Chapter 25

Shane walked back into the room where everyone was still sleeping but some pale light was starting to come through the bordered up windows as dawn was approaching. He had just pulled a four hour watch shift since he could not sleep and would rather be doing something then lying on the ground thinking about Lori. He looked around and saw the sleeping Carl, a boy he loved as his son and Lori, sleeping next to him. He knew that he loved her and he needed her. He looked away from Lori, knowing that if he stared longer than he might not be able to control himself and his gaze fell on Daryl and Jessi.

Daryl had his arm wrapped around her but she had pulled away from Daryl in her sleep.

Anger filled Shane as he watched them for a few seconds. He knew that Daryl must have forced himself on her, a woman who was basically his little sister.

In a split second Shane made the distance from the door to where those two were sleeping and grabbed Daryl underneath the arms and pulled them apart. He started yelling at him screaming, "You bastard keep your filthy inbred hands off her," as he pulled him away from her but Daryl would not let go of her and dragged her with him.

Jessi woke up as she felt someone pulling her tightly and being dragged against the ground. Then she was let go for Shane had kicked Daryl in the side.

She opened her eyes to see Shane trying to pin Daryl down on the ground and giving him a punch in the face while a still sleepy Daryl was struggling.

"Shane! Shane! Stop!" She screamed going and grabbing Shane and trying to pull him away from Daryl. Shane was obviously a lot stronger than her but she was still trying to pull him away from Daryl.

Shane pushed Jess back as she tried to pull him away from Daryl. He wondered what this prick did to get her to fight for him so much.

Jessi scrambled on all fours to the place where she had sat her gun before, grabbing it, cocked it, and held it up in front of her and pointed it at Shane's chest and he noticed her doing this and stopped moving.

By then everyone had woken up from the ruckus and thinking that walkers or the people that killed the Vatos had come back and gotten inside. They all saw that Shane was trying to strangle Daryl.

Rick and Glenn rushed in and pulled the sudden limp Shane away from Daryl. For once they were not restraining Daryl for attacking someone but someone attacking Daryl.

"What the hell Shane?" She screamed but had dropped her weapon to her side.

"I thought you said you were going to be nice to me," Daryl rubbing his neck where Shane's hands were just a few seconds ago and as Jessi started to approach to check Daryl out.

"That's before I found out about you and Jessi." Everyone looked to Jessi and could not believe their ears that Jessi somebody good and nice was with Daryl Dixon, a mean, volatile, cruel red neck who will quickly resort to violence when threatened. "Where do you think you are going?" he said catching her and pulling her into him. "He won't touch you again," he said thinking somehow Daryl had threatened her or black mailed her to be with him.

"Shane, you don't understand. Shane, Shane," she yelled struggling to get free of him. 'Let me go," she said ripping out of his arms and pushing him back.

By then Daryl had gotten to his feet and managed to get across the room to where Jessi was standing. "I don't know what we have but I am with him."

Rick was watching his sister and Daryl since the CDC when he saw that Jessi was hanging on Daryl's arm. He had noticed how when they ate their dinner of chickpeas how they had gotten close. He did not like the man but he had only had known him for a few days while Jessi had known him much longer. He was happy that she had finally moved on from Kevin but she did not see why she had went for him. Maybe opposites do really attract or Jessi saw something of the Daryl that he kept buried. "Shane, she is old enough to make her own decisions."

"No, she isn't. Jessi, please think about this before you get too serious with him." Shane said

"They should stay out our business," Daryl turned and mumbled to her.

"We already have done it." She said, "You-" she stopped herself mid-sentence almost saying that Shane should be taking his own advice about being with Lori. She could not say that in front of Carl, it would just confuse the boy.

All the adults looked at Jessi and Daryl in shock and knew what they had done while Carl and Sophia did not understand. Andrea and Carol did not understand how someone could even like someone of the Dixon family based on how they acted. T-Dog wondered how in the hell did Daryl charm Jessi. Dale's prediction of them came true. Glenn had no idea how that was even possible wondering how she could even stand being that close to Daryl. Lori looked at her sister in law and wished that she had waited as long as Jessi had in trying to find love again, even with the world crashing down around them.

"She can make up her own mind," Daryl said and Jessi grabbed a hold of his arm.

"Daryl if you hurt her in any way, I swear walkers will be the least of your worries." Rick said seeing Jessi openly touching Daryl but had seen in the past so many hours that any time he was threatened or impatient with somebody he would try to kill or punch them. He did not want him to hurt Jessi in that way or abuse her.

"Jess, you have never had a good choice in men," Shane said.

"That was only once. You liked Kevin,"

"He is not a good choice," Shane said pointing to Daryl

"Why do you think I did not want to tell you all?" I did not want to have this argument about who I should date or sleep with. I'm with Daryl because I want to be. He is not forcing me to do anything I do not want to do." She walked over, stepped into her shoes, and grabbed her bag and then walked out of the room going to take up the next watch.

Daryl soon came and found her on the top of the steps and she turned around as soon as she heard someone's footsteps.

"Hey," she said seeing Daryl not wanting it to be Rick or Shane coming to scold her. She smiled but then looked down at her feet.

"They are the same color as yesterday," Daryl said and sat down next to her. "You got your wish of them knowing now. Hope you are happy," he said touching his slightly sore neck.

"Let me check that out for you," she said standing up and placing her hands on his shoulders slightly before moving them in.

"I'll be fine," he said but stopped his protest as she started to rub the top of his back and move towards his neck.

She smiled and thought of a good remark of, "I know you are fine," she said and waited for him to catch on to what she just said.

"I was having a good dream before Shane.,," Daryl said.

She interrupted him before he could finished his sentence saying, "I'm sorry he did that and I'm surprised all my brother said was that if you hurt me, walkers would be the least of your worries," she said continue rubbing his neck slightly.

"I'm not worried about him or hurting you," Daryl said and grabbed her hands to make her stop which she did.

"Jess, listen to what I say and don't interrupt me. If ever we run into a group of survivors like the ones that came here, you have the best chance at surviving out of all of us. You tell them that you are a nurse. Something valuable to any group. You don't worry about me or anyone else you just make sure you survive." He said putting a sing soft kiss on her lips and grabbing her face with big hands. He traced her left check with his right thumb and noticed one spot on it that was redder than the others. He touched it softly and she winced, she had not noticed it until then. Shane arm or hand had must of made contract with her check sometime during the struggle, he thought. He watched as she turned her head and put a single kiss on his palm.

Daryl kept her company while she finished up her three hour watch thinking about what Daryl had said to her. Luckily they had no one come get them until Glenn came to relieve them. He told Jessi that Rick wanted to see her.

They went back into the room where everyone was and went over to see Rick who told her that they were going to Fort Benning tomorrow. He gave her the box of cough drops that he found in the dispensary earlier and told her to add them to her med-bag.

"My med bag?

"Yeah the one that I brought into the CDC for you," Rick said and watched as her faced dropped as she thought about the last time she saw that blue bag of hers.

"I didn't take it with me when we were escaping the CDC. Shit!" She said sliding her hand over her face. "Everything was in there!" She hissed. "The drugs, bandages, sutures. Everything." She said, "This is bad," she said grabbing her head in frustration and threw them down at her sides.

"Jess, maybe Daryl or someone else got it?" Rick said not wanting his sister to panic.

The others who were sort of paying attentions said know they did not grab Jessi's med-bag.

"What do we got now?" Rick asked knowing that it now was useless to think about.

"A small first aid kit with the very basics, anything that anyone else brought, and my inhaler that I keep in my bag?"

"An inhaler?" That's just great." Shane said.

"I was too worried about being blown up, I'm sorry I did not grab the bag." She said giving him a hatred filled look.

"Why do you have an inhaler Aunt Jessi?" Carl asked.

"I have asthma, kid, luckily it only gets worse in the winter, sometimes in extreme heat, or when I over exert myself." "I'm going to make sure you did not miss anything last night, Shane." She said and left.

All she found was a clean wash cloth, ducktape, and a bar of soap in the whole building before she went back to the group.

All the adults were waiting for her to make a better plan for tomorrow.

"We will leave at first light tomorrow," Rick said.

"We are dropping a few cars anyone want to volunteer theirs?" Shane asked.

They decided on taking Carol's, the RV, and Daryl's motorcycle. The next order of business was them going outside and having to take out anything that was not needed anymore. Jim's canoe and stuff, Jacqui's things, and anything else that was not so essentially.

They needed to get ready for tomorrow and that included Jessi who emptied out her book bag that had to way close to fifty pounds. At the end, she kept her water bottle, two journals with a pencil, eraser, and a pen, box of ammo, small first aid kit, an old tiny box that she had put a few of her old pictures of her family and friends and an old letter, and five granola bars. These were the things that were most important to her and could not be left behind by her if they ever had to leave really quick.

She was finishing up her bag, as she felt Daryl's arms wrap around her waist and pulled her right into him. He started kissing her neck as she laid both her hands on his. He stopped and turned her to face him. "Didn't know you had asthma," he said.

"I guess I never brought it up. It's fine as long as I don't overdo it and have my inhaler."

His brought his hand down to her neck and touched the chain of the necklace he gave her. He would never show this side if the others were in the room- they were alone.

"Now that you mention it, my chest does feel a little bit tight. But I think that is because I think I am around you." She said kissing him.

Daryl picked her up and moved her to a chest of drawers. He started to unbutton her blouse slowly.

"Daryl, are you sure you want to use the other condom?" She said in a husky voice.

"No, but we can do many other things that don't require that."

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