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"Look, I'm sorry, okay?" Leonard said, walking in the door and sitting on the sofa. "I know I shouldn't have changed the thermostat, I was just cold."
"Maybe you should have put a jumper on." Sheldon didn't turn away from his desk, continuing to type up the paper he was working on.
"I was wearing two jackets!"
"...You still could have put a jumper on."
Leonard rubbed his face, exasperated. "All I want is the thermostat changed to the winter setting a few days earlier than we agreed."
"I'm sorry, but I can't authorize that." Sheldon replied coolly.
"Why not?" Leonard was getting angry again. He hoped Penny had wine- he was gonna need it.
"Because it's not winter."
Leonard groaned. "But it's cold!" he whined. "Come on, just this once?"
"Honestly, Leonard, all you do is take, take, take in this relationship."
Leonard did a double take.
"You- what- take?"
"Exactly. You want to do this, you want to do that... I need a say in matters too!"
Leonard lost it.
"I take? In this relationship," he stood up and pointed between himself and Sheldon, "I am the one who always gets what he wants?"
Sheldon span in his chair to face Leonard and nodded curtly.
"I- that's ridiculous!" Leonard's voice was getting louder and more high-pitched. "Ever since I first met you, you've controlled me! You control what I eat and when, who my friends are, hell, even where I sit on the freaking couch!" Leonard moved determinedly towards Sheldon, jabbing a finger violently at the couch in question. "I have to plan my bowel movements for certain times in the mornings, I have an allotted shower time and I have to stand behind a line just to floss!" Leonard stepped slowly towards Sheldon, who, bravely, didn't cower away. "Everything in this apartment has a goddamned label on it! You've tried to control every relationship I've been in, why should this one be any different?"
Leonard was gesticulating wildly by now, glad that Sheldon was sat down- it was the only time Leonard was taller than his roommate.
"You're unbelievable!" Leonard roared.
"I know." Sheldon was calm. "You've told me many times, most recently at six minutes past eleven last night, when you informed me thusly during our allocated seven minutes of post-coital snuggling."
"Argh!" Leonard gripped his hair- he looked almost deranged. "This is what I mean! Every little fucking thing is planned out. I'm sick of it, Sheldon!" Leonard took a breath and closed his eyes. When he next spoke, he was calmer, quieter. "And do you know what?" he turned away. "I'm sick of you."
Sheldon's eyes grew wide- it was the first hint of emotion he'd shown during Leonard's rant. He remained glued to his desk chair as Leonard turned around.
He stumbled to the step leading back to the bedrooms, before stopping, leaning on the wooden post, as if to steady himself. He took a deep breath.
"I think it's time we terminated our relationship agreement."
Sheldon said nothing.
"So much to say, until it really matters." Leonard muttered to himself. "I'm going to pack," he said, much louder. "I also wish to terminate our roommate agreement. With immediate effect."
"But you can't do that! There are criteria that have to be met; a five-day waiting period, a peer review committee-"
Sheldon trailed off as Leonard's deadened look bore into him.
"I don't care, Sheldon." He walked into his room, slamming the door shut behind him and falling face first onto his bed. "And don't be ridiculous," he murmured into his pillow. "You have no peers."

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