Chapter Two: Hello Ziva

The team was more than shaken up by this. Tony, being the movie expert he is, knew that this was similar in nature to what had happened in the movies. Tony and Ziva went downstairs while McGee and Gibbs searched the rest of the house. Tony and Ziva both held their guns up not sure what to expect. They found a room at the end of a long corridor and saw that the door was ajar. This is where the footprints had started. They had followed them here. Ziva took one wary step inside and saw the chain on the floor. The large X on the wall stood out more than anything.

"What is that? Blood?" Tony remarked, stepping in as well.

"It might be." Ziva answered.

Ziva looked down on the ground and saw the tape recorder. She narrowed her gaze at it and bent down.

"Tony." She called out as she picked it up.

Tony walked over to her and they saw it. She pushed the play button and was more than surprised by what she heard. It had been the same gruesome voice as before but this tape was not meant for Reynolds. This tape was meant for someone else entirely.

"Ziva, for your whole life you have committed so many sins. You have killed men. You have tortured men. Then when you were tortured yourself you failed to appreciate the fact that you lived through it. You took a knife to your arms, several times. Now, my question is do you value your life enough to save yourself before it's too late? Remember, X marks the spot."

Ziva's eyes were wide and Tony was confused. He had no idea of what the man on the tape was saying. Ziva swallowed hard and looked at the X on the wall. She saw that it appeared to be one whole piece of tiling. She took it down and saw a TV there. Almost defeatedly, she put the tile down and crotched down. Tony could only watch as she did this.

"What the hell did he mean by that, Ziva?" He asked.

She did not answer him. Instead, the TV turned on and Jigsaw appeared.

"Hello Ziva, I want to play a little game with you and your friends. Within the house there is a tape for each of you. I assume you have already gotten yours. Each tape, including your own, contains clues which will lead you to a specific room around this house. You have seventy-two hours to find all of the clues or you die. Let the games begin."

Ziva looked from the TV to Tony, terror in her eyes. Meanwhile upstairs, Ducky, Jimmy, McGee, and Gibbs were all surprised when the doors and windows shut tightly. They were then covered by metal plates which then locked themselves. They were trapped and now they had to play his sick little game.

Downstairs Ziva picked up the tape player and played the recording back. When it finished she racked her brain for anything that could lead them to a clue.

"Knives Tony!" Ziva exclaimed. "The kitchen!"

She ran off, leaving Tony confused. He followed her down the corridor, up the stairs and to the part of the house. The door to the rest of the house was closed and Ziva was banging on it, trying to get it open somehow.

"Come on damn it!" She yelled.

When Tony caught up with her he could see her banging on the door. The sleeves of her NCIS windbreaker rode up and he saw them. There were several scars running up and down her arms. He was horrified but he knew that didn't matter. Ziva looked all around, frantically trying to find something to help the door open when suddenly it slid open. Ziva was confused but that didn't keep her from running down the hallway which led to the kitchen. When she got there she was startled by what she saw. There were boxes everywhere and they were all labels in large handwritten letters "KNIVES". She went to the first box and opened it. Sure enough there were knives inside. The box was filled to the brim. She took a deep breath and looked at Tony. She felt it was the only option she had. She stuck her hands with the box and felt stabbing pain within them. Knives relentlessly jabbed her hands and arms. Ziva pulled her arms out when she found nothing other than knives.

"There's nothing in there." She said.

Tony was utterly baffled. He watched as she began flipping over boxes of knives, dumping them on the floor. She was going so fast that it was hard to follow her. Tony went over to her and stopped her.


"No Tony! I cannot die! I cannot be trapped again!" She yelled.

The fear in her eyes was something Tony never sees. He wished that he'd never have to see it again. Ziva went back to the boxes when she found it. It was the next clue.