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Chapter one- the prophecy child

James Potter came bounding into the Hospital wing like an over excited puppy, his best friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin closely followed. James's beautiful wife, Lily was going into labour and was expecting triplets! "I hope she's ok!" James said as he paced up and down the waiting room, Sirius and Remus shared a knowing look, knowing that James had been in love with Lily since their fifth year at Hogwarts. "I'm sure she'll be fine Prongsie" Sirius said hitting him playfully on the shoulder. Lily's screams filled the waiting room, James's face went pale as he heard the mediwitch shout "Keep pushing Mrs Potter" only to be shouted back "I AM PUSHING, WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M DOING? MOWING THE LAWN?" an antagonising hour later, the mediwitch fetched James. "Mr Potter you are now a father of three beautiful triplets" she said gesturing to the three small bundles balanced in Lily's arms. He took the girl and looked into her beautiful emerald green eyes, "What shall we call them?" he asked a tired Lily. Lily looked at her smallest son who also had her emerald green eyes, "We'll call the youngest boy Harry James Potter I think" she said stroking the small tuft of black hair on his head. James smiled, "How about Anna Lily Potter for our daughter" he suggested. Lily nodded, "Maybe Rowan Sirius for our eldest?" Lily said smiling and James's grin, "Sirius will love that!" he said.

Sirius and Remus were waiting for their friend still in with his wife; suddenly James came out with a brilliant smile plastered across his face. "Would you two like to see your God children?" he asked, both men jumped up and followed James to were Lily was. "Aww they are so cute!" Sirius cooed, making everyone laugh. "Sirius, meet Rowan Sirius Potter your new Godson" Lily said smiling. Sirius's grey eyes lit up as he held the little boys in his arms, "Aww you guys named him after me!" Sirius cried faking a tear in his eye, making Remus roll his eyes. James handed Harry to Remus, "Remy meet your new Godson Harry James Potter" he said proudly; Remus took the smaller boy and looked into those jewel like eyes. "And Petunia is going to be the Godmother of Anna, (pretend they still like each other)" Lily said fondly.

Meanwhile Albus Dumbledore was pacing in his office at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and Wizardry, he was thinking about the prophecy his new Divinations Professor had told a month ago when he interviewed her:

The one to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches

Born on the seventh month wanes,

Powers the Dark Lord knows not, powers so rare

He the most powerful of the founder's heirs,

Born on the seventh month wanes.

When he had heard this prophecy he was sure someone who had been listening, someone who worked for Lord Voldemort. Which meant he had better get his old brain working to figure out who this prophecy child was, he was sure there was more to it, vital information however they had been interrupted and Trewlawny had lost the trance. As far as he knew of the prophecy could relate to one of four children, one of the Potter Triplets or Neville Longbottom who had been born on the 29th. He decided to floo both parties and tell them to go into hiding. The Potters arrived first, they had left the triplets with Lily's sister Petunia, and Lily was wearing a concerned look while James looked joyful. When the Longbottoms arrived they quickly asked upon the triplets, "Oh they are fine, how's little Nev?" Lily asked, Alice smiled, "Oh he's a right little tyke isn't he Frank" Frank grinned and turned to Dumbledore, "Why did you call us here Albus?" he asked. Dumbledore sighed, "I am afraid to tell you that a prophecy has been ,made about the one who will have the power to vanquish the Dark Lord, and it is about one of your children." He started allowing the parents to take it in, "The bad news is that the prophecy was over heard by one of Voldemort's followers, I fear you will need to go into hiding" he said. Both Lily and Alice felt tears prick their eyes at the thoughts of the Dark Lord after their children.

After the Fidulas charm had been placed upon the Potter's holiday home in Godric Hollow, the Potters moved in, they had made Peter Pettigrew their secret keeper. The Marauders came to visit the triplets every day, Rowan who was the biggest and the fattest basked in their attention, where as the smaller, skinnier Phoenix and Harry stayed in the Shadows, for a reason that confused both Lily and James, Anna refused to go near Peter. "Those two are very strange Prongs" Sirius commented as he watched the two crawl in sync next to each other, they were identical in nearly every way, the one difference was Anna was a girl and Harry a boy. Rowan was very different to his siblings, where they were light and elegant, he was rash and clumsy. Where they were silent and observant he was loud and demanding.

On the night of Halloween, Lily and James had decided to go to Sirius's Halloween party that his wife Nefatari was holding. However before they left Lily gave Anna a locket with a piece of her hair inside engraved with an A fir Anna, she did the same for Harry only this time it had both her's and James's hair and was engraved with a H and the same for Rowan only with a R. They left the triplets in the care of Lily's mother Miranda Evans, little did the old muggle know of the dangers that stalked the house. Miranda felt herself falling into a deep sleep as a strange man entered the house, he had midnight black hair that was silky and eyes a phantom red.

He moved with the shadows as he found his way to the triplets elegantly carved room, he sneered at the reds and golds that were painted on the wall and he also glared at the three children, two of which were alert and watching him with identical haunting green eyes. He walked over to the two, he had heard from his servant Severus, that one of the Potter children was prophesised to defeat him, but staring at the two identical triplets he decided that maybe he had better kill both. Aiming his wand so that he could kill two birds with one stone, "Goodbye Harry and Anna Potter!" he cried as he shouted the fateful words "AVADA KADAVRA!" a jet of emerald green flew at the twins, however they didn't so much as blink as the curse came towards them. An unearthly force seemed to be at work that night for as soon as the curse hit the two it rebounded back onto Voldemort who screamed as he was torn from his body. The aftermath caused an explosion causing the house to explode into flames, Harry and Anna clung to each other while Rowan yowled in fear.

As James and Lily were walking up the road they saw their house in flames, "The triplets!" Lily screamed as they ran to the house and barged the door down. Miranda was coughing on the floor, "Lily you take your mother out I'll get the kids!" James said as he leapt into the flames leaving Lily to save her mother. When James barged into the triplet's room he saw Anna and Harry clinging to each other and Rowan screaming, he picked them up and fled from the burning building. When he reached the safety of outside he handed Rowan over to Lily who began to soothe him, they were then met by Dumbledore who looked very happy. "Voldemort is dead, one of the triplets must have killed him" he announced, Lily and James looked at each other shocked, "Which one?" Lily asked excitedly. Dumbledore smiled, "I can do a spell that will tell us which one is going to be the most powerful" he said. He waved his wand and a dark blue aura appeared above Rowan's head, "Rowan looks like he shall be powerful" Dumbledore said positively he then did the same for Harry, however nothing appeared the same for Phoenix, "I am afraid to say that Harry and Anna are squibs, which means that Rowan defeated the Dark Lord, look he has a star shaped scar on his hand that must be where the Dark Lord used dark magic and the aftermath caused the other's cores to seal up" Dumbledore said. Lily burst into tears as she hugged her son and daughter closer, "They will be in constant danger being the siblings of Rowan, Death eaters may target them and with no magic to defend themselves I fear it would be safer to place them in a muggle Orphanage." He said slowly, rage filled Lily as she clutched them closer, "No Albus you shall not take my children from me! I will protect them, I am their mother and would die for them, squibs or not!" she shouted. James tried to reason with her but Lily turned on him, "Don't you dare tell me James Potter that you are thinking of going through with this!" she growled tears flowing freely from her eyes. Dumbledore sighed, "I am very sorry to have to do this Lily but Obliviate" he said pointing his wand at Lily. Lily's eyes widened before going dull as she fell into a calm sleep. James was outraged, "How dare you Obliviate my wife!" he yelled lunging for Dumbledore, however was already pointing the wand at James and yelled "Obliviate" and James Potter too fell into a calm sleep.

Dumbledore sighed, it was all for the greater good he kept telling himself, however he couldn't help but look guilty as he looked at the two identical children who were about to be erased from the wizarding world. He picked them up and apparated to an Orphanage that was called Madam Louise's Orphanage he then knocked on the door, a woman with curly brown hair and bright blue eyes "Can I help you sir?" she asked looking at his strange clothing. Dumbledore smiled at her his blue eyes twinkling in the sunlight, "Yes, daughter has just died in a car accident with her husband leaving her twins orphaned, however I cannot look after them and was wondering if you could take them" he said in a very sorrowful voice. The woman gave him a look of sympathy and took the twins from him, "Don't worry sir, we'll look after them," she said cheerfully. "What are their names please?" she asked as she opened the login book. Dumbledore smiled, "Harry and Anna Potter" he said sadly. Once she had that written down and had taken the twins Dumbledore left but not before erasing her mind.

A week later Rowan Potter was announced to the wizarding world to be the Boy-Who-Lived and was hailed a hero, nobody knew of his twin brother and sister who lay alone in a cold muggle orphanage being prodded and pocked by the other children. Not that he would care.

Suzie Hathaway wasn't having a good day, she had been told she had to work an extra two hour shift at the Orphanage where she worked, but to top it off she had two orphans who she couldn't remember them arriving. They were the most beautiful children, the boy had silky black hair that was slightly ruffled as did the girl and they both had eerie emerald green eyes. Suzie had decided that she would place them with the other young orphans.

The baby room was often very noisy for the babies often cried a lot, however as soon as Suzie walked in with the mysterious twins they all fell silent looking at the twins in fear. Suzie didn't noticed this, or rather she passed it off for curiosity and left the room.

Author's notes: how do you find this, I was reading a story where Harry turns evil because he was neglected and I came up with this idea I hope you like it. Also the reason James and Lily's mind was obliviated was because I find it hard to see any parent just forgetting their child.