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Chapter 2

We destroy the Museum in Washington DC-again

Percy's pov:

I was exhausted. We were in Washington DC and were being chased by hellhounds all the way here. We barely had any time to rest. After all three kids of them attract lots of monsters. Especially three kids of the elder and most powerful three. Now, you're probably wondering who they are. Well they is what we call the Olympians now. We had gotten over feeling sad being betrayed by the gods. Instead now we feel anger. We were never going to help them again if this is how they repay us. I was thinking about this when suddenly Thalia stopped moving.

"Why did you stop?" I asked

I saw here staring at something. Then I noticed that we were in Washington DC. We had been here before when we were on a quest to save Annabe— I mean her.

"Why did we stop?" Asked a irritated Nico

Then I remembered. He wasn't with us when we went on the quest. We told him and he looked sad and mad at the same time. Sad, because this was the quest that he lost his sister and mad because he lost his sister to save her who would end up betraying us too.

"I can't believe that she would betray you after you saved her life and done all that for her."said Thalia

"Me too"agreed Nico

"Yeah" I answered them "Let's hurry up and leave this place"

"ok " they answered

In case you're wondering where we're going, the answer is nowhere. We were just wandering around the US getting stronger and perfecting our skills along the way. So far I learned many new moves. I can sense the moisture in the air and so if I concentrate I can draw the moisture out of the air and make it into water. Also I can manipulate water into such a intent that I can turn water into ice and do many other things, with and without water. We progressed a lot since we left CHB probably because now we're on our own with nobody to help us and nowhere safe from the monsters. It was a code of survival; get stronger or die a horrible and painful demi-god death.

We were looking at the buildings when I heard a growl. Wait, a growl?I turned around and found myself face to face with the hellhounds that we had lost a while ago. Correction, I found myself face to face with the hellhounds that we thought we had lost a while ago. Apparently I wasn't the only one who heard the growl because Thalia and Nico were looking at it too. We were about to fight it when more hellhounds appeared. There was no way we could take on this many hellhounds alone. With our new powers we might be able to but we were hungry and were planning to find something to eat here.

"Run into the Aircraft Museum!"I shouted

We ran into the museum like maniacs but hey, if you had hellhounds that want to rip you apart and eat you for dinner, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't care how you look like. When the visitors and guards saw us they all panicked and started running. We stopped running in a large room and turned around to face to monsters.

"Spread out"I yelled even though there's no and Nico pretty much already know what to had been in many life and death situations since we left spread out and the monsters had a hard time picking which one of us they would concentrate got the job of distracting them which he was doing pretty well at.

"Hey you big and ugly mass of fur!"Shouted Nico at the hellhounds

The hellhounds all turned and face they were distracted, me and Thalia sneaked up to the silently started killing the plan was going perfectly until I sneezed by accident. The monsters immediately turned around and looked at me and Thalia. Then the biggest one which I guess is the leader barked and we started didn't need to speak dog to understand that it means "kill them all!"

While running me and Nico threw anything that wasn't locked down at the hellhounds but it didn't do much except make them angrier. While we were doing this Thalia was shooting arrows at the hellhounds making them turn into dust.

Soon only the leader hellhound was left. I charged at the hellhound with riptide in my hand. I swiped its claw at me but I dodged and plunged riptide into its body. It exploded into dust.

"Come on. We might as well as get the food at the museum restaurant since we're here." I said trying to sound as casual as possible.

"Why did you just had to sneeze?"Thalia shouted at me all the way to the restaurant.

Nico looked at me with pity "Dude, I feel bad for you" he whispered to me.

Easy for him to say when he's not the on being yelled at.

We ate any food we could find. We smashed vending machines for snacks and drinks and dumped it all into our knapsacks. We took any money lying around too. Basically we took whatever we wanted. We didn't get into any trouble since the mortals were all too busy panicking to care. I swear I even hear someone scream "Giant mutant wolves are coming to eat us all!"

We left quickly since when didn't want to get in trouble with the police for raiding the vending machines. As we head toward the train station to take a train to Virginia (don't ask me why. We just felt like it) I took one last look at Washington DC and at all the Mayhem we had cause. Police sirens were wailing and reporters were asking people what happened.

I had destroyed the Aircraft museum again.

I thought I would write Percy, Thalia and Nico's adventure before they meet Chaos but don't worry I know what I am doing. I got this somehow planned out more or less. Besides this is just book one in the series. This book will be about their adventure and how it led them into meeting Chaos. I hope I don't disappoint you readers and sorry for not updating. I was busy. This book would be like 10 to 20 chapters. Probably not 20 maybe 15?We'll see.

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