The Jigsaw Killer Redux

By: Sammy Jo

Chapter One: Let The Games Begin

He awoke and all he could see was darkness. The pitch black scared him more than anything. He could feel a chain around his ankle. He had no idea where he was or what had happened. Suddenly, the lights came on. It was then when he saw it. There was a small tape cassette on the ground beside him. He took a hold of it but knew that he had no player. He began looking around the room for it and saw one dangling from the ceiling. Slowly, he allowed himself to stand and he took the tape player from the string. He put the tape inside and pushed play. What he heard scared him.

"Hello Petty Officer Reynolds. Your whole life you have brought on so much bloodshed for your country. Now, I want to play a little game. How much blood will you be willing to shed in order to stay alive? In this house there are four men. Each man has a piece of a puzzle. The puzzle is your key out of here. The thing is you must kill each one in order to get each piece. Now, I know what you must be thinking. You are chained up. How will you do this? I am aware that you are smart man. You must figure it out for yourself. X marks the spot of the first clue."

When the deep voiced man on the tape stopped Petty Officer Reynolds was left wide-eyed and speechless. He had seen the news and he had heard about there being someone replicating the Saw movies. He never thought in a million years that the new Jigsaw would come for him. He put down the tape player and saw the tiles on the wall. They all had lines going diagonally through them. It looked as if they had been made with blood. X marks the spot of the first clue. He thought about that for a second and he knew what he had to do. He began taking each tile down and reassembling them into the shape of an X. When he did this he saw that it was of no use. Or so he thought. He had officially run out of ideas. The shithole he was stuck in had only one thing within it that didn't seem utterly disgusting. He watched as the seemingly new clock ticked with every second that went by. He sat down in utter defeat. Just then, he saw a key on the floor. He narrowed his eyes at it and picked it up. He had not seen it before. He then stuck the key in the lock on the shackle around his ankle. It didn't work. When it didn't work for the other lock he tossed it across the room and screamed out in sheer anger.

Three weeks later

NCIS agent Tony DiNozzo walked into work that morning, a smile on his face. He saw Ziva David and Timothy McGee sitting at their desks.

"Good morning!" He chimed, setting his things down on the floor.

"What has you in such a good mood, Tony?" Ziva asked, looking up from her computer.

"Nothing really." He said honestly.

She narrowed her eyebrows at him and watched as Gibbs stormed into the squad room.

"Gear up!" He yelled.

What the team didn't realize was just how gruesome their next crime scene would be. When they got to the house they saw crime scene tape over the door and there was no way of telling what was on the inside. Gibbs walked up to the door and opened it. Just then they all saw the body. It was Petty Officer Reynolds. They walked inside the house and before anyone had a chance to start processing the scene Tony saw it.

"Uh, boss." Tony called out.

"What?" Gibbs asked.

Everyone turned around and saw what Tony had seen. Whoever did this left them a message. In the richest of red there were four words painted on the wall.