Well, herrow, all!

First off, please forgive me. I know that this is probably the most least creative way to start an Alphas fanfiction, but this honestly came to me in a huge rush. I just can't stuff it all into a letter, and make it sound cool and sophisticated. So sorry. :)

Moving on.

I have recently finished the Alphas series (*tries not to blurt out spoilers*), so I decided to direct my many emotions towards it into a fanfiction.

I've been looking through the other fanfictions, hoping to find something that no one else has in their stories. So far, I have come up with one idea. And since I don't want this one to be swiped (Swiper, no swiping!), I'm just going to submit it now. So, let me explain...

Like most of the stories in this fandom, this is in an SYOC (Submit Your Own Character) format. The form will be pasted below, right after this little intro. The thing about this fanfiction, however, is that I want all of you to be able to relate to all your characters. Therefore, their alpha track must be something you love to do. It doesn't have to be something you're good at. As long as you love it, and know about your OC's passion for it, then great! :)

Other than that, the character can be completely different from you, if you wish. Just that one alpha track is something I want to focus on. If you have multiple interests you want to give your OC, then that's fine, as long as you share them. But three will be the maximum number. :)

I'm going to be having five main characters (girls) and five main boys. Other than that, 90 girls will be accepted (background characters, for the most part). You guys are in charge of submitting the five main boys and girls! Wait...nevermind! One of my friends (not on fanfiction) submitted a character. So four girls. I NEED FOUR GIRLS AND FIVE BOYS!

And now I present to you...THE FORM THAT SHALL DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE! Will thou succeed, or will thou suck?





Clothing Style:


Alpha Track:






Flaws (You need at least one physical and one personality flaw!) :

What makes you Alpha?

Why are you applying to Alpha Academy?


Thank you all, and have a good day! :)