Bella pulled a shred of her shirt from the ground and wrapped it - red faced around her torso, raking her nails across the dried blood that flaked away leaving her skin a pale pink.

She ran her fingers through her hair and across her new scars that hadn't had the time to heal yet - really it was just a way of avoiding looking at the bloody body on the ground next to her that she hadn't been able to limp away from yet.

Three shifters that were as scathed as she was were using scraps to cover themselves embarrassed as they tried to joke about the situation that had saved them all.

"How long have you been able to break the collars?" Bella questioned them as they avoided her eyes,

"I worked it out about a week after you left." John - a red head with too many freckles and soft forest eyes said, turning scarlet,

"Why did you never do it?"

"Too afraid,"

"And now?" Bella met the short red heads eyes softly, trying not to cringe when she remembered the sound of his claws ripping into Clint's flesh,

"You came back, without even a thought about the danger to help them, I wasn't just going to let you die."

"And it worked for everyone under the sound?"

"Yes, your wolves and the vampires shouldn't have got too hurt, unless they were truly terrible fighters," He smirked, "I've been slowly lowering the voltage the collars gave out, planning on finding a day when he was weaker, or gone or just asleep."

"Thank you for helping, all of you," She addressed the brunette that became a lion, and the blonde that became a snake, while

"Sorry for taking so long."

"You did it - that's what matters."

"So… What happens now?"

"I guess we all go back to where we came from."

"He took a lot of us from orphanages, we don't have anywhere to go back to."

"You'll have to come home with me then." Bella decided on the spot - consequences be damned, she wasn't leaving anyone that had been hurt by him be alone anymore.

As the four were walking across the beach in a vaguely Washington themed direction there was an intense fleet of sports cars that arrived with squeals of breaks and an attack of hugs and cries and - in Bellas case - kisses from vampires that were slightly sparkling in the evening sun.

None of them however seemed inclined to leave the soft sand and echoing beach, and stayed bundled in piles of arms and legs on the sand or in the sea in a flurry of voices and laughs and weeping and hugging and - a lot of in Bella's case - kisses.

As the morning came the cars sailed in different directions, carrying two or three shifters that originated from the same place in each -with promises of calls and emails and to never forget each other.

Bella leaned her legs across Jacobs lap and her head in Edwards as they headed home - followed by almost ten shifters that had decided to live in the Cullens household until they had their own, and settled to what may have been the softest sleep she had in years.

When they returned to find Charlie there was a tearful reunion that Charlie would deny happened and calls from different states.

And Bella answered everyone with a happy hello.