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A Twisted Reality: One Perspective

Written By: Cullenbabe1231 & McGeek

Words: 2446 words

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 1

I could remember being a starry eyed teenager. As an adult, I longed for the chance to be free of the responsibilities of actually being an adult. Everyday was always the same. I went to work to make the money to pay my bills only to do it all again when I woke up the next morning. I wanted to go back to a time in my life when everything was exciting. I really should have been more careful about what I wished for.

The day it all started was sort of the end of the beginning, if you could wrap your head around that concept. If you understood that then you might have a chance at understanding the rest of it. It was six forty five in the morning, which happened to be too damn early in my not-so-humble opinion. I was laying there wishing I could stay in bed and sleep so I could keep dreaming about Johnny Depp, but my body wouldn't let me. It knew that I had to get up and start getting ready for work.

My roommate-slash-best-friend and I had an age old routine. She'd wake up at the ass crack of dawn and get completely ready before coming to wake me up. She learned early on that if I was up before the sun it was because I hadn't bothered going to sleep the night before.

Whitney, my roommate, was a freaking genius. We'd known each other since… well practically all our lives, I guess. I had always gotten decent grades; mostly A's and B's in normal classes, but Whitney got the same grades in advanced classes. The only advanced classes I ever took were in college. And that was only after Whitney talked me into it then tutored me through the whole course load. It led to us, both, working for a research lab that was routinely contracted by the government.

Before going to work with Whitney at the lab, I'd stay out until the wee hours of the morning doing nothing but hanging out and I always ended up sleeping in until noon. Things had changed though. Nearly every day I was at the lab before sunrise and usually I didn't leave until after sunset. When I wasn't dreaming smutty dreams involving Mr. Depp, I dreamed of lying in a hammock and feeling the sun kissing my skin. Every time I did, I always ended up being pulled from my paradise vacation by the sounds of loud beeping coming from the other room. Speaking of which... 3, 2...

"Get up or hit the damn snooze button!" I screamed with my head barely lifted off of my pillow.

The infernal beeping finally stopped and after a few minutes the whole apartment began to smell like Whitney's shampoo. I'd come to find the smell of coconut almost therapeutic. It smelled like summer and home. 'Home' being that place in your mind that feels so familiar and comfortable that you can just relax, not 'home' as being the place that I lived. There's no way in hell that Felton, Minnesota was 'home'.

"Amber!" Whitney's voice echoed through my bedroom door.

I don't wanna go to work today! I'm calling in sick. Don't wake me up!

Feeling around the floor next to my bed, I found… a book? If you knew me, you'd realize I don't read very often so I was very surprised to find an actual book in my room. It just happened to be exactly what I needed though because the next sound I heard was the loud thud of the book hitting the door or at least in that general area... I think.

Wow that was way too much effort! At that point my mind was awake, but my body had yet to catch up leaving me feeling even more physically drained than before.

"Get your ass up. It's almost seven!" Whit laughed from outside my bedroom.

My partner in crime, Whitney, literally had to force the door to my room open. Clothes covered almost every square inch of my bedroom floor, but they weren't just dirty ones. Yeah I had a closet, but I'd come to the conclusion that it was pointless to hang my clothes up when I kept throwing them on the floor every time I changed. Besides with the hours that I'd been keeping no one other than myself or Whitney would have seen it anyways. So why keep cleaning it? I didn't do it necessarily by choice. I just worked odd hours. I mean if you really wanted to be a smart ass, like Whitney, you could say that I chose to accept the position at the Deveroux Corporation which led me to working like I was which in turn led me to making the choice to allow my bedroom to become a pig sty. Huh, I guess it was by choice then… oh well.

I mumbled something into the pillow that resembled 'I don't wanna', but Whitney seemed to understand me and despite the fact that I was completely motionless aside from breathing she wasn't giving up.

"I don't care. We're testing the transporter today and if you get up now I'll get stop at 7-11 and buy you a Slurpee."

Mm, Slurpee! Bribery will work anytime.

My weakness for flavored ice drinks overcame my exhaustion and I sat up awkwardly while simultaneously flipping my hair out of my face.

"Mornin' Whit!" I said sarcastically with a triumphant grin plastered on my face.

My blurry eyed gaze scanned the room for her and when I found her she looked so different from the girl I saw in my head. She looked so... grown up, I guess. She wore her traditional work slacks, a pony tail, and her glasses. I missed the 'fun' Whitney I'd grown up with. It wasn't that I didn't love her just for being her, it was just that seeing her like that made even more nostalgic for my 'fun' self. Le Sigh, I digress.

We ended up discussing my personal hygiene, or the lack thereof at times, before she went to make our lunches. We worked well together; she remembered to bring the food and I remembered to make her eat it. She pushed herself so hard that I have, on occasion, had to remind her to even take a piss.

I eventually got out of bed and forced myself into the shower. Standing there with the hot water cascading over my body, I wound up staring at an obsession from my college days. Tattoos, my art work, a collection of the best and worst moments in my life; whatever you want to call them. My two favorite ones were on my wrists. They were the words 'let it be' on one and on the other, the Chinese symbol for music.

I asked myself what had changed from then, what had happened to me to make me the person I was years later. I knew that I always felt like I was outside my own body watching myself go through the motions of living my life, but I had no idea when that had started. Refusing to let monotony claim me, I made the decision to call in sick the next day so that I could change something about my life even if was only to get a new tattoo. It'd been time to get one for a while anyways.

I finished my shower and got dressed in my usual black slacks and corporate casual button up shirt. In an attempt to break up my routine, I chose my best black heels. Though I worked in a corporate environment, I wasn't about to let 'The Man' tell me what shoes to wear even if they'd end up killing my feet. They were just too cute and deserved to be seen even if it was only Whitney and I. By then I was over the situation that was my life and just left my hair down and barely threw on any makeup. I stood in front of the mirror staring at the twenty-six year old looking back and I realized that, aside from the fact that my skin tone was starting to resemble that of the undead, I looked about as good as I was going to get. I was really beginning to depress myself.

We left the apartment then made the drive to 7-11 for my ill gotten Slurpee. Whit waited in the car while I went in. When I was paying the man at the cash register gave me a funny look because it was near freezing outside and there I was buying flavored ice. When I got back in the Mini Cooper I demanded Whitney change the sappy crap she'd been listening to and play some 'don't worry, be happy' music. We ended up listening to 'Sweet Home Alabama' as we approached the bane of my existence or as most people would call it, my job.

Deveroux Corporation was my own personal hell. Being trapped by four walls painted white with no windows, just Whitney and the iPod to hold my sanity; yep, that's hell. Don't buy that whole 'burning eternally in a lake of fire' crap. Hell is definitely in Felton, Minnesota. After an hour in my shoes anyone would've had cabin fever and-slash-or would be questioning their status in life. It'd be a sure fire way to get some of the world's sinners to repent. Can I get a 'hallelujah'? No? How 'bout an 'amen'? Sheesh, tough crowd.

After we made our way through security, all three check points that came just short of a full body cavity search, we finally made it to the lab. I logged into my computer, ran through the data entry that I'd done the day before, then set the iPod in it's dock. Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance' began blasting out of the speakers. I started dancing in place; yeah-huh 'the robot' is too dancing, and picked up Whit's lab copy of 'Twilight'. Yeah, get this shit. She actually had three copies of each book in the series; one for the lab, one for our apartment, and the other for the Mini Cooper. A bit anal, ain't she?

I knew that until Whitney finished triple checking her math, that she never got wrong, and going over every possible outcome of sending an apple into another room via the transporter, I was going to be useless. I honestly hoped like hell the apple would explode like in 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids'. It would have made me laugh my ass off and obviously I'd smell like applesauce for the rest of my life, but having the opportunity to actually have a gut-busting laugh would sure as hell be worth it.

I busted out laughing when the thought ran through my head before going back to reading the book I'd probably read a hundred times alone. I also went back to my Slurpee where I continued my 'robot' impression. Out of nowhere my heel broke, which was depressing because I really liked those shoes, and I went flying forward while clutching the freakin' book like a life-preserver with one hand and reaching for the edge of a table with the other. I ended up knocking into my version of heaven, a.k.a. my Slurpee, causing it to fall. It actually looked as if it would land on the floor correctly until I realized it was nearly completely full and that it would be doing an impression of a volcano any second. I had really rotten luck.

I'm not as stupid as I sound, trust me. I knew that it was against protocol to have food or drinks in the lab, but I guess I wasn't really thinking about it when I walked in there. I had a lot of more important things on my mind besides the regulations of my employer. You know, like what the tattoo I was getting the next day would be.

Whitney and I, both, did a swan dive in an attempt to catch the drink, but failed. I'm sure seeing it in slow motion would have looked freakin' awesome despite the fact that we missed. We ended up barreling into each other in the middle of the transporter, which let me tell you hurt like a bitch. Somehow we ended up wearing my drink face down in damp dirt rather than linoleum flooring.

I quickly looked around and realized that we weren't in the lab anymore. Rather than white walls and no windows we were surrounded by the tallest trees I'd ever seen completely covered in rich green moss. Instead of the recirculated air of the lab we were breathing in air that hung heavy with moist yet fresh oxygen. I wasn't being comforted by the warmth of being indoors during the winter anymore. I was, instead, freezing my non-existent balls off.

Toto I don't think were in Minnesota anymore.

I kept waiting for dancing little people to appear out of nowhere singing the 'Lollypop Guild' song before directing us to the yellow brick road.

"What the hell just happened!" I mumbled as surveyed the land around us.

I stood up, dusted my clothes off, and wiped the Slurpee from my face before asking again. I made sure to check up on Whitney though and to be brutally honest she looked like shit. She looked like she was in shock and while I hoped she wasn't hurt, I wanted... no, I needed answers that only she could give me.I had to make sure that we weren't dead or that I wasn't dreaming.

"Where are we?" I asked as I reached out to grab her hand.

"The woods, Amber. Isn't it obvious!" she cried sarcastically while rolling her eyes.

"How'd we get here?" I asked because, again she's the smart one.

I was waiting for her to start yelling at me for bringing the Slurpee into the lab because then I wouldn't have knocked it over, felt the need to jump for it, and wouldn't have ended up where ever we were. I didn't want to see it that way, though I'd never tell her that. In fact, if she did start to blame me I'd tell her that she should be blaming herself. She bought the shoes for me, bribed me out of bed with the promise of a Slurpee, bought the damn thing, and didn't say shit about me bringing it into the put, if she had just let me stay in bed like I wanted then this would have never happened. Yeah, that's right. It was her fault too.

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