"She's been gone three years now," Jacob spoke sullenly, out of nowhere, and with a dead look in his eyes.

The surrounding teenagers looked down, walking a little closer with a reassuring smile, offering a pat on the shoulder, a soft hug, a calming influence.

The vampires felt great empathy for his loss, knowing, through emotions or mind reading or personal experience how much losing a loved one could hurt.

"When was the last time you saw her?" Alice asked slowly,

"We were shopping in Seattle, she left for a book store and never came back." His memories of his beloved twin ran through his head, mixed in with hate and longing and love, worry and fear and resignation and ultimate sadness.

Things had changed since that day; Jacob wasn't the fifteen year old kid running around Seattle without a care.

He had responsibilities, power, and now he had the ability to find her, but he had left it too late.

He had changed a month after she vanished and by then her scent was faded and gone.

"I can't keep doing this; let's race." Jacob leaped on his bike, trying to distract himself desperately, and Jasper, Alice, and Edward did the same. Lining up on the familiar dirt track, Seth held his arms high, dropped them and covered his ears, trying to save himself from the roars of four motor bikes.

The finish line was in sight when they heard the purr of a finely tuned engine and a rapidly pounding heart.

They spun around, watching the midnight blue convertible fly at a tailspin and park itself - nose first - straight at them.

The engine stopped, the passenger - who was blanked out by the tinted windows - took a deep breath.

All four teenager's looked on, how had anyone found this place? How had they made such a precise move?

The door flung open and the rancid smell of old blood hit every one.

A figure emerged, long brown hair knotted and caked with darkened red, pale face streaked with the same,

"Jacob!" The voice was terrified and lost, scared and seeking reassurance desperately.

"Bells?" Jacob whispered, taking a step forward,

She nodded as tears careened down her cheeks. Jacob ran to her with inhuman speed, folding her blood streaked form in a hug, regardless of the reasoning behind it.

"I think I did something stupid," She whispered as she wept into Jacob's shirt.

Tear tracks cleared tiny streaks in the scarlet on her face.

And no words were said.

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