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Percy's pov

Everyone forgot about me, Thalia and Nico as soon as that bastard Mark and his 2 buddies Sam and Kevin

came. He was claimed by Poseidon, Sam by Hades, Kevin by Zeus and they went on a quest to kill a couple

of hellhounds and that's all. Normaly I couldn't care less but Sam and his friends has egos as big as this

planet. When they came back everyone loved them. It was like they saved Olympus. Then one day Chiron

came and told me that my mom and Paul died from a hellhound attack. I was devastated. I went to the beach

to calm down but what I saw made me even madder. Mark was making out with a blondie. I was about to

walk away when I heard something that caught my attention. I sneaked closer to hear more.

"I love you Annabeth!"

"Me too Mark"

"Just dump percy I'm so much better than him" said mark with a grin

" yes I will later" answered Annabeth

that was enough. I saw red. I came out of my hiding place. Annabeth stared at me in shock."I c-can explain

she stammered. " I know what I saw!" I screamed back "You were going to break up with me weren't you!"

then she got mad "Yes. Mark is better than you!" Mark was staring at me smugly. I was going to wipe that smile

off his face. I uncapped riptide and he narrowed his eyes at me. He took out his sword and we lunged at each

other. He was slower than me. I went around him and appeared behind him. By the time he turned arounded I

aready stabbed his thigh. He winced in pain and staggered back. I took this chance and disarmed him. I held

riptide next to his neck. His eyes widen. I took out a box from my pocket. I gave it to Annabeth who was staring

at us. She opened the box and her eyes widen. I capped riptide and left the beach heading toward my cabin with

tears streaming down my face. I didn't need to see it, I had already knowen what was in the box. It was a

beautifully carve silver ring with the words seaweed brain & wise girl 4ever carved in the inside. I was thinking

about this when I bumped into someone. I aplolgized and turned around to leave but I felt a hand on my

shoulders. " whoa, where are you going kelphead" I heard. I turned around and saw it was Thalia with Nico

next to her. I told them about what happened at the beach. " I can't believe Annabeth's nerve" growled Thalia

and Nico agreed with her. I was about to say something when the conch horn sounded. So we walked to the

dining pavilion together. When we walked in we heard Zues, Hades and my dad said that Mark, Sam and Kevin

were their favorite children. I felt as if my heart was being teared apart at that moment. Looking at Thalia and

Nico's faces they probably felt the same way. We looked at each other and a silent understanding passed

between us. We had to leave this place. There was nothing left for us here now. We left the dining pavilion

together and packed our things. We met at the top of the hill and took one last look at this place and hoped

that this would be the last time we saw it.

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