17. Weird

Why do you have to be so weird?

Why do you have to be so weird?

Why do you have to be so weird?

Raven wasn't weird.

None of the other Teen Titans could understand what her life had been like. The terrible truth of her past, her parentage, and what she was destined to do. One day they would find out, but not everything.

She wasn't weird. She was different.

No one could understand her...

...At least, not since she broke up with Kyd Wykkyd.

Raven's heart ached for him. She told herself that ending their relationship was necessary - they would never have worked out. She couldn't allow herself the emotion - not when her father still had a hold on her.

But at the same time, she wondered if she wrong.

She knew Kyd would never call her weid. He knew what it was like to. They didn't come from the same dimension, but they lived practically the same lives.

Their fathers used them. Their powers were great...and dangerous. They required control.

Kyd wouldn't think she was weird.

He would understand.

But he wasn't here anymore. Now Raven didn't have anyone, and she knew she had to live with that.

Then she opened a book and found Malchoir.