch. Dean couldn't help but smile as his eyes travelled down, taking in his dark mess of curls; his flaccid penis resting against his milky-white thigh. He edged closer, softly taking a hold of Cas' wrist and easing his arm from over his face. Still smiling, he nuzzled against Cas' cheek, pressing a soft kiss to the blushing skin.

"You're beautiful," he murmured, trailing a finger gently up and down Cas' breast-bone. Castiel cracked an eye open, looking up at his boyfriend warily.


"Thank you; for showing me. For trusting me."

Cas couldn't help but smile broadly; "of course. I love you."

"Mmm, I love you too."

Dean and Castiel were back at school, preparing for their finals, having projects, essays, and mock exams thrust under their noses every day. Dean and Gabriel were almost ready to chuck it all in and drop out, not planning on going on to college, but Castiel usually changed their mind with long-winded lectures and disapproving glares. The two friends usually left Castiel to his studies as they found better, more fun ways to waste their time.

Dean slipped up on to the stool by the ice-bar, grinning at Gabriel rushing around trying to fix someone's ice-cream. On the stool next to him was a guy a little older than him, wearing a suit and a pretentious grin. Next to him was a petite, dark skinned woman with a very surly look on her face. He didn't even need Gabriel to confirm they were Baldur and Kali, the pretentious grin said it all. The couple talked in hushed voices, occasionally taking sips of their milkshakes.

"Hey Gabriel! What's a guy to do to get served around here?"

Baldur looked over his shoulder, shooting a disgusted glare in Dean's direction. Dean just smirked, happy to get on his nerves.

"Shut up, Winchester! I'm busy."

"This is unacceptable, I'm a valued customer!"

Gabriel snorted as he scooped some vanilla ice-cream in to a bowl; "like Hell, you are. I'm surprised you're not barred."

"It was an accident and you know it!"

"You're a clumsy asshole. You shouldn't be allowed within 5 yards of glassware!"

"Just make me an ice-cream!"

Dean glanced up at Baldur, still glaring, and grinned cheekily. Baldur rolled his eyes and turned back to Kali. Gabriel kept at his job, serving several people before dumping Dean's ice-cream messily in front of him.

"Here. And if you so much as open your mouth to do anything other than eat, I'll kick your ass!"

Dean grinned; "love you too, Gabey."

Gabriel laughed; "shut up."

Dean scooped up some ice-cream on to his spoon, shovelling it in to his mouth; "fuck. This shit is cold!"

"It's ice-cream, fucktard."

Baldur spun around, still scowling; "excuse me, do you mind not swearing?"

Dean snorted; "free country."

"It's vulgar and unnecessary."

"That suit's vulgar and unnecessary," Dean quipped. Gabriel snorted out a laugh, wandering off so as not to get involved. Baldur looked down at Dean as if he was something he'd trodden in.

"You're so immature. Look at you."

"I'm adorable," Dean grinned back. Baldur scoffed and turned back around to Kali.

"I'm just going to the restroom then we can leave. Get away from petty the little children."

He slunk off towards the back, leaving Kali with the same unimpressed look on her face. Dean smirked.

"Is he always that much fun?"

"Baldur was raised in a very proper family."

"So he's had that stick up his ass since birth? Whoa."

"An unfortunate birth defect."

Dean laughed and hopped over on to the stool previously occupied by Baldur, sliding his ice-cream along the counter with him; "so why are you with him? You're young! Get with someone fun and alive!"

Kali quirked an eyebrow; "what, like you?"

"Oh no. I'm taken, sweetheart. I'm just wondering why you put up with that ass."

"We have interesting conversations."

"Yeah? Gabe and I have interesting conversations all the time. I mean, just the other day we were discussing which animals we'd need to breed to create a Velociraptor."

"And what was the outcome of that conversation?"

"...We ended up running up and down the hall doing Velociraptor impressions."

"Oh really?"

Dean waved Gabriel over; "do your Velociraptor impression!"

Gabe smirked; "all right, but don't complain when I blow you away."

He gave Kali a quick wink before tightening his elbow joints, pointing his fingers like claws. He pranced up and down the counter, doing a very convincing impression. Kali even let out a quiet chuckle.

"Told you. Good, right?"

"Very charming, yes."

"Gabriel, in case you didn't already know," he smiled, offering his hand. Kali took it, still smiling.


"Ah, I finally have a name for that pretty face."

"Be careful, I don't take very well to flattery."

Gabriel waggled his eyebrows; "what about my horrible affliction, where I have to tell the truth all the time, even if it might embarrass me."

"You're cute."

"Yes, I'm burdened with that, too."

Kali smiled. Baldur returned with his and Kali's jackets, scowling at everyone as he began to drag her away.

"It was nice to meet you, Kali!" Gabriel called.

"Until we meet again, Gabriel," she smiled, before she was pulled from the shop. Gabe grinned at Dean.

"Dude, that was awesome!"

Dean nodded, turning back to his ice-cream; "and you wanted Sammy's help! Idiot! I told you, I know how to get the girls!"

"So, how long until she dumps fuck-face and jumps in to my bed?"

"Stick with the raptor thing and she'll be tearing your clothes off where you stand."

"Oh shut up."

Dean's day hadn't started off great. He was late for school - Sam didn't bother to wake him up for some reason - and he didn't get to see Cas until dinner. His teachers were all in bad moods, and he came close to getting detention three times. As dinner finally rolled around, he began to perk up, eager to see his boyfriend. When the bell rang, he ran to his locker to dump his bag, not expecting to be accosted by a short, bespectacled, and very angry looking girl.

"You're Dean Winchester?"

Dean eyed her nervously; "yeah?"

"You're dating Castiel Novak, right?"


Her glare intensified; "you should be ashamed of yourself!"


"The poor boy is asexual! And if it isn't hard enough dealing with such an uncommon sexuality in this highly sexually charged society, you come along and try to fix him! He's not broken!"

Dean stared at the girl, dumbfounded; "...Wait, how do you know he's asexual?"

"I overheard your brother talking to his girlfriend about your relationship. How he's come to terms with his asexuality and how you've jumped in there trying to fix him! Making him do all kinds of sexual things. You're disgusting!"

"What the fuck? I know he's not broken! I'm not making him do fucking anything!"

The girl snorted; "sure you're not. People like you are all the same. He doesn't like sex. If you can't deal with that, find some slut who'll have sex with you whenever you call!"

"People like me? ...Who the Hell are you? Why are you suddenly sticking your nose in to my relationship?"

"That's not a relationship. It's a joke. You're manipulating him."

Dean glared; "I don't hit girls, but I am so fucking close right now..."

"You're sick."

"You're fucking deranged," Dean glanced up, noticing Cas walking up the corridor to meet him. He waved, beckoning him over quicker.

"I'll make him see sense," the girl muttered. Dean glared.

"Cas. Please. Tell this psycho I'm not forcing you to have sex with me."

Castiel looked horrified; "what?"

"She's got it in to her head that-"

"-I've not got it in to my head! You're manipulating Castiel's naivety in sexual comprehension, and getting him to do things to satisfy your raging libido!"

Cas' lips thinned; "excuse me, do we know you, at all?"

"No, but-"

"-Then I fail to see how our relationship is any of your business. And for that matter how my sexuality is any of your concern. What Dean and I get up to in the privacy of our own homes is no one's business but our own. And where on Earth did you get any of this information?"

The girl crossed her arms over her chest defiantly; "I heard Sam Winchester discussing it."

"Samuel is Dean's brother, and a dear friend; I do not believe he would talk such nonsense. He understands my relationship with Dean, and how it differs from most conventional relationships."

"Hey! I understand it too! I get asexuality, I've read all about it on the internet! I also know that your boyfriend thinks with his dick."

Castiel tutted, shaking his head; "I see. You're one of those. Are you asexual?"

"No, but-"

"-Then you cannot possibly comprehend what I go through, just like I can't comprehend what a heterosexual goes through, or a bisexual. Asexuality is just as fluid as any orientation based on sexual attraction. We're not genophobic, we're just not sexually attracted to people. Simple as. You are aware many asexuals have sexual relationships, right?"


"-And and your orientation and libido have absolutely nothing to do with one another?"

Dean smirked behind Cas, loving him more in this moment than he ever had; he also found something quite arousing about Castiel intellectually bitch-slapping this girl.

"I ask in future you do full, in-depth research before spouting out about something you actually know nothing of."

The girl sighed angrily; "well I'm sorry I offended you, but-"

"-I'm not offended by your stupidity. Everyone's entitled to be as obtuse as they like. I'm insulted by your accusation that 1. Dean Winchester would ever force someone in to something they didn't want to do; and 2. that I am incapable of forming my own decisions and am easily manipulated. It is not your place to tell people who they are and how they act, especially people you clearly don't know. You've obviously never met Dean; if you had you'd know he's one of the most caring, wonderful people around.
"So please do keep your nose out of ours and other people's business. Focus on your own life, perhaps. And also, please never speak to either Dean or me again, that would be greatly appreciated.
"Are you ready Dean?"

Dean grinned, watching the girl huff loudly and storm away down the corridor; "Cas... You're fucking awesome."

Castiel chuckled as Dean pulled him in to a tight hug, pressing kisses to the top of his head; "thank you, Dean. Are we getting lunch today?"

The larger boy let out a long sigh, easing his grip; "I love you, y'know that? I really fucking love you. You just... Ugh... I can't even finish my sentence... I'm speechless. You've actually rendered my speechless. Just... Fuck. I fucking love you!"

Cas laughed, pulling away from Dean enough so he could look him in the eye; "ok, Dean? I love you too. Please, can we go and get some food?"

"Of course. Anything for my amazing, wonderful-"

"-Dean! Please!"


He took Cas' hand in his, squeezing softly and leading the way down the corridor towards the cafeteria. Castiel happily followed, lagging behind a little, too busy gazing at Dean's face to keep in step.

"You know, my day started off so crap," Dean mused; "you're like my little nerdy knight in shining armour."

"Did I really just save you from a girl?" Cas chuckled.

"Hey! She was freakin' psycho!"

"Yes, she was a bit off-kilter."

"Off-kilter? She was batshit insane! I hear you're having sexual relations with your asexual boyfriend, clearly you must be raping him! Stupid bitch. Jesus, I mean... How many more times will I be hearing that?"


"I can handle one crazy bitch, but what if more people come along thinking they understand our relationship better than we do? I don't really want to keep hearing how I'm violating you; I'd probably end up believing it after a while..."

Castiel sighed, stopping abruptly, pulling a startled Dean in to his arms; "don't listen to them, Dean. It doesn't matter what they say or think; it's us who are in the relationship, not them. They don't know anything about us. I trust you, and love you."

Dean smiled meekly, burying his face in to Cas' neck; "I fucking hate people."

"Why do you think I disassociated myself with anyone who wasn't family?"

"You used to be Mr Popular until I came along."

"Hardly. I had a legacy attached to me."

"Still... It's just you and me now, though."

Castiel nodded, cupping Dean's face gently, a small smile on his lips; "exactly. Just me and you."

They smiled at each other, Dean resting his forehead against Cas'.

"And just think," Cas mumbled; "we don't have long left here. Soon we'll be in Cambridge. The two of us. A new life..."

Dean hummed appreciatively; "I seriously can't wait. Hopefully college students will be more mature and less accusatory."

Castiel titled his head to the side; "accusatory?"

"...Yes. Is it a word?"

"Yes. I'm still beguiled by your growing vocabulary."

"I'm going to take that as a compliment, and not as the insult it could easily have been interpreted as. And at least some of us use real words... Beguiled."

Castiel laughed; "beguiled is a word, Dean!"

"Use it in a sentence."

"I just did! Twice!"

Dean smirked, slinging his arm around his boyfriend's shoulders; "I don't believe you."

Dean grinned to himself, tucking his tie in behind his waistcoat, waiting for Castiel to be ready. Next to him, Gabriel was sucking on a red lollypop, one hand shoved in his trouser pockets.

"I can't believe you persuaded him."

Dean chuckled, glancing up to the stairs to see if Cas had arrived yet; "prom, dude. He can't not go. Especially seeing as all he'd be doing is reading or something."

"I think he regrets letting Balthazar pick his outfit..."

"Most likely. He'll look good though. I think I trust Balthazar's judgement."

"This is so cliché. Poor Cas has the girls role too; will you be slipping a corsage on to his pretty little wrist?"

Dean laughed, giving his best friend a shove; "don't be such a dick."

Suddenly, at the top of the stairs, Balthazar cleared his throat loudly, grinning down at Gabriel and Dean. Dean grinned too.

"Gentlemen, I am proud to present the third to your little group; attending his first proper high school dance... Cas..."

Castiel appeared at the top of the stairs, smiling meekly in his new designer suit. Balthazar had forced Cas to shave properly and mussed his hair so it looked professionally messy instead of just-rolled-out-of-bed messy.

"Cas! You look awesome!"

Cas smiled broadly at his boyfriend as he descended the stairs; "thank you, Dean. You look very handsome."

Gabriel snorted; "handsome? Your boyfriend looks damn sexy! Scrubs up pretty good, huh!"

"You look amazing, Dean. You truly do."

Dean smiled softly, pulling his boyfriend in to his arms, careful of the suit; "and you didn't want to come. You wouldn't be seeing me in a suit if you'd said no."

"Yes. I'm glad you persisted."

"Enough with the lovely moments, this is prom dudes! Time to fuck shit up!" Gabriel sang, forcing himself between the boys, a cheeky grin on his face. Balthazar chuckled and began snapping pictures; after a few candids, he got the boys to take some proper pictures before Crowley let himself in.

"The limo awaits, boys," he smirked. Gabriel grabbed his arm and pulled him away from everyone else to talk in hushed voices. Dean took the opportunity to slip his arms around Cas' waist, pulling their bodies together. Castiel smiled, holding on to his shoulder and gripping the back of his neck gently, the two of them gazing in to each others' eyes. They were so lost in each other they didn't notice the repetitive click of the camera shutter as Balthazar took picture after picture.

"Excited?" Dean murmured, resting his forehead against Cas'.

"A little nervous, but overall yes."

"Good. I can't wait to show you off."

Castiel chuckled; "I'm not your trophy, Dean."

"I'm still allowed to be proud of you. We graduate next week, you with honours... I actually passed!"

"I'm proud of you too, Dean. Your father will be here next week, won't he?"

"Mmm... Seriously Cas, you look... Amazing."

Castiel softly scraped his nails against the back of Dean's neck, angling his head just right for a deep kiss, his arm winding fully around his boyfriend's neck. Dean smirked in to the kiss, pulling Cas fully against his body, still blissfully unaware of Balthazar taking more pictures. They pulled apart when Gabriel cleared his throat.

"You have all night to play tonsil hockey. Come on, Crowley and I have some business to be attending to."

Dean rolled his eyes and went to reach for Cas' hand, but missed as Cas was quickly pulled in to a tight hug by Balthazar.

"Have fun tonight, Cassie. It's about time you let your hair down a little. Go be a teenager!"

"I'll try my best," Cas replied, squirming out of his brother's tight grip, grabbing at Dean's outstretched hand. The four boys left, climbing in to the limo and set off for the upscale hotel the prom was being held in. On the way they picked up Becky - whose voice was bordering ultrasonic, she was so excited - and Chuck - who couldn't have snatched the hip-flask of whiskey from Crowley any quicker.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Becky squeaked, a tight grip around Chuck's bicep.

"Oh it'll be fun all right..." Crowley chuckled.

"Please don't get arrested," Cas sighed, curling his fingers over Dean's knee.

"My dear cousin, we shan't be getting arrested. Just creating a moment that shall be talked about for decades. Balthazar left his legacy, it's about time we left ours!"

"Just make it known I had nothing to do with whatever it is."

Gabriel snorted; "like anyone would think you're capable of what we're going to do."

"You're over-hyping it. The more you talk about it the less amazing it will be," Chuck mumbled.

For most of the evening, the prom was very mundane. Most of the students were either on the dance floor or by the drinks table. Castiel and Dean stood on the edge of the dance floor in each other's arms with Chuck and Becky. Occasionally people would wander over exclaiming how it was nice to see Castiel at a school event, how cute he and Dean were all dressed up, and how they wished they'd made more of an effort to get to know Castiel. After several hours, and two batches of spiked punch, the party was livening up, the majority of the student body on the dance floor. Castiel had his head resting on Dean's shoulder, tired out from the heat of the venue, the two of them swaying slowly to the beat of the music. Becky had managed to wrangle Chuck on to the dance floor for a proper dance.

"Any minute now, Gabriel and Crowley will be causing an uproar," Castiel yawned. Dean smirked, pressing a soft kiss his temple.

"I hope it's at least funny."

"Depends on your perspective."


Cas lifted his head, looking in to Dean's eyes, smiling softly; "should we go mingle?"

"I'm actually quite content it just being the two of us."

"Good, as am I."

"I almost don't want to hang around to see what your cousins have planned, I want to go home."

Castiel laughed; "this was your idea to come!"

"I know, I'm sorry... Fine. We'll wait."

They didn't have to wait long for Gabriel and Crowley's prank. During the crowning of prom king and queen, an exotic dancer turned up and began grinding against the principle. The Novaks took credit for the prank before being forcibly ejected from the event. Dean and Cas and some other students piled in to their limo for the post-prom hot-tub-party Gabriel decided was being held at their house.

"In three weeks we'll be officially living here," Dean sighed, looking around their apartment. Castiel sighed happily and nodded. The two of them had driven over to their Cambridge apartment to get things ready for when they moved; doing some painting and shifting of furniture.

"It feels like it's gone so quickly," Cas mused, picking at some white paint on his arm.

"I'm sure it was just last week I moved in to town," Dean chuckled.

"I need a shower."

Dean smirked; "yeah? ...Need some help?"

A smirk slowly spread across Castiel's face too; "perhaps... Are you offering?"

Though a rare occurrence, Castiel had no hesitations with showing Dean his naked body. He slowly slipped off articles of clothing as Dean started the shower. The couple had showered together once previously, however the experience was not very sensual at the time - Castiel had been verging on physical exhaustion in the middle of his exams. Dean forced him in to the shower before bed one night but worried about him staying conscious so jumped in with him, mumbling encouraging words as he lathered shampoo in to his boyfriend's hair. This time, Dean decided, would be better. Mainly because Cas would be able to do more than sway back and forth dangerously as he bordered on unconsciousness. Dean quickly yanked his top over his head and turned to face Cas who was stood in just his boxers, fumbling with his hands nervously. Dean smiled, reaching out and taking Castiel's trembling hands in his.

"I can leave you to it, if you want."

Castiel shook his head; "let's do this. Balthazar said showering with someone was very... Hot is the word he used."

Dean laughed, winding his arms around his boyfriend's waist; "he's right... At least it is when one of you isn't about to collapse any moment."

Cas smiled sheepishly; "I'm sorry for worrying you. But thank you for looking after me."

"I'd do it again in a heart-beat. Now... I can't shower like this."

He pressed a quick kiss to Cas' lips before turning around, giving Cas a little privacy. He quickly toed off his socks and pushed his jeans and boxers from his hips, and joined Castiel under the hot spray. He slipped his arms around his waist from behind, pressing several kisses on the back of his shoulder and neck. Castiel hummed contentedly; "this is pleasant."

Dean nodded, reaching around for the single bottle of shower gel they had. He squeezed a healthy dollop of the blue liquid in to his hand and began lathering it in to Cas' chest and stomach, rubbing soothing circles in to the skin with his thumbs. Castiel let out a blissful sigh, his head lolling back against Dean's shoulder, enjoying the feel of Dean's warm body, wet, pressed against his whilst hot water beat down over the two of them. He knew Dean was enjoying himself, feeling his erection pressing wantonly against the inside of his thigh.

"This should become a regular occurrence," Cas sighed, trailing a finger up and down Dean's forearm as he continued to massage shower gel in to his skin. Dean chuckled.


"I think I'd be able to handle it."

"Are you sure?"


"Let's enjoy this shower first."

"I can see you're enjoying this one."

Dean laughed; "shut up. I can't help it. I tried thinking unsexy thoughts, it doesn't work."

Castiel smiled; "I don't mind, Dean. I've come a long way. Your frequent erections don't scare me any more."

"...They're not frequent."

Cas just chuckled, moving his body under the hot spray to wash away the soapy shower gel covering his torso. Dean pressed several more kisses against Cas' shoulder before the smaller teen turned around, a content smile on his face. Pushing a hand through the light brown hair, Castiel cupped Dean's cheek, stroking it softly with his thumb. Dean smiled too, taking a gentle hold of his boyfriend's hips.

"I love you."

"I love you too... Did you bring the shampoo, I'm sure I have paint in my hair"

"Yeah, just second."

Dean peeling himself from the warm body, reaching out of the shower for the white bottle, pushing it in to Cas' hand. Castiel turned his back to Dean again, squirting some of the white liquid on to his palm. Behind him, he could feel Dean fumble, accidentally poking him in the back of the leg with his erection several times.

"I don't mind," Cas hummed, massaging the shampoo in to his hair. Dean balked.

"Don't mind what?"

"You... Getting 'off'... Over me."

"...Over you, or over you?"

Castiel paused, his hands stilling in his hair before he shrugged; "we're in the shower. I don't mind."

Dean snorted out a quick breath; "seriously?"

"Seriously. Go for it."

Cas rubbed his scalp, his eyes closed; he could hear the wet sounds behind him as Dean began touching himself, quiet sighs falling from his lips. He reached forward with one hand, digging his fingers in to his boyfriend's hip to steady himself. He failed to bite back a soft moan as his pace quickened, the water falling over them slicking his movements. Castiel could feel Dean's knuckles brushing over the small of his back as he jacked himself off, the head of his dick smearing pre-come over Cas' skin.

"Cas!" Dean sighed, his forehead falling against Castiel's shoulder.

"You'll get shampoo on you," Cas mumbled, angling his head under the spray to wash away the product."

"Don't care. Fuck."

Dean moaned Cas' name again; Cas could feel a bizarre feeling in his groin, the feel of blood rushing south. He looked down, his penis twitching, beginning to fill and harden.


Dean groaned; "Cas."

Castiel watched, feeling his skin drag as his penis grew, twitching peculiarly between his legs. Dean's fingers clamped harder on his hip.


"Jeez... Cas."

Cas sighed, knowing Dean wasn't really hearing him; "Dean!"

The larger boy jumped, his hand slipping from his boyfriend's waist; "shit. Sorry... Do you want me to stop?"

"No, it's... Uh..."

Dean peered over Cas' shoulder, following his gaze, smirking when he saw Cas' own erection bobbing between his legs.

"Do you want me to...?"

"Please," Cas sighed. Dean nodded, his hands stroking over Cas' chest, a thumb pausing to rub over a nipple, eliciting a quiet gasp from the smaller boy.

"Turn around," Dean whispered; Castiel nodded and did as he was told. Dean smiled at the pink blush on his boyfriend's cheeks as he circled his arms around his waist.

"It's all right, I'm going to take care of you."

Cas nodded, letting himself be backed up against the wall, jerking away and hissing as the cold tiles pressed against his warm skin. He stood back against it, getting used to the cold as Dean crowed against him, moaning quietly when their erections brushed together. He reached up, cupping Cas' cheek in his hand and angling his head for a warm kiss. With his other hand, he took a hold of Cas' hand, trailing it down their bodies to their arousals. He paused kissing Cas to look him in his eyes, giving him a reassuring smile as he wrapped their hands around their cocks.

"You okay?" Dean whispered. Castiel nodded, resting his forehead against Dean's. He let out a quiet whimper when Dean began stroking their hands up and down together, his thumb swiping across the heads of their dicks. Dean's hand covered Cas', controlling his movements, forcing him to squeeze, twist, and pump whenever Dean did. He wasn't as vocal as his boyfriend, only letting out quiet sighs and gasps, torn between pleasure and confusion at the new feeling. Dean moaned in earnest, mouthing at Cas' neck, leaving trails of hot wet kisses up to his jaw before biting at the muscle of his shoulder. Cas' unused hand gripped Dean's shoulder tightly, holding on as if he would collapse if he didn't.

"It's all right Cas... You're okay..."

Cas scrunched his eyes shut, burying his face in the crook of Dean's neck; "Dean I..."

"Let go, Cas."

He whimpered as their hands moved quicker, Dean's hips thrusting slightly. His breathing became ragged and strained as he could feel something in the base of his groin, his stomach feeling suddenly empty. His jaw hung open, pressing his forehead against Dean's neck as his mind blanked.

When he came to, Dean was stroking his hair, hushing him and mumbling things in encouragement.

"So good, Cas. You did good... It's okay..."

Castiel cracked an eye open, lifting his head slightly; "Dean?"

Dean smiled widely; "hey Cas. You had me worried for a second there, thought you'd passed out on me."

Cas could feel his legs were wobbly, he gripped on to Dean's biceps to keep himself up; "just... Overwhelmed, I think... Did...?"


"Do they all...?"

"Mostly... Something you could get used to?"

The smaller boy chuckled tiredly; "maybe not in the shower."

"There'll be a bed next time, I promise... Anyway, let's get clean and go curl up in bed."

They quickly rinsed their bodies clean, shared a couple of slow, passionate kisses before climbing out of the shower, Dean keeping a tight hold on his boyfriend, unconvinced he could support his own weight after what had seemed to be a mind-blowing orgasm. Grabbing a couple of towels and wrapping them around their bodies, they stumbled through to their bedroom, collapsing down on the fresh new sheets of their bed. Castiel wriggled out of his towel and under the covers, waiting for Dean to join him before curling up against his side, resting his head on his chest.

"I love you, Dean."

"I love you too, Cas. Go to sleep," Dean replied, pressing a soft kiss to his boyfriend's hair-line. Cas yawned, wrapping an arm around Dean's waist as he slowly drifted off to sleep. Dean stared up at the ceiling, a lazy grin on his face. He felt warm. All over. It was more than just his body temperature; he felt indescribably happy; he was in love. The boy he loved was curled up next to him, snoozing quietly in post-coital bliss. They were lying in a bed that belonged to them, in an apartment that belonged to them. After a long hectic life, everything seemed to have fallen in to place. Not knowing what else to do, he reached for his phone on the night-stand.

Balthazar was sat at the kitchen table reading a fashion magazine when he heard Gabriel scream. There was a bang - probably Gabriel falling off his bed - and the loud thuds of him bounding out of his room and down the stairs. He rushed in to the kitchen, eyes wide clutching his phone.

"Balth! Oh my God! Just... Look! Fuck! I can't... BALTHAZAR!"

He thrust his phone in to his cousin's face, hand shaking. Eyeing Gabriel suspiciously, Balthazar took the phone, noticing there was a text from Dean on the screen. He almost dropped the phone in shock at the message.

"Thought you'd like to know; Cas is now a man ;)"

AN2: I'm going to throw this here; if there's anything in this story that you'd like to be "explained", or if there's anything you just really really want to see, leave a comment and I'll see if I can squeeze it in to a sequel somewhere. I already have things planned, but y'know, sometimes you guys have way better ideas than me so... Yes. Just comment.