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There are lightning bolts and fireworks and Rachel Berry swears that she sees stars. She pulls the blonde farther into her body, and the warmth is unforgettable as they kiss, intertwined in the chilly air. She can faintly hear catcalls and angry bystanders yelling for the two of them to get out of the middle of the street, but she can't seem to care – or possess the will to tear her lips away from Quinn's anyway – not that she would ever want to in the first place.

She hooks her cold hands into the pockets of Quinn's jacket as they remain embraced, smiling with a slight laugh as she wiggles her fingers in the fabric. Quinn finally opens her eyes as she feels the warm breaths rumbling softly against her lips and cheeks as they finally break their kiss – their noses touch as they stand together in the street.

"BroadwayStar huh? I kind of liked it."

Quinn manages softly – watching as her breath swirls in the space between their lips. She watches as Rachel blushes against the chilly cold before leaning up on her tip toes and placing a warm feather light kiss onto her waiting lips.

"I'd very much like to continue our discourse QN_Citygirl, I'm still waiting on that apple cider."

"So you aren't mad at me for chasing you down the street like a madwoman and taking advantage of your lips just now? Because, even if you were I would never apologize."

Rachel smiles again as she begins to disentangle herself from Quinn's warm body, she quickly remedies the loss of contact by grasping the blonde's hand, intertwining their fingers skillfully and playing with her knuckles lightly.

"No…I'm actually rather embarrassed Quinn – I never gave you the opportunity to explain yourself. Furthermore, I jumped to conclusions without preamble or –"


"—And it was so silly how angry I got, I'm appalled at my behavior –"


"— I just hope that you can forgive me for my lapse in judgment –"

And before the brunette has the chance to continue her diatribe – Quinn is there, her hands laying firmly on Rachel's cheeks, and stroking the rosy flush beneath her fingertips as she reconnects their lips. The more Rachel talked the more distracted she became, and this was the only solution to remedy that situation – Quinn is quite content – she could stay here forever.

Quinn has no idea how much time has passed with them making out like this in the middle of the street but suddenly there is someone standing just to their shared side clearing his burly throat. Rachel detaches their lips first, her cheeks flushed and her eyes sparkling in the daylight – Quinn gets lost in them, and the two women find themselves captivated in their shared gaze before the voice interrupts them yet again. Upon turning, Quinn blanches, and Rachel's eyes widen.

"Excuse me ladies – but I have to ask the both of you to evacuate your current location. You're blocking traffic – and there have been several complaints."

"Y-Yes Officer."

"Of course sir – We'll be leaving right away."

"I'll let you two off with a warning. But if the precinct gets another call about two women blocking the intersection again, I'm sure whoever attends to the call won't be so nice. You were blocking thru traffic for the better half of twenty minutes."

"Of course – again, we can't apologize enough.."

"Alright – you two have a good day now, and stay out of the middle of the street next time."

Quinn swears she can see the middle aged police officer smirk as he turns around and rounds back to his vehicle – Rachel is still in shock, and the two girls, hands interlaced quickly run off the street, and they don't stop as their legs carry them down the blocks. Their footfalls turn into laughter, and suddenly they find themselves pressed against a building laughing together – unable to stop and oblivious to the curious passersby who are too busy to immediately care.

Quinn captures Rachel's eyes in a glance and time stops as she grabs a hold of her hand again, turning them so she's pinning the brunette warmly against a brick wall. There are graffiti tags and drawings scrawled loosely and beautifully around Rachel's head, and the offset is wondrous as Quinn smiles down at the brunette – time slowing down to a crawl just for them apparently – as everything around them blurs into a fine, illuminated haze. You can still hear the light chuckles receding between them into the cold air as they catch their breaths.


Rachel whispers around a smile as a drop of water falls from the building ledge and hits the blonde on the forehead. Rachel watches as Quinn shakes her head of the offending rain water, her short blonde strands swaying together and against each other with every turn of her neck – she looks like a cute, shaggy dog – a cute shaggy, beautiful dog that Rachel wouldn't mind keeping forever.

"This building is dripping water on my head…"

Quinn manages mostly to herself as Rachel laughs at her. The brunette pulls the blonde into her body further and whispers against her cheek as Quinn wipes another offending dewdrop from her skin.

"Raindrops are falling on my head.."

Rachel singsong whispers as Quinn blows her an ill-spirited raspberry, sticking her tongue out comically before turning it into a smile. And the brunette is stunned into silence as she watches the movement – captivated by Quinn in her entirety. She watches the way the hazel in her smart eyes swirls with inflections of green and gray. And the way that her short hair sort of sticks up now around her ears after their escapade – but most of all she gets lost in the way that all of that warmth and joy that Quinn is exuding is directed solely, and uniquely for her.

"How about we grab lunch now?"

The blonde manages – and Rachel smiles up into those captive hazel eyes and nods fervently with traces of a smile as Quinn nods in acquiescence – grabbing Rachel's hand softly in one of her own and pulling the brunette softly off of the brick building wall. She keeps their fingers interlaced as she sneaks glances at Rachel as they make their way down the block – their actions slow and patient.

"So where to QN_Citygirl?"

"I know the perfect place charmer."

And suddenly here they are - in the middle of Union Square – the market bustles around them as they catch glimpses of street performers and pedestrians. Rachel smiles – she knows her way around here very well, having lived in the city for around 4 years now. But she lets Quinn lead them through the throngs of people – ultimately ending up at a large section of greenmarket. Apple crates and fruit surround them, and suddenly Rachel is beaming as her bright eyes set directly on the hot steaming cups of apple cider being sold from the separate orchard tables. There are donuts too – and how Rachel never came upon this before she'll never know – but she is reminded of home. She rarely misses Lima, but here – hand in hand with Quinn Fabray drinking apple cider and eating warm fresh donuts (Quinn eating donuts – Rachel sticks to the apple cider)- she can't say that her heart isn't bursting from nostalgia and joy.

And just when things couldn't possibly get any better the blonde laces their fingers, bringing Rachel to a wonderful little café right off of union square. They sit outside at one of the café tables, and they smile at each other as they wait for their food. Rachel can't seem to keep her hands to herself as she finds herself constantly seeking out the blonde's touch – no matter how infinitesimal it may be. They eat in unison, and Rachel watches Quinn lick her lips after a forkful of pasta – she stares transfixed and doesn't even realize that she's completely stopped eating her own lunch in lieu of watching the blonde. Quinn notices and does it again – watching the brunette's eyes follow her mouth as she flicks her tongue across her bottom lip – reaching for sauce that she'd already retrieved. And now she laughs – snapping the brunette out of her reverie.

"Rach, you were drooling."

"I was not Quinn Fabray – I beg to diff –"

And Quinn laughs again before leaning forward and capturing the brunette's lips. She tastes like bread and apples, and there's a faint hint of cinnamon she thinks as their lips part and she uses that tongue to do more than simply tease. She can hear a faint whine bubble up from the back of Rachel's throat and she sighs, separating their lips to give the brunette a short peck for good measure as she leans back and re-focuses on her food. Rachel stares back at her open mouthed and dazed, and Quinn can't help but smirk.

"Quinn, you can't keep kissing me senseless when you're tired of my rambling – that isn't fair!"

Quinn smiles around a forkful of pasta and clears her throat – before replying.

"You're drooling again."

And when their afternoon finally comes to a close Rachel is sure that she never wants this to end. They've walked back the blocks that they had earlier traversed and they both blush as they pass the intersection where they had earlier been rooted and caught. Quinn laughs before brushing her hair quickly behind her ear and Rachel smiles down at their shared hands.

"I had a lot of fun today Quinn."

It is an honest to goodness statement and there is so much more treading behind the words. But how can she possibly say that she never wants to leave? That she wants today to last forever because it is surely a moment in time that she'll never have the grace to forget.

"You made my day Rachel. I think this is the most fun I've ever had in a long, long time."

Rachel blushes under the blonde's gaze and taps her foot listlessly against the concrete. She wants to say so many things – she wants to stand here with Quinn for as long as she can – she wants to promise things that she has no way of guarantee-ing. All that she knows is that she fell for a girl online, a calm – cute, endearing Midwestern girl who had somehow found herself in New York City. And as she stares at Quinn Fabray she can't help but feel completely lost in their moment – because that girl turned out to be stunning, and charming, and breathtakingly perfect. And if this is what online dating does to a person, she advises everyone living a single loveless life to give it a shot – because the world needs more Quinn Fabray's in it.

"I um…Is it weird that I don't want to leave just yet?"

Quinn turns her eyes down to the wide brown ones and locks on to the timid gaze. – It seems as though Rachel Berry can somehow read her mind, because she's been purposefully stalling for the last five minutes – not quite ready to let go yet. She doesn't think she'll ever be ready to let go now that she's finally latched on. Who knew that the rambling, adorable, snarky brunette from CupidanAphrodite would turn out to be Rachel Berry – it was so perfect that every time Quinn thinks about it she loses her breath to a smile. She wishes that she could stay wrapped up in Rachel forever, and that life wasn't calling them in different directions at this very moment.

"You too huh?"

The brunette nods and they both laugh at their unwillingness to leave. Five minutes has turned into ten and Rachel has begun to sniffle from the cold. Quinn frowns and on a last minute thought retrieves her phone from her pocket. Rachel stares at the action curiously as Quinn taps out quick words beneath her fingers.

"What are you up to?

"Nothing, just texting someone…"

Rachel's brows furrow – something is weird, but she shakes her head and buries her cheek against the blonde's jacket, right against her warm shoulder – sighing as she watches her breath pool around their bodies in a mist. She shivers from a cool breeze and Quinn loops both of her arms around her body. And just when she gets comfortable her phone vibrates against her leg from inside of her pocket. She untangles her free hand and reaches for the device, checking her message curiously as she remains standing in the blonde's embrace.

It's a message from her CupidandAphrodite account, and Rachel sighs. She'll have to de-activate her account now that she and Quinn have connected – there'll be no need for it in her immediate future – but her curiosity is piqued and she scrolls over to her inbox on the app to find a new message waiting. And as she opens the inbox she smiles brilliantly into Quinn – reading through the cyber words, as her breath catches and her eyes shine in the daylight.

From: QN_Citygirl at 3:42pm

Hi BroadwayStar! We haven't talked all day – and I miss you. I thought it would be important for me to tell you that I think I'm falling for you – anyone would where you're concerned, because you're absolutely perfect.

And although we have yet to meet – I just want you to know. That we'll always have this space – and I'll always be here to answer your call – in the few short days that we've begun talking, you've taken my breath away – and I only hope that you can somehow feel the same.

You're perfect – and I want to continue this journey with you – whether it be here, or out there somewhere, roaming the streets of New York. And so…Until next time charmer.

P.S. You're a star Rachel Berry – and you make me shine right along with you… and who knew just how powerful a thing faith could turn out to be? – I think we owe him a Thank You card at the very least don't you agree?

Your Q

And as she ghosts over the last few words, she lets her fingers hold still on the screen, rooting the message to memory. And when she looks up – there are happy tears in her eyes because QN_Citygirl has just said everything that neither one of them was able to say – all of the unspoken truths about falling in love – who knew that her pen-pal was so eloquent with words.

"You're a sneaky one Quinn Fabray."

Quinn hasn't spoken a word, but as she watches Rachel's heart swell under the hasty message that she sent on a faithful whim – she lets the butterflies take full reign of her heart. And as the two women finally lock eyes – there is a promise there for the attempt at a future – and Quinn beams.

"Only for you charmer."

Rachel reaches up on her tip toes and their lips meet, the kiss is warm against the breeze, and it is light with just the smallest flecks of tongue – their cheeks are red from their shared blush, and Rachel's fingers find the nape of Quinn's neck – drawing patterns there as they sway. As time freezes around them yet again – Rachel can't help but feel like this is exactly where she was always meant to be. Huddled on a bustling New York City street, wrapped tightly in the arms of Quinn Fabray – holding on to something so magical and pure – that neither one of them could ever possibly let go. It's as if the world has stopped spinning just for them – a scene in a snow globe.

And as their kiss breaks – Quinn can't help herself as she tightens her grip on Rachel's waist – lifting her slight body up into the air, and twirling her around in circles as the brunette laughs and yelps into the chilly air. And in this moment – Quinn wouldn't rather be anywhere else than right here with her star – encapsulated in this memory forever – staring at a future that couldn't possibly afford more happiness.