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When Blaine found out that Kurt was a vampire, it made everything different.

It was long before they even started dating and then, when they were dating, it made it so, so intense. Because he was dating a vampire. He'd been alive for centuries. He could teach Blaine everything.

So, yeah, the whole vampire thing wasn't really anything of a hassle and it didn't really affect their relationship unless someone was naked.

…or so he thought. And then Kurt bit him for the first time and fuck it hurt like hell and there was suddenly fire everywhere and he was being consumed in this all too intense heat, being drained, his lungs freezing, his muscles twitching and even worse, his hips arching into the body atop him like they wanted more but it hurt

But then it suddenly didn't. Because Kurt wasn't there anymore.

Gone. The car door was open and it was just him on his back in the backseat and the only thing hinting that what had just happened had not been his imagination was the dull throbbing of blood pouring freely through his veins and his very uncomfortable erection.

Kurt called him that night, right after he'd gotten into bed, and said hurriedly, "You have to break up with me."


"Blaine, I fed from you."

Instinctively, the young man's hand flew to his neck. There were no little puncture marks or even raised skin, no sign that Kurt had sunk his teeth into him just an hour earlier. He shivered. "Yeah. I remember."

"You're so… I'm too dangerous for you."

"Are you kidding me right now? Look, Kurt, I know what you are and I trust you—"

"Why? If I hadn't stopped tonight, you'd be dead—or worse." There was the soft rustle of Kurt moving around in bed. "You'd be like me."

"But you did stop so I don't see why it matters. I… I'm fine. Really."

Kurt laughed darkly. "No. No, you're not. You need to remember. You need to think back to an hour ago when you were in the worst pain you've ever been in in your life. Hold on to that. Remember it and then break up with me!"

"No. Kurt. I love you."

"I haven't… Not in so long…" Kurt groaned, the sound muffled by what Blaine assumed was his pillow. "I'm so hungry."

It took Blaine barely a second. "You haven't eaten."

Kurt whined. "No."

"…it hurt," the younger boy said softly. "It hurt more than anything—ever. But. I felt…"

"I know. I could feel it. Against my hip. You were so hard, Blaine." He broke off, a groan low and crackly in his throat. "But I can't—you can't—we can't—because it's just not fair to you—"

"Isn't that for me to decide? I mean, I'm the warm, blood-filled human."

"Don't remind me."

Blaine paused for a moment, trying to organize his thoughts. "So, when you feed from people, they're in pain, but…they like it."


"Who… Who do you normally…?"

This was an unspoken rule in their relationship. Blaine knew that Kurt needed to eat and Kurt knew that Blaine knew. But…he never asked. It was partly because, at the beginning, he hadn't wanted to know. But with this new knowledge that once Kurt bit into you, all you wanted was for him to make the pain go away and to make you come… Jealousy licked at him. Someone else was getting handled, getting touched, getting turned on by his Kurt. And that was not allowed.

"Tell me," Blaine said, sounding stronger than he felt.

"Just…random people. Normally strong people. So they can recover quickly."

"Have you ever killed anyone?"

"…Blaine, I've been around since King Henry VIII. I was at Anne Boleyn's beheading. I… When I was changed, it took a lot of practice to be able to control myself."

"Have you ever killed anyone on purpose?" His voice was soft, scared, because he knew the answer. He wasn't an idiot. Kurt was vengeful, strong, and he had the most vulnerable heart of anybody he'd ever known—he would go to extreme lengths to protect people. So it was obvious.

"Don't make me answer that, Blaine."

"What about… You say it makes people feel good… Have you ever bitten someone in order to make them attracted to you?"

Blaine could hear Kurt's sharp intake of breath, which was pretty ridiculous because breathing was a habit for the vampire, not a necessity, and it was rare to hear him breathing when they were alone together. "Blaine. I… Please; stop asking me these questions. Just… I'm from the 1500s. Assume I've done everything."

"What about women?"

"Okay, everything but that."

Blaine chuckled softly, curling in on himself as he wedged the phone between his ear and his pillow. "Kurt, I'm not breaking up with you. I want to make a deal with you."

"I'm not accepting anything from you. I know you, Blaine. You'll be stupidly emotional about all of this—"

"No more feeding on anyone that isn't me."

Kurt groaned. "I knew you were going to say something like that! Blaine, that is absolutely ridiculous."

"I trust you. You won't hurt me. Besides, maybe this will force you to stop being such a goddamn prude. I'm ready, you know. I think about it all the time. And you feeding from other people bothers me—you're mine. No one else gets you."

"Being drained isn't a privilege, Blaine!" he shouted, frustrated. "It hurts! It's miserable!"

"There's something you're not telling me, though! There's another part! Another secret!"

"So what if I am? I'm done talking about this. Goodnight."

And then there was silence and Blaine closed his eyes, trying to force all thoughts of Kurt out of his mind.


The dream was colors. Red. White. Black. Grey. They were throbbing, pulsing, surrounding him, sucking him in, coating him and loving him and whispering comforting things to him. Black and red swirled together, mixing, loving, and then they swooped over him and all he could think of was how good everything felt.

The colors faded. But at the same time, they grew brighter, clearer, separated into distinct shapes, and because a scene.

A darkly lit room, fancy wood furniture of a deep, slick brown, a four poster bed, candles flickering on the walls, red satin sheets… And a pale boy on top of another young man, slighter darker with thick, curly hair. Even though it was his dream, it still took Blaine by surprise when he was able to get closer and see it—the boy being pressed into the mattress was him.

Except that it wasn't him. It looked like him. But his eyes were dark, too dark, and he looked perfect. No blemishes, no wrinkles. He was stunning.

Suddenly, his vantage point switched. He was there, underneath the pale boy, legs wrapped around his waist and hands digging into his shoulders. He pushed the shoulders back and stared into the black eyes above him.


And then Blaine was thrashing because his skin was being broken. Except, this time, it hurt for barely a second and then it was gone. He could feel—really, really feel—that Kurt was taking from him, but there was no pain. In fact, quite the opposite.

The colors were back and pulsing again, dancing in front of his eyes, surrounding him and his boyfriend. His lover. His Kurt.

Everything was awash with pleasure and sensation and Kurt felt so amazing against him, arching and grinding and moving with him, hands on his waist with an unbelievable amount of strength, and mouth attached to his neck.

Fuck. He was going to come.


Yes, yes, yes…


Harder, Kurt—more, more, more—

"Wake up!"

Blaine surfaced, gasping and trembling as shockwaves raced through him, from his toes to his ears, to his fingertips. He swallowed tightly, staring up at the boy outside his window.

"Finally! Will you let me in, please?"

"Oh. Uh. Yeah. You can come in."

Kurt nodded gratefully at Blaine's invitation, feeling a bit silly about still having to get permission to enter his boyfriend's home, but…that was the way it worked. He sent the window sliding up before slipping into the bedroom. "I have to start using your front door. All of this window stuff is making me feel like Edward Cullen and that's just way too freaky, even for me." He sat at the foot of Blaine's bed, crossing his legs. "Look, about last night—"

Blaine cut him off by lunging for him, grabbing his arms and yanking him on top of him, their mouths meeting as Blaine arched against him, panting.

In an instant, Kurt was on the other side of the room, by the door, glaring. "Don't do that!"

"I-I had a dream," he said, suddenly too acutely aware of how achingly hard he was, how desperate he was. "About you. Just now. And you were—we were—"

"Oh, god, no more stupid dreams with you humans—every time someone has a dream about me it's always sex and blood." He pointed a finger at Blaine, trying to appear threatening. "Stop it. I'm not doing that with you."

"Which one?"

"Either. Our relationship—it's just that. I love you, Blaine, you stupid, stupid human, and I won't ruin that by—"

"By what? By consummating our love?"

"You know perfectly well that our love has nothing to do with sex—it's your safety. I don't want to hurt you!"

"You won't! Really, I promise, just one little bite—just bite me once, it's like an instant turn-on—"

And then Blaine was cut off because Kurt was doing just that, pinning him, laying completely on top of him, eyes dark and menacing, a soft growl escaping his throat. His teeth—fangs—went through the skin of Blaine's neck like a knife through warm butter, but he wasn't taking anything, just staying there, waiting, waiting for Blaine to scream, to get scared.

It hurt. It really, really hurt. But it wasn't as bad as before and there must have been something very wrong with Blaine because he got some sort of perverse thrill knowing that Kurt could hurt him.

While Blaine was trapped in his thoughts, Kurt's hips met his, and they were moving together.

God, if that wasn't the most perfect thing he'd ever fucking felt and after that dream and the fact that it was Kurt, he was already ready. He was going to come, oh, yes, he was going to come

"Shit." Kurt scrambled back, fangs disappearing inside his mouth again. "Fuck. Look what you do to me!"

Blaine wanted to sit up but just stayed there, staring at the ceiling, able to feel it when his boyfriend moved towards the door once more. He imagined he must have looked positively wrecked. That was certainly how he felt. Both dream Kurt and real Kurt had pushed them to the edge and then told him no. It was enough to make anyone insane.

"I… I should go."

"Hey, no, stop." Blaine got off the bed, moving towards his boyfriend to catch his arm. "This is what I want." His voice was thin, desperate. Don't say no. Don't say no.

Kurt glared at him. "Blaine, I bit you again."

"I know. It… It was different. You didn't take any blood. It didn't hurt. Much. I liked it. You can do it again if you want. Are you hungry? My heart's beating pretty fast right now—"

"Shut up." Kurt shook his head, looking like he was about to cry. "I don't—I can't—you know I can't. I'm going home—"

"No. Fine. We don't have to keep talking about the blood. What about the other part? The sex? We can just, like, lay down and kiss for a while—"

"No," Kurt said firmly. "We can't. Every time that we get that close and I want to… I want to…"

"When you want to fuck me, you want to bite me."

He winced. "I… Yes. Basically."

"To be real honest here, Kurt… I'm not seeing the problem."

When the door slammed behind Kurt's supernatural speedy exit, Blaine realized that probably was not the right thing to say.

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