My Dream Journal

By: DyingStar

Date: Friday July 15th, 2011

My Characters

Kelli: 16

Alex: 16

Hey its Kelli again and I had a dream of Alex again but it wasn't a dream of him kissing me or anything it was a very short dream. Me and Alex where sitting at a lunch table in the cafeteria of my high school and, Alex asked me how many badges have I earned on your pokemon game. (P.S. Alex and me are very big pokemon fans so if we ever talk about pokemon just remember that). Anyways and than I said I bet it already and he said you beat the whole game during the summer. With a surprised look on his face and I said yep and then my dream ended but. My dream felt like I was really there In the cafeteria of my high school. Well that was another weird dream I had.

Well I hoped you liked it I will make another if you guys want well see you later I guess.

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To Be Continued :)