Terribly unoriginal but this is the first of a few short pieces I've been wanting to write/imagine having happened during The Year That Never Was in series three. It will range from involving characters from different series to characters already established this show but are from different Doctor eras. There is no particular order to these pieces either. I'm just writing them as I think them up.

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Paris, France

Taking the chair closest to her, Martha dropped her pack down next to the chair legs as she welcomed the chance to finally be off her feet. She looked up to watch the balding man take the chair across from her, but not before he slipped off his trench coat and draped it on the back of it.

"We'll be alright for the time being," he said with a tired smile. "In a couple of hours there'll be a car coming to take you to the safe house for the night."

"Thank you." Martha had spoken those two little words so many times ever since she had managed to escape the Valiant she had lost count. But she meant it with every time she said them.

"Don't mention it." Leaning back in his chair he looked around the café, and from what she noticed, with a fond look in his eyes. The young doctor looked around as well but saw little that would make this shop special. It was a simple café, or at least what remained of it—there were scorch marks on the walls, broken pictures, shattered drink bottles behind the counter. The windows were broken and boarded up.

It had not seen a customer in quite some time she gathered; But when the older man just smiled wistfully at the room before catching her watching him to which he just chuckled and rested a hand on the table.

"Sorry—it's been sometime since I last visited here. You wouldn't think it just by looking at it, but this place has a bit of history to it. Met your friend, that Doctor fellow, here years ago."

That earned him a smile from Martha. The times where she didn't have to tell her story of the Doctor and, instead, listen to stories about him from others lifted her hope. "Did you now?"

"I mistook him for a goon that was working for this man I had been trying to catch for years at the time," he explained. "Followed him here to this café and questioned him. Him and his friend."

"Friend?" Of course she knew he had many, many companions in the past, but it wasn't very often she heard about them.

He nodded. "A young blond woman named Romana. A cheeky girl, that one was." There was a tone of amusement noted as he smiled. "But the pair turned out to be the break I needed in getting Scarlioni, even though it turned out he was some blasted alien who was trying to destroy the planet."

"I'm pretty sure that happens every other week," Martha chucked.

"Yes, well, it was something I never thought would ever happen to me. And ever since I've been in debt to the Doctor. Should he ever show up here again I would help him anyway I could. Including his friends. So anything you need, just say the word, Miss Martha Jones." There was a second pause before he added with a thoughtful look, "Short of cooking. Been told I would break everything in sight and knock out the chef."

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