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Joey cringed as his shoulder collided with the wet pavement outside. He was too tired to pick himself up, too sick of life to want to try. He laid there in the alley as the cold ran pelted down on his battered body.

When had everything gone so wrong?

His father was an abusive drunk, who used him as a human punching bag. His mother barely knew he existed and his sister Serenity was miles away from him. He was a Junior in High School and he already had 4 different jobs to pay for the apartment he and his father lived in. Even his own friends seemed to be turning against him.

Joey shivered and closed his eyes in defeat; glittering tears streaked down his face mixing with drops of rain.

What was the point of all of this anymore? How many more times would he have to put up with this pain?

Joey felt his throat tighten; broken sobs poured past his cut lips. His arms wrapped around his bruised torso in a vain attempt of supplying himself with comfort. He only curled against himself sobbing with even more vigor.

He never wanted to feel like this ever again.

Suddenly the sound of a motor revving caught his attention. He didn't move though like he normally would have, he was just too sick to care anymore. He could hear soft footsteps colliding with puddles on the pavement. They came closer to him and stopped behind him.

"You alright there, Mate?" a voice asked him. The heavy australian accent was what caught Joey's attention first. He didn't respond to the person; though. He didn't have the strength anymore.

Joey cringed when he felt a hand touch his arm causing him to unintentionally flinch.

"Hey, easy now, Mate. I ain't gonna hurt ya." the soft voice assured. "In fact, I wanna help you."

"How could you possibly help me," Joey asked finding his voice. Joey cringed at both the physical and emotional pain that tormented him. Innerly he believed that was true, how could anyone possibly help him, when he was already in so deep.

"Not me, but I know someone who can help you." he explained silently. "If you come with me, I'll take you to him."

Joey shuddered once more against the cold rain. He was too weak to think rationally, to realize that a stranger randomly wanting to help him, offering to take him to a person he didn't even know, was dangerous. The only thing Joey picked up on was the promise in those words.

The promise of help.

"..O-Okay," Joey whispered painfully. The boy behind him reached over helping him to his feet. Joey flinched and winced as the boy accidentally touched the sore area's of his person. Once Joey was set back on his feet he began to feel faint, and his legs shook beneath him causing him to stumble forward. He found himself colliding into something hard and warm.

"Woah, you alright Joey?"

Joey's eyes widened, "H-How do you know my name?" he asked nervously. Although despite his anxiety about this person he found himself still clinging onto his arms in order to prevent himself from toppling over again. "I know a lot about you." he explained in a mysterious sort of way. "My name is Valon, by the way." he added. "Come on, I'll take you to meet my boss..."

Joey allowed Valon to lead him over to what Joey realized was the source of the motor he had heard earlier, a red motorcycle. Valon wordlessly handed Joey a helmet and picked his own up afterwards. It was then that Joey took the time to get a good look at this new person.

Valon, upon further inspection had light brown spiky hair with a set of green lensed goggles sitting on top of his head. Joey vaguely in the back of his head was reminded of a comic book character he had seen once, he was pretty sure it was a blue hedgehog or something. Now Valon's eyes...God. His eyes were quite possibly some of the bluest eyes Joey had ever seen. They were even bluer then Kaiba's.

Those crystal blue pools looked over at Joey meeting the blonde's own ruby colored eyes.

"You know," Valon began softly catching the duelists attention again. "You got real pretty eyes, you know that?"

Joey widened his eyes, "What?" he asked incredulously. Unsure if he had heard Valon say that correctly, was this stranger actually telling him he had pretty eyes? And not just nice eyes, but pretty? Valon smiled at the look on Joey's face before he threw a leg over the motorcycle and straddled the bike.

"Well then, hop on Mate."

Joey froze though, he began to hesitate, to doubt this decision. He stared at the helmet in his hands. Was he really going to go with this man? What was going to happen to him if he went with Valon? What would happen if he didn't.

Was he really willing to risk something horrible happening to him by going with the blue eyed brunette.

Maybe he should just turn around. Maybe he should just walk away and not look back and forget that this had ever happened.

Valon looked over his shoulder at the younger boy. "Well..." he asked. "What's it gonna be Mate. Are you gonna get on or go home?" he prompted.

Joey glanced back at the dark alley way that he had previously been laying in and was suddenly reminded of what awaited him if he didn't go with Valon.

A hard merciless fist against his jaw, a string of threats and curses, a day filled with working three hour shifts, six hours of school work piling up, friends who were turning from him, another sleepless night.

His eyes saddened in realization. He had nothing worth wanting waiting for him if he turned around.

So with that final thought Joey put the helmet on and got on the bike behind Valon, hesitantly wrapping his arms around the blue eyed Aussie's middle.

He listened as the bike's engine revved to life again, the motor roaring through the sound of the crashing rain.

"Hold on Mate."

Joey felt the familiar pain rack through his frame again and thought about the things that had led to this happening. The pain was there and so very real...and so very painful. He merely closed his eyes and rested his forehead between Valon's shoulder blades as the brunette sped off down the empty dark road.

Taking him to God knows where.


Joey opened his eyes finally once he felt the roaring of the engine subsiding. The world grew still again except for the feeling of Valon moving. The elder slowly removed his helmet setting it on the handle bar and looked back at Joey.

"Here we are." he announced. Joey picked up his head and gazed up at the building they were parked in front of.

"Where is here?" he whispered out; his throat too sore to manage anything more. This time Valon didn't immediately reply, instead he got off the motorcycle and waited for Joey to follow. Joey removed the helmet and set it next to Valon's and compliantly followed him into the building.

"How is this person supposed to help me?" Joey asked meekly. He normally would have beat himself up for allowing himself to show this kind of weakness in front of someone else. But he just couldn't bring himself to care about any of that any more. His fiery spirit was just too worn down by everything.

Everything had finally just took it's toll on him.

Valon's smile wasn't noticed by the crimson eyed boy, "You'll see."

Joey found himself being led down a hallway and into an elevator. He watched the metal doors close in front of them, he shifted his weight nervously. His ruby orbs darted up to the changing numbers above the doors. He felt the familiar doubt and fear returning to his mind.

Joey's eyes stayed locked on the numbers as they finally came to a stop, it was the top floor. Once the elevator finally came to a stop and the doors slid open following the soft ding, they stepped out and walked up to two large doors. Valon glanced back at Joey and grinned. He pushed them open exposing the room hidden behind them.

Joey's eyes grew small.

This was certainly not a normal room. It was all made of stone. It was like Joey had been thrust back in time. Valon ushered Joey into the strange room and closed the door behind him.

"W-What is this?" Joey asked a tad bit fearfully. In the back of the room there were three statues of snakes and a pair of large eyes carved into the wall above them. It scared the hell out of Joey quite frankly.

This entire place was creepy, torches lit the room and statues of serpents wrapped around stone pillars that lined the sides of the room. The ceiling was high making the room seem like a building all its own. There were carvings on the walls, pictures and symbols. Words of a language Joey couldn't understand. Picture's of a past Joey had never heard of.

"It's home." A deep voice sounded from the shadows making Joey jump and spin around. He watched a tall figure step out from the shadows; he was wearing a long white robe and a hood, preventing the blonde from seeing his face.

"W-Who are you?" Joey stammered unable to mask the fear in his voice. The figure let out a low chuckle of amusement, a slim pale hand reached up pulling back the hood of the light colored cloak.

"You may call me Dartz."

Joey felt his blood curdling unpleasantly; the man who had addressed himself as Dartz seemed to scream trouble. He had long aqua colored hair and two different colored eyes, one was cerulean blue while the other was an odd amber shade of yellow. He wore a strange dim purple colored jewel around his forehead. He was dressed in white and purple, Dartz himself looked like he had stepped right out of the past. To Joey the other seemed to convey a sense of regality for some reason.

"I've been waiting for you for quite a long time," he said. Joey blinked in bewilderment, "Waiting for me? H-How could you know that..that I was coming here?" Joey asked paling, taking a step backwards.

"No need to be afraid, you've come home. To a place where everyone understands you, a place where no one can abandon you. Where no one can harm you."

"I-I..T-This doesn't make any sense. H-How do you know so much about me?" Joey stuttered.

"It's all in your eyes, little one." he replied smoothly. Joey's crimson orbs widened when he suddenly felt a force hit him; memories flooded his mind.

Joey creaked open the door tentatively, he stepped through the threshold. "Dad?" he called out hesitantly. He let out a loud cry of pain when a loud smash sounded next to his ear, shards of broken glass were sent flying into his already bruised flesh.

He fell over onto his knee's.

"Where the hell were you ya worthless brat!" his father shouted at him. Joey whimpered fearfully unable to form words causing him to gape soundlessly. He heard his father snarl furiously, he curled into a ball bracing himself for the blows he knew were coming.

"I asked you a question you sick little fuck!" he shouted kicking his son square in the gut. The teen cried out painfully as blood filled his mouth, the bitter metallic taste flooding his senses.

Joey's svelte tattered frame shook horribly at the terrible memories. His legs buckled beneath him making him fall onto his knee's which were already scraped from his previous fall. The only thing holding him up were his own hands braced in front of him.

Hot tears filled his eyes, and he didn't make any move to stop them. He was tired, so very tired.

"Please don't make me go back there," he whispered desperately. Shimmering tears fell down his face leaving wet marks on the stone floor underneath him. His shoulders and his back began to heave as soft broken sobs left his lips. "I don't want to feel that pain again."

"Of course you don't" Dartz crooned softly. "I'll make sure you never have to feel this way again." he promised. "You've been used and lied to by the people who called themselves your friends." he said distastefully.

"You poor little thing, if they had really been your friends then they would have known something was wrong, they would have tried to help you," he cooed in an almost hypnotizing tone. Joey cringed shutting his eyes, the words stung.

They stung because they voiced what he himself had thought on those nights when he felt like it wasn't worth it. It was what he always thought in the back of his mind.

"But they didn't even try to lift a finger to help you did they?" he asked sympathetically. Joey cringed shaking his head sending his liquid gold bangs flying from his face.

"No, because they never really cared about you, they were using you." he concluded. "And you don't deserve that do you? You're just as good as they are, they have no right to ridicule you like that." he commiserated.

Joey was sure that in any normal circumstance he would have scoffed at this. But right now...right now this all sounded so..so good to him. He was beaten, broken, and exhausted. He was sick and tired of his life and this pain. All he wanted was for someone to make this all go away, and the man before him was offering to do that.

And in his current state that offer just sounded too good to pass up. This man was confirming all of the doubts and fears in his mind and offering him an escape from all of them.

"You just want to be cared for and treated as an equal," he trailed off.

Joey opened his red rimmed glassy eyes and sniffled, "That's all I want," he whispered in a trembling voice.

"I can make all of that come true for you. I can make all of this pain go away," he promised. Joey lifted his head up finally his crimson eyes meeting the others.

"I'll do anything, I never want to feel like this ever again."

"And so you shan't. Will you relinquish your ties to your friends, and your family?" he asked inquisitively. Joey slowly lifted his hand to his eyes, wiping away the tears, "I will, I don't want to have any reminders of them!" he said, suddenly filled with chagrin.

Dartz smiled a sly and satisfied grin at the blondes response, "Good," he purred out.

He lifted his hand and touched Joey's forehead sending a strange force through his body. The green pendant on Dartz's chest exuded an eery green light. Joey's eyes widened when something shot through him, the green light blinded him.

When the light faded a mark formed on his forehead it's shape in the same exactness of the pendant that had emitted the glow. And in that instant Joey felt different.

Suddenly the world made sense to him, he could see through the lies and deceit of his so called 'friends'. And the brunt of his pain seemed to fade as he cut his former ties with the sources of his pain.

Dartz grinned, "Welcome to your new family."


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