AN: Alright here is the first chapter of this story and like I promised things will pick up, oh and I think "Sinestro's band a' Merry Men" are coming to Oa to do some liberating.

Chapter 1: Freedom and Welcome to the Sinestro Corps

Location: The Sciencells, Oa. Time and Date: Unknown

Still waiting inside of his cell, Lord Fear watched time tick away on the clock, he managed to keep his sanity because of his sheer patience. "Maybe some music will pass the time." He said looking at his Pipe Organ.

After limping he did the one thing he does constantly to pass the time, he played it. Little did Lord Fear know liberation was coming for not only him but for others as well. As he played his Pipe Organ, events for outside were unfolding for the both sides but they were good for the bad guys.

On the outside of Oa a strike squad of members of the Sinestro Corps, was on their way for a prison break. They had many amongst them, one of them was a Qwardian name Avok. For those of you who might be confused Avok is wielding a yellow ring fueled by fear, but it is rather one of the original yellow rings like Sinestro used and not one of the Sinestro Power Rings. Avok was a part of a team of Sinestro Corps men that consisted of Snap Trap, Tekik, Low, Swithwick, Setag Retss and himself. They had the mission to free a few certain prisoners Sinestro wanted from the Sciencells. Should they complete their task they will be rewarded.

"For fear! For Sinestro!" Various members of the team and Task Force shouted as the Qwardian constructs flew right at Oa's shell and made an opening for the Strike squad. 'Here we go' Avok thought as they flew in and attacked.

Despite the sound of the explosion Lord Fear continued playing and he smirked. He heard the Strike Squad approaching, he witnessed Voz getting attacked and overwhelmed by a team of six Sinestro Corps men. He didn't who they were but he was pleased that they were fighting Voz and winning. After defeating Voz the team separated to other parts of the Sciencells, the one that stayed behind was a Qwardian. The Qwardian flew over to Lord Fear's cell and asked "Are you Lord Fear of Space Sector 2814?" Lord Fear smirked and answered "Yes I am Lord Fear, now Qwardian free me from my cell." Avok nodded and opened the cell. Lord Fear stepped out of thee cells and stretched his arms.

"Alright let's get out of here" Avok stated

"Wait! I need to get my staff first" Lord Fear responded

"Hurry up then."

Lord Fear used his power of expandable limbs to reach into the sleeping Staff Head's cell and when he gripped him the Orb lighted up fired a green blast which destroyed the cell.

"Okay now I am ready" Lord Fear said, "Prepare to transport sentient beings." said Avok's ring, while wrapping the three in the yellow fear energy. Before Staff Head could react, he saw their bodies disassemble themselves, literally molecule by molecule. As soon as he realized what was happening, his and Avok skeletons, were the only parts of them that remained visible, Staff Head let out a startled yell while Lord Fear remained unchanged. And then they were gone.

At the same time Snap Trap flew over to the Globbor's cell and using his ring opened it, he then disable the light machine that was over the Globbor. Snap Trap flew over to the statue and then transported them to the Antimatter Universe not noticing a crack on it.

Dr. Insano was still playing card against Neutro, and still losing. Sadly Dr. Insano is now starting to think Neutro used his X-Ray scope to cheat. Before he could ask again he heard an explosion and looked out of his Cell to see that a robot was freeing Red Star from his cell.

"Wait take me with you!" Dr. Insano called out "I'm more worthy than him!"

Tekik looked at Dr. Insano and analyzed him before asking "Are. You. Dr. Insano?"

"Well of course I am! I have goggles and everything. If you are taking the red ape take me with you, please!" Dr. Insano pleaded

Tekik flew over bringing Red Star with him by using a construct, he then used his ring to free Dr. Insano and Neutro he then focused his ring. "Prepair. For. Anti-Matter. Transport."

"We are getting out of here Neutro and by SCIENCE!" Dr. Insano then did his mad scientist laugh and as they got wrapped in the yellow fear energy and transported away.

Low and Swithwick flied for awhile until they reached the Carnival of Doom, they both decided to each take two back. Low went over to free the Goggler and Ms. Illusion while Swithwick did the same for Anvil and Boarface. Low first flew over to Ms. Illusion's cell and opened it using his ring. Ms. Illusion walked out of her cell and onto a platform construct Low made, he then did the same to the Goggler who jumped out and bounced back up in his ball form. Luckily Low caught him "The Goggler is free! Now to go gogglerize every green lowing man and woman here! But who are you glowing yellow man?" The Goggler asked his liberator.

"I'm Low of Space Sector 3308 under orders to free you both." Low answered

Ms. Illusion eyed this strange creature and studied him, thinking that his form could be useful later. Low then transported the three of them to the Anti-Matter Universe.

Meanwhile Swithwick went over to the cells of the Boarface and Anvil the two strongest members of the Carnival of doom. Though he wanted to go find and kill Salaak, Sinestro promised him that that he can do whatever pleases him after his team gets the Prisoners he wanted. Swithwick blasted open the cells and then flied to the two.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Boarface demanded

"My name is Swithwick and I am here to rescue you two beasts." Swithwick answered

"You better not be lying to Anvil and Boarface or Anvil will crush you! Once Anvil can use his hands" Anvil stated

"Relax I'm not lying." Swithwhick reassured "Ring transport us to the Anti-Matter Universe.

"Prepare to transport sentient beings." Swithwhick's ring stated, and then they were gone like the others.

Setag Retss flied for awhile and found the cell of the Onikage who was meditating, Setag Retss didn't know if he should wake him up or just transport him while he was in that state.

Setag Retss just opened the cell and transported him and the Devil Ninja to the Anti-Matter Universe, not noticing that he was smirking while meditating.

Location: The Archive Tower, Qward. Time and Date: Unknown

The Anti-Matter Universe is the opposite of the Multiverse and anything Positive Matter, the center of the Anti-Matter Universe is the Planet Qward. And in the Archive Tower is a tall thin, dark skinned woman with strips of cloth covering her breasts and her more intimate areas. She had black eyes with yellow irises. Lastly she wore a yellow ring as well, except that it constantly generated yellow chains that bound her to a book that bore the same emblem as their rings on the cover. With what appears to be with a 16 year old boy that was wearing a black cowl, black shoes, dark blue jeans, and a blood red shirt that had a strange symbol on it. His head was bandaged except for his mouth and some exposed parts showed his eye color was red his face tan and his hair black. The boy's name is Ben the Story Keeper, and he is a 'friend' to the Story Vampire and Keeper of the Book Parallax Lyssa Drak.

"They are coming Ms. Drak, they are coming." Ben stated

"Who?" Lyssa Drak asked confused

Ben gave off a creepy smile and in a flash the group of Sinestro Corpsmen and the Dark Masters appeared, the Sinestro Corpsmen left shortly after to speak with their leader for their rewards.

"Where are we?" Dr. Insano asked confused on what just happened

"Welcome Dark Masters! I am Ben The Storykeeper" Ben introduced still having that smile on his face.

"And I am Lyssa Drak of Talok IV, Keeper of The Book Of Parallax." Lyssa Drak introduced herself

"Anvil will crush women and boy if they don't tell Anvil where Anvil is." Anvil demanded

"Anvil quiet!" Lord Fear yelled at the Rhino, he then turned over to the two Keepers.

"Sorry for my subordinate can be a bit under minded lots of times, I am Lord Fear leader of the Dark Masters. Where are we and where is Sinestro?"

"Sinestro is currently occupied with the Anti-Monitor and the others who he broke out of Oa" Ben answered

"You are currently in the Archive Tower." Lyssa Drak stated "In order to join the Sinestro Corps and get the rings, you must become fear itself. Being able to instill fear is only the first part of the equation."

"You two don't know anything about fear." Staff Head snapped "You should learn a few things from Lord Fear, he can..." He couldn't finish because Lord Fear covered his mouth with his hand. Everyone looked at him with a look that just says 'what the devil?'

"Heh heh sorry about that Staff Head can shoot his mouth off. Anyway Ms. Drak and Storykeeper you were saying."

Before Lyssa or Ben could say anything the Globbor statue exploded, dust and pieces of rocks went and flew everywhere. After the dust set in the Statues place was an unconscious Globbor who was quite pale.

"About time he got out of his stone prison. Neutro give him some juice" Dr. Insano ordered his robot while looking down at the creature.

"Yes Doctor Insano" Neutro responded emotionlessly, his chest then opened and a blast of energy hit the Globbor. They watched the Globbor regain color and his usual Physical form. After enough energy to restore him Neutro closed his chest and the Globbor sprung up from the floor. Started looking around the place curious, and detecting a large amount of energy nearby similar to the one the Green Men had and… something else… something powerful.

"Anyway continue."

"Right well, you all will be placed into a fear capsule, like all the new recruits. All of you will be given a ring that is drained of its energy and your task will be to overcome your deepest fears, as well as taking your ability to instill fear to a greater degree. If you can do this, the ring will collect the fear energy and it will spark, which will trigger the fear capsule to open." Ben explained

"Is that all? It sounds easier than watching a rock which is looking at another rock." Dr. Insano stated unimpressed.

"But be warned, that if you cannot accomplish this, you will die inside the capsule, unworthy of the ring or your place in the Sinestro Corps." Lyssa Drak firmly stated "You could back out and return to earth, it's not too late to turn back if you are afraid."

Lord Fear and the other Dark Masters (except for the Globbor) had very determined looks on their faces, Lord Fear simply stated "We have come too far and we will face your challenge without fear."

Ben gave off one of his wicked smiles and then said "Before you go in let us tell you all a story…"

Avok flew over to where Sinestro was hoping for Sinestro for fill the deal so that his family would be free and then his people the same. Avok continued flying but he ran into someone he didn't want to see at all.

"Qwardian" Avok was stopped by Arkillo of Sector 674, Drill sergeant of the Sinestro Corps and one of the first recruits. He has been said to be the 'Kilowog of the Sinestro Corps.' And rumor has it he has consumed any weak members of the Sinestro Corps and he has killed Qwardians that don't work fast enough by his standers.

"Drill sergeant Arkillo I have to see Sinestro to finish our deal." Avok firmly stated and tried to fly around Arkillo but he got caught by the monstrous creature.

"Oh no you don't! Sinestro is occupied at the moment and you're going to go to Ranx and work on it! Whenever you like it or not!" Arkillo then encased Avok in a power sphere and sent him off to Ranx.

Darkness. Absolute darkness. There was nothing. No light, no sound. He couldn't feel anything. His claws didn't feel the walls, and his feet didn't feel the ground. Normally the Globbor would love the dark but this is different, very different. He contemplated these unusual sensations, or lack thereof rather, he began to wonder what was going on, not much was explained to him. And why was in here anyway? Come to think of it, was he even here? He couldn't tell. But he had to be here… right?

He closed his eyes trying to get to what the humans called his 'happy place' only when he opened them he found that the area he was in had changed and it was worse than the last one. It was a city… the city he first appeared in Athens. It was peacefully, beautiful; there was no crime… no nothing for that matter. The Globbor tried to move but he was trapped in his statue form, along with the other Dark Beasts who were petrified by the sun… which was so bright. To bright from the Globbor to do anything, he had no power… he had no power for that matter. The Globbor saw a young couple, they were both Beautiful, and so happy. This angered the Globbor to a great degree, they weren't even arguing.

Their lives were perfect… impossible it was destroying him… he watched them laughing as if their laughing at him and then something inside him snapped. He focused all of his strength his will no his anger, his greed. The Globbor broke free of his stone prison and charged at the couple he killed them rather quick. After which he ran into the city and released his darkness everywhere. He watched it all go to hell and rather quickly, people fighting each other for power. The poor robbing the wealthy, he then turned to a crowd of people and directed them to the leader of Athens's home.

He would have those foolish mortals fear him, he will rule them all and then the Gods would fall. Including that arrogant fool Zeus, he would get respect that deserved. And once the Globbor was done, he would rule everything, and all would fear and obey him…

At that moment, a yellow spark flashed, illuminating the interior of the pod, and for the first time since the Globbor had entered the pod, he regained the feeling in his limbs and his body. All his senses were returning to him, though they were enhanced by the return of his natural abilities and now he was also fueled by the power of fear.

From outside the fear pods Ben and Lyssa Drak watched as the Globbor's fear pod opened and he came out the ring on his talon, his body shaped and hade the colors of a Sinestro Corps uniform he even had the Corps's symbol on his chest. His eyes were a glowing yellow that bleed fear.

"How do you feel Globbor?" Ben asked already knowing the answer

He examined himself and then replied "I feel so powerful and I'm famished for the first time in decades."

Lyssa Drak gave off a smirk and looked at the Fear Pods "Wait here for the others I think we are going to have another come real soon."

AN: Well that finally ends that chapter and now I need to figure out what's next. Hopefully you people will like it, and for your information there are reasons behind what I've done and why stuff has happened. In the next Chapter Avok is going to meet a fallen angel and befriend a Manhunter's experiment. Lord Fear and the Dark Masters are going to split up some to assist others, or to explore. Well happy New Year every one this is Storyteller222 saying I hope we don't die tonight, later!