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Summery: What would Samantha had done if Taylor wanted to meet James? What would happen if Samantha found the actual person that she was posing as online? Would the girls be in danger or would Taylor fall in love?

Taylor Hillridge was your normal 17 year old girl, she wanted to become a journalist after high school and loved music, shopping and hanging out with her friends. Lately Taylor's world has been turned upside down due to online drama, thanks to Lindsey Fordyce. She was the school's biggest bully, she was spreading rumors about Taylor saying that Taylor was a slut and a whore and so on.

Taylor's best friends were slowly isolating from her and not wanting to be around her anymore. The only person that Taylor could talk to was this guy named James Petitious, Taylor was suspicious that he wasn't real but she couldn't be too for sure. Cheyenne Mortenson was one of her closest friends and she said that James wasn't who he says he is, Taylor believed her but in some ways she didn't. Taylor almost never came out of her room anymore except for meals and school, she cried most of the time and hardly slept any more. She just wanted the bullying to end, she didn't know what to do.

One day Taylor was online watching the insulting comments about her streaming in when James came online, she smiled weakly and typed: "hey James, how is it going?" after a few moments James replied "good, how is my favorite writer?" Taylor felt tears well up at his innocent question but she didn't dare let them spill over as she replied "ok I guess… I just wish people would just leave me alone and stop making mean comments." " I know what you mean. believe me your not alone Taylor."

Taylor looked at his last message and looked out her bedroom window for a moment and then said "I feel alone… my friends have pretty much deserted me… my brother started this entire mess by hacking my account to begin with… I just don't know what to do anymore." "don't give up Taylor, things will get better. It may not be right away but things will get better." Taylor thought back to just a few weeks ago when Eric had hacked her account and started this entire thing by changing her status, she thought about what Cheyenne had said about James not being real. "James can I ask you something?" "anything beautiful."

she thought about how to word this, "do you really go to Ridgeway high school? My friend has a cousin that goes there and she has never heard of you." after a few moments James replied, Taylor was afraid that she had scared him off at first. "to be honest with you no, a good friend of mine goes there. I just posted that I went there to protect my identity."

A question that Taylor had been thinking about came to mind "can I ask you something else?" "of course." Taylor took in a deep breath and typed "can I meet you?" it took him so long to reply that Taylor thought she really had run him off, "you don't want to meet me Taylor." Taylor ran a had threw her long hair and then typed "why not? We have been talking for weeks now, I feel like I know you." after a few more moments he replied "its not a good idea to meet people that you talk to online unless you know them first." " I just said that I feel like I know you."

"Taylor, please, lets just talk a little longer before we meet up ok? I have heard crazy stories about teens meeting each other online with out thinking of consequences first." Taylor didn't feel like arguing with him so she just typed "ok, well I gotta get off of here. Thanks for talking to me, its nice to talk to some one that doesn't insult you all the time." "no problem." Taylor logged off and put her laptop on the desk and went downstairs for a little bit. She felt better after talking to James and felt like being social for a little bit, she had know idea what was transpiring just 7 blocks away at Samantha's house though, she had know way of knowing that her best friend was hiding a secret.

Samantha Caldone sat at her laptop looking at the screen, she felt horrible lying to Taylor about who James really was. How could she tell her best friend that she was James. She wasn't for sure exactly what to do, Taylor wanted to meet James, she had to think quick and try to change her friends mind it seemed to work for now. Samantha googled and found out there really was a James Petitious, he lived in their state as well. The only thing is he was 20 and Taylor is only 17 she knew that Taylor's mom wouldn't approve of Taylor dating some one who was that much older then her. She clicked on James's name and found his email address, she typed to him "hi, you don't know me but my name is Samantha, I have been using your name on our school's social site. My friend is into this guy that I think will hurt her in the end and I know its wrong but I made a fake profile on here. She just got done asking me if she could meet James, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind meeting her? Just let me know."

A few days passed and Samantha got a reply "hi Samantha, yea it is wrong to post fake profiles, I don't mind if you use my name. um what does your friend look like?" Samantha noticed that she had just received the email so that meant James was online, "she is 5ft 2in, long blond hair, blue eyes and has fair skin." she clicked send, she sat and waited hoping that he really was online, after a few moments she got a reply again "she sounds very pretty, how old is she?" Samantha thought about it and was about to lie about Taylor's age but voted against it "she just turned 17." a few more moments went by and he said "I don't mind meeting her, would you like to know about me before setting me up with your friend?" "sure."

"well, I am 20, I live in San Diego, I like to surf and take long walks on the beach." "do you like music?" "who doesn't these days, I actually used to play in a band a wile back. Can your friend sing?" "oh yea, I keep telling her she needs to become a singer instead of a journalist but she wont listen to me." " tell me more about her…"

Samantha knew this was dangerous ground, telling some stranger personal information " well her name is Taylor, she is pretty out going, makes friends pretty easily. She loves music, um, right now she isn't the most happiest person. This girl in school has been bullying her online and Taylor has been very depressed here lately. She knows what this girl is saying isn't true but I think what hurts her the most is that every one believes this online bully more then Taylor." after a few moments James came back with a message "well I would like to meet her, I know what its like to be bullied online, happened to me about five years ago. I know words can hurt."

Something Samantha didn't even think of asking him yet "what do you look like?" this time it took around ten minutes for him to reply "I am 6ft 2in, with dark hair and eyes, along with a tan." Samantha was pleased by this at least he nearly fit the picture she was using; she said "ok, I will go ahead and tell her that I changed my mind and want to meet her. Where do you wanna meet her at?" after a few moments he typed "how about the beach, I will drive up this weekend." "Ok sounds great I will set it up and send you a time." "Ok sounds great." Samantha was really hoping she was doing the right thing by setting her best friend up with a total stranger, she knew it was dangerous that was why she was going to be at the beach too. Not to spy on Taylor but to protect her from getting hurt, she just hoped nothing bad would happen. She went to the social site and copied her and Taylor's conversations and gave them to James so that he would know what he and Taylor had supposedly been chatting about for the past few weeks.

Wile she was on the social site she noticed that Taylor was online, she typed "hey Taylor how are you doing today?" it took a few moments and Taylor said "about the same, my mom is letting me miss school tomorrow, I just can't be around those people, I am just so tired of what they are saying." "Do you still wanna meet me?" "Yes." "Then how about this Saturday at 9am?" Samantha knew it was a long shot but she knew that Taylor's mom Kris worked in the mornings and Taylor would be able to leave with out her knowing it. Taylor replied "sure, I usually am up by then, where do we wanna meet?" "The beach." "Ok I will see you there Saturday morning." just then Samantha's phone started to ring; she smiled when she saw it was Taylor "hello?" Taylor sounded happy, something she hadn't heard in a wile "guess what! James wants to meet me!" Samantha tried her best to sound surprised "that's great, where are you guys going to meet?"

"At the beach on Saturday morning! Mom has to work so I don't have to worry about telling her! Can you give me a ride?" Samantha smiled and said "sure, I will pick you up around 8:45 ok?" "Sounds good." they talked for a few more moments before hanging up. Samantha emailed James with the time and closed her lap top; she just hoped like crazy this didn't blow up in her face. She really didn't approve of online dating but she didn't think it would hurt any thing for Taylor to meet James face to face.

When she picked Taylor up on Saturday she had know idea what she was getting her self into to when she got to the beach. She saw James from a distance, he had sent her a picture of him so that she would know who he really was, and she could tell he was well toned from working out. But there was something else… something that she couldn't explain when she introduced her self to him and Taylor could see the tension in her friend but didn't think anything of it at first. What Samantha didn't anticipate was that James had plans, and unfortunately they included Samantha and Taylor together…

A/N: this is my second fic for Cyberbully; I got this idea while watching two movies a few nights ago. That and I had this idea swimming around in my head since Cyberbully aired. What if Taylor really wanted to meet James, well I got the idea but didn't have any inspiration until a few nights ago when I watched 2 movies titled: the boy she met online and taken in broad daylight, both based on true stories. Also Read and Review, no flames please!