The Power Of One

Movie Chapter By Kevin1984

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A/N: Here we go the awaited second movie chapter. Below is part one, hope you enjoy it. Bare in mind when doing a movie it is mostly script, and not much description of what is happening. I have tried to do the best I can. I hope it lives up to all your expectation.

Mystery Airship

A man dressed in a white suit stared into a glass cabinet. Inside was an ancient tablet, written upon this tablet was a number of symbols, that he had been translating. Finally he had managed to decipher the tablet. The man smiled as he read the tablet.

"Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice, or Lightning lest these three Titans wreck destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water's Great Guardian shall arise to quell the fighting alone its song will fail. Thus the Earth shall turn to ash. O, Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all three. Their treasures combined tame the beast of the sea. Computer cross reference this tablet with everything.

"Confirmed! Results complete. Line one is referring to the three Titans of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. This is describing the three legendary bird Pokemon. Moltres, the Titan of Fire, Articuno the Titan of Ice and Zapdos the Titan of Lightning. Line two is referring to the great guardian Pokemon of the Sea Lugia.

The man smiled. "Computer where can I find these three Legendary Bird Pokemon?"

"Analysing...Locations confirmed. Island of Fire, Ice and Lightning are located in the Orange Sea, just off the island of Shamouti."

The man found a screen appearing in front of him, showing the three Islands location. Now he knew where to find them, it was time for the game to begin.

"Computer set course for the Orange Islands, it is time I made additions to my collections, and I am certain these three will make a fine addition to my collection.

"Orders confirmed. locking in coordinates now. Estimated time of arrival 50 minutes."

The man left the glass cabinet and walked onto a platform. behind him a chair suddenly started to raise up from behind him. The man sat down in the chair and pressed a few buttons on the chairs arm. The chair the shot up to the ceiling and vanished through a small hole just big enough for the chair to fit through.

Meanwhile On fire Island

Moltres had heard from Arceus that the trial would begin soon. She was making sure her daughter was save in the cave they were resting in. She knew that she was going to be captured, however she didn't want her daughter suffering the same fate. The three legendary bird Pokemon had agreed to keep all off-spring away from this little mock battle. Lugia had also agreed not to involve his own son, in the conflict. Moltres was watching her daughter eat when she suddenly felt the mountain shake.

"Mother what was that?" The small Moltres hopped from one foot to the other nervously. She had never heard anything like that before.

Moltres suddenly watched as the cave they were staying in was hit with some device that began freezing the entrance over.

"Stay here little one, whatever you do, don't leave this cave. I will be back soon."

Moltres then nuzzled her daughter before extended her wings and blasting a hole through the ice blockage with her flamethrower. She then flew out into the open and spotted what had attacked her home. Flying in front of her was a huge circular air ship. Moltres swooped and dodged the various cannon fire. She knew that she needed to be captured, however she wasn't going to make it that easy for whoever Arceus had chosen. Suddenly Moltres noticed the bottom of the ship opened up and out came two large squares. Moltres wondered what these were for, however she soon discovered, as the squares started to chase her. She watched as they electrified and then closed in on her. She screeched in pain, as she was captured and then sucked into the airship.

Within the airship on the bridge, the mysterious collector sat in front of a computer, showing him a diagram of the three Islands, a red counter suddenly vanished, causing the man to smile.

"Well I have taken the first piece with little difficulties. Who is next computer?"

" confirmed. The Titan of lightning is the next closet target.

The man lounged back in his chair with a smile on his face. "Excellent then let's go get our second prize, and after the third the real prize will finally reveal itself."

Beneath the Sea

A dark shadow swam through the deep ocean. Lugia had been given instruction by Arceus to make his way towards the location that had been set for the chosen ones trial. Lugia had originally come from Johto so he was already quite tired. Just then Lugia could feel the shift in the Ocean, something was happening.

Meanwhile in the middle of the Orange sea.

Ash, Sabrina and Tracy, stood aboard a boat. It turns out the next Island they needed to visit was quite far away, and it would be too much for Lapras to handle. So Ash had hired a boat and local guide to transport them there. The guides name was Karen, and she had sailed these seas since she was little, so Ash thought there was no one better to guide them.

"Karen how long do you think it will take to get there?" Ash was already bored, he would much prefer to be riding Lapras, but he knew it wouldn't be fair to her especially when she was still recovering, that and she was still a baby.

A girl with green hair dressed in an orange outfit turned from the wheel to look at the young trainer. "A few hours yet Ash, why don't you let a few of your Pokemon out. I am sure they would appreciate the lovely weather." However before she could finish the sky suddenly darkened and the sea began to churn. Huge waves began to form.

Ash was clinging on to the rails along with Sabrina and Tracy. He was glad they had hired this boat, as he was certain had they been on Lapras in this weather, then they would ended up in more difficulty. Ash noticed Pikachu had ran to the front of the ship, his cheeks were sparking.

"What's wrong Pikachu?"

Pikachu turned to his trainers and frowned. "Some thing is happening boss. Something big, this storm is not natural."

Ash carried on to hold to the rail as the boat rock back and forth, and the huge waves smashed into the side of the boat.

Karen stared at the small gauges on her drivers console. They were way of course, however she could see an island a few miles away, that she knew of. Maybe it would be good idea to dock there until this storm died down.

"Hey guys, this storm is really bad, so I am heading for Shamouti Island. We really shouldn't be sailing in this weather."

Ash turned to Sabrina and Tracy and noticed they just nodded at him. Ash then turned back to Karen. "That's fine Karen, you know these seas better than us, so if you say it is not safe to sail, then we will respect your judgement."

Pallet Town

Delia Ketchum wiped some sweat from her brow. She was busy doing some gardening, when she heard a familiar ring. Delia looked up and noticed Professor Oak had pulled up on his bike.

"Good Morning Delia. It's lovely day, I see you are making the most of it as usual."

Delia stopped what she was doing and took a sip from a glass of juice that her Mr Mime had made her. She had discovered the Pokemon a few weeks ago, and found it enjoyed helping her out around the garden. They soon became good friends and Delia had invited Mr Mime to come live with her. Now the small Pokemon helped all over the house.

"Yes Professor it is a lovely day. By the way have you heard anything from Ash?" It had been several weeks since she had heard anything from her son.

Professor Oak shook his head. "No I haven't spoken to him, but I know he still catching Pokemon. Anyway I will see you later Deli..." Before the Professor could finish the sky darkened and the heavens suddenly opened. Professor Oak was getting drenched, however just as the shower had begun, it stopped.

"Well that was most odd." The Professor then noticed a large flock of Pidgey flying towards the horizon. In the sky was various lights shimmering. If that wasn't strange, Professor Oak suddenly felt the path below his bike start jumping. He turned his head to see a huge group of Diglett heading down the path. Professor Oak jumped off his bike as the Digletts carried it away on their heads.

"Something is very odd, I need to get back to my lab and investigate. I will talk to you later Delia. Good bye." Professor Oak then ran towards his lab.

Shamouti Island

Karen had soon docked the boat on the small beach. The tide was out at the minute. She turned to her passengers. "Well we made it. This is Shamouti Island."

Ash was about to jump down from the boat, when he suddenly froze as a huge group of people jumped down onto the beach, they were all dressed in huge mask, depicting birds. There were ice blue birds, fiery red ones and electric yellow ones. Ash guessed they most be representations of the three legendary bird Pokemon. Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos. Ash noticed one of the mask suddenly lifted and underneath was the face of a girl in her late teens.

"Karen its good to see you, how have you been?"

Ash noticed their guide suddenly broke out in a huge smile and jumped down from the boat. "Caroline, its good to see you, what are you all doing dressed up? Is it festival time already?"

Caroline nodded her head. "Yep, in fact it started today. You're just in time."

Karen hugged Caroline. "That's great, are you going to play the festival maiden again?"

Caroline shook her head. "No I am too old to play the maiden this year, so my little sister Melody will be playing it. I wonder where she is anyway." Caroline suddenly heard a very annoyed sounding voice.

"I am right here, The only one not in a stupid costume. You would thing after a century you would grow tired of this little scene." Melody stood around 5'4, she had blue jeans and a white top. On her face she wore a pair of sun glasses and her red hair was covered by a jean beany hat. She was thirteen years old and was growing tired of this yearly tradition. It had been fun as a kid, but now she was teen, she thought the whole thing was boring.

Caroline narrowed her eyes at her little sister, the upstart little drama queen. "How dare you disrespect our Islands tradition. You should feel honoured to play such an important part in the festivities."

Melody groaned. "Don't worry, I will play my part, after all I have only seen you play it like 500 times."

Caroline closed her eyes in frustration, why couldn't her sister be more like her. Caroline noticed Karen and her passengers were still looking at her.

"Well That's my little sister Melody, but don't let her looks deceive you, she not always this adorable. Karen so who have you bought to our small little Island?"

Karen had totally forgotten about Ash, Sabrina and Tracy. "Sorry allow me to introduce Tracy, he is a Pokemon watcher, this is Sabrina, she is a ex gym leader from Kanto, and this is Ash Ketchum a Pokemon trainer."

Soon as the word trainer was out of Karen's mouth the whole group of mask individual started jumping and cheering.

Ash stood confused, it was like these people had never seen a Pokemon trainer before. Ash noticed one of the mask individuals lifted his mask showing the face of an old man.

"We were foretold of your arrival Chosen one. Only you and the great guardian of the sea, can stop the Titans of fire, Ice and lightning destroying out world. In the hand of the chosen bring all three treasures so that he might bring harmony to the warring three."

Ash gulped, what the hell, was this for real? He was some chosen one from a prophecy. Just as Ash was thinking he heard the old man laugh.

"Don't worry kid, it just something we say to tourist. However part of the festival does include asking a trainer to travel to the three islands and gathering up the gems on each island. You then take them to the shrine on the this island, and place them in the right position. Our maiden then plays a little song, and the festival is over. Would you be willing to play the part of our chosen one Ash?"

Ash was speechless. He noticed everyone was looking at him, some with hope. Ash sighed. "Okay, I will take part in the festival." Just as he had finished Melody came up to him and removed her glasses having a good look at Ash.

"So you're the chosen trainer. Hmm guess he will do. Here is your welcome kiss." Ash suddenly felt a pair of red lips on his. Ash froze in place, however he heard Melody scream, as she was surrounded by a blue aura. Ash turned to noticed Sabrina eyes were glowing.

"Listen hear you little tramp, no one kisses my boyfriend but me. Understand!" Sabrina noticed Melody was screaming, however when the girl nodded, she allowed her eyes to dim, and watched satisfied as Melody hit the beach.

Caroline sighed. "I warned you Melody. You can't just go kiss every boy you like the look of. I hope you learn your lesson, now lets go. Ash seeing how you have offered to take part in the festival then you can come with us back to the main hut and relax."

Later That Evening

Ash, Sabrina and Tracy were sitting down at one of the tables in the hut, when they were interrupted by a beautiful sound coming from the stage. Ash turned around and sat open mouth looking at a beautiful girl, dressed in white gown, with a veil over her head. In her hand she had some type of flute. It then dawned on Ash that this girl was Melody.

Sabrina noticed Ash just staring at Melody. She growled and then gave him a quick smack around the head, this seemed to break Ash out of his trance. He looked at Sabrina and noticed her face, she was not happy. However things were about to get a lot worse for Ash. Melody had come dancing up to him and was now kneeling at his feet.

"Oh Chosen one, will you gather the three treasures and stop the three warring ones, before our beautiful world is destroyed."

Ash looked around the hut and notice everyone was waiting for him to say something. Ash felt under a lot of pressure with everyone looking at him. He knew he had promised to be their chosen one. Ash slowly stood so everyone could see him.

"I do accept the challenge. I will travel to all three Islands, and collect the gems and return them to the shrine on this Island. In fact lets start now."

Melody blinked in surprise. "Hey Ash, the festival last two days, you can go tomorrow, you don't need to go now."

Ash ignored Melody, he wanted to get back on track with his Pokemon journey, and didn't really want to stay here any longer then he had too. "No let's start now. We can get this over with then. Beside we have no time to waste if the warring ones are fighting. The world could be destroyed by tomorrow." Ash laughed to himself at his acting, however had he known what was about to happen, then he would have been more careful with his words.

A/N: There you go warm up to the big battles. Note, Ash will also be getting his three legendary Pokemon at the end of the movie. Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos. The off-spring of the original three.