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God damnit. I always thought time flied.

I thought while gazing disinterestedly into a small screen attached in the back of the front seat in my flight from London to New York. The flight was going to last more than seven hours, and my desperate attempt to fall asleep turned out to be a complete failure. Don't get me wrong; I'm usually a sound sleeper who has no trouble drifting off whenever and wherever I was. Give me a pillow and a blanket, and I can hit the sack on the road like one of these homeless people. And I was actually in a rather sleep-deprived state, because I had procrastinated with packing my belongings and ended up spending virtually the whole night yesterday to finish the job. Why do I have difficulty falling asleep, then? It was Kyle, of course.

I spent the last three weeks in London on a business trip that my company arranged with a corporate partner in England. That means I didn't get to see Kyle in whole three weeks! That may not seem like a long period of time, but anybody who has fallen in love with someone before would surely understand how desperate a man can grow in the absence of his lover. And much more importantly, tomorrow, July 27, would be our first wedding anniversary!

For those who are unaware, yes, we're married. We followed Kenny and Butters to New York upon graduating from the same college in California last year. The biggest reason was that neither Colorado nor California allowed gay marriage like New York did. We had a modest ceremony attended by only our immediate families and closest friends as soon as we moved in. I was now working for a quite decent insurance company in New York, and Kyle, being an incredible nerd that he was, was attending the graduate program at SUNY. Sadly, he was working as a research assistant for a company in Texas this summer, and therefore would be leaving New York to do a research the first thing on July 29. So counting today, I had three measly days, including our anniversary, to have Kyle all to myself before being left alone yet again. Great.

Whenever I closed my eyes, the back of my eyelid somehow projected the image of Kyle, making it impossible for me to relax and let myself roll into a peaceful state of mind. I wanted to see him. I needed to see him now. I couldn't possibly wait another second to place my lips on his. To make matters still worse, every thought about Kyle elevated the level of my impatience to a whole new level and a mere second felt no shorter than an hour. Urgh…

Okay, don't think of him, Stan. Just find distractions. You can do it.

And that's the reason why I decided to watch one of the movies that the airline offered. Appearing on the screen was a typical action movie where a typical superhero kicked the shit out of the typical badasses, in one of those typical silly plots. Could you, Ms. oblivious-girlfriend-of-the-hero, please stop acting like a moron and getting kidnapped every other minute? He didn't say "stay in the car" without a good fucking reason. And you, Mr. Villain, stop mumbling about your grand plan to take over the States, the world, and/or the galaxy for hours when you have your archenemy at a point-blank range. While you're elaborating on how you're going to make the society degenerate into complete chaos, your fellow superhero is improvising a last-minute plan to make you drop the pistol. Then you're going to start a whole series of fist fight that ends up getting you killed when one of your meticulous plans backfires. How predictable.

Obviously, I was not a big fan of action movies. To be exact, I wasn't into any kind of movie at all. I used to like that Terrence and Phillip movie when in grade school, but two hours of recurring fart jokes suddenly stopped being cool somewhere in my high school years—For your information, cool jokes between dudes in high school consist of the following components: tits, tits, and tits—. The only reason I kept going to cinemas was Kyle, a fanatic fan of all cheesy horror movies. Ever since we started going out as something more than Super Best Friends in tenth grade, Kyle insisted on going to the local cinema together whenever a new horror film opened. I don't want to admit it, but, umm, horror films are not exactly my thing. I mean, people tend to think that a guy like me, an all-round athlete and former football captain in South Park High, would just sneer at stories involving ghosts or zombies. Uh, to be perfectly honest, they scare the shit out of me. Surprised? Well, the fact that I have difficulty watching horror movies seemed to amuse Kyle.

"Please, Stan, don't tell me you're scared. Are you?" Kyle grinned, his teasing voice emanating a profound sense of joy. "and I thought you were the one who called me girlish."

"I'm not scared!" I protested in a somewhat high-pitched whisper. "I just… just… find this whole concept of zombies uncomfortable. They're gross." That was the only excuse I could think of at that time, placing my right hand in front of my eyes so that I could only peek at the larger screen between my fingers. My eyes were ready to snap shut whenever the musical theme of the movie indicated that people were about to be ambushed by hoards of zombies intent on ripping their flesh off and munching on their bones. Even when I was not looking, I couldn't help but flinch at the sound that these terrible things make.

"Of course, Stanley. That is very persuasive." Kyle snorted. "The fact of the matter is, I don't understand why people are afraid of those things. There is absolutely no reason to fear zombies. For one, they don't even exist in reality. These "zombies" in this movie are actually human actors wearing some creepy make-ups and they would simply brush off and go to have dinners together when the director calls it a day. All they do is play with human emotions which yearn for the catharsis that comes with the sense of grief, sadness, or in this case, horror. Everything makes sense once you think of it this way."

"Thank you, smartass. That helped a lot." I said sarcastically, still refusing to let down my hand blocking the gruesome image of the screen from entering my eyes. Kyle let out a deep sigh, shaking his head. "C'mere." He extended his right arm to gently hang it around my neck. I flushed a little, feeling a bit embarrassed because I always considered myself the strong one in our relationship. But I soon found myself leaning to Kyle's side, resting my head on his shoulder. With his hand gently stroking my hair, we stayed in that same position throughout the rest of the movie. As the credit rolled, Kyle he leaned towards me to stare directly into my eyes, with a grin plastered over his face. "I see our little Stanny boy needs to grow up."

… Oh shit.

I was watching a cheap action movie to distract myself, and now what? I found myself indulging in the memories with Kyle again. I felt myself growing ten times more desperate to see him, and that made time flow ten times slower in that plane. Urghhhhh…


I hardly remembered how I arrived at the airport. The first thing I did after landing was calling Kyle, of course. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my cell phone before departure, and the battery was already dead for good before the plane landed. So I decided to use one of these credit card phone booths in the airport lounge. Finding the booth, I slashed my card and dialed the number to our home.

After it rang for a few times, I finally heard what I was longing to hear for a thousand years.

"Hello, Broflovski speaking."

"Guess who." I couldn't help the wide grin appearing on my face as I heard his heavenly voice. "Oh Stan? You in New York already?" I could hear his voice brighten discernibly. "Yeah. Just landed in the airport. My cell is kinda dead, so I'm calling from a phone booth here."

"Well, it's not the first time you forgot to charge the battery." Kyle stated matter-of-factly.

"So, you got all your luggage back?" "Yeah."

"You sure they are yours? Have you checked the name tags?" "Of course, I did."

"And how about the pick-up by the airporter service?" "Kyle, you forced me to sign up for that three days ago."

"Ok, and have you…" "Kyle," I interjected. "Could you stop acting like my mom? I go to work, not school anymore." I let out a small sigh. "I got everything covered. You don't have to worry about anything."

"…Okay, sorry." Kyle answered. There was a brief moment of silence between us until he decided to break it. "So, when are you going to be home?" "Wait a minute," I scroll through the confirmation page that the airporter company had me print out. "The pick-up is in 30 minutes, and it's roughly a two-hour ride, so given the traffic's not so bad," I look at the large clock hung on the wall of the lounge. It indicated 4:53 PM. "that should get me home by seven thirty. Hopefully, that is."

"Great. See you then." "Oh, wait, Kyle." I wanted to ask him something.

"What, why?" "You remember about tomorrow, right?" I knew the question was kinda pointless, as we already discussed about our anniversary through Skype a few days ago.

"Oh, Stan… You're not serious. How could I ever forget?" I smiled. "Sorry, Kyle. Just wanted to make sure. I gotta go. See you."

"See you, Stan." I heard the dial tone beeping from Kyle's side and then hung up. My mind was filled with joy as the anticipation of seeing Kyle escalated. Two and a half hours. The only hoped that the traffic wouldn't be too bad.


"May I have your name, please?" the bus driver asked, helping me with loading the luggage to a bus. "It's Stan. Reservation code C14661. Thank you." I loaded myself into the bus and sat on one of the window seats, staring outside as the bus started strolling across the street to carry each passenger to their destination.

During the whole ride, all I could think was still Kyle. I contemplated on how to spend those three precious days with him before his departure to Austin. I wanted to make him the happiest person in the universe during those three days. Well, not only because we had only three days, but also because I had something to make up for Kyle. You see, the day before I flew to London, we had this small argument between us. It was nothing serious, really, but it indeed ended up leaving Kyle disappointed.

"Jesus, Kyle. I thought we were through this thing." I said, pacing in front of the couch in the living room that he was sitting on. "You're supposed to be the smart one. You're fully aware that we can't afford a child. At least not right now. We are simply not prepared for an adoption."

"But why not, Stan?" Kyle seemed to be at the brink of bursting into tears. "I can assure you. I will do all the work. Feeding, bathing, playing, everything. I promise! It won't cause any problem to your work schedule…"

"Kyle," I let out a frustrated sigh, stopping my pace and glaring directly into his deep, emerald eyes. "You know that's not the problem here. I'm not the only one who's got works to do." I could see his eyes beginning to moisten, but I had to be strong. "What about your Ph. D.? What about your graduate research projects? What about your dissertations? You stay up the whole night after each exam grading hundreds of undergrad papers. You see, you are not in a better position to take care of a child than I am. You should be able to see that." Kyle dropped his head, wrapping the front of his face with his both hands, ankles resting on his knees.

"I don't know, Stan." He began to sob. "Maybe, maybe you're right. But it's, it's just that I always d, dreamed of being a good parent, you know? Happily wa, watching my children g, grow up in my care." He stuttered, as all people do when they try to speak and cry at the same time. Watching him in such a state was not a pleasant sight to me either, especially if I'm the one who caused it. But my position on this issue was unwavering.

"Kyle, look at me." I kneeled in from of the couch, leveling my eyes with his, still wrapped around by his hands. I gently placed my hands on his, prying them open to meet his bloodshot, moistened eyes still avoiding mine. I sighed again. "See, Kyle, I want to raise our own children just as much as you do." "You do?" he finally returned my gaze with a slight sign of hope. "Yes. Believe me. I do. It's just that we don't need to hurry. I promise; as soon as you get your Ph. D., I'd be more than happy to expand our family."

Kyle again dropped his gaze. "But it's going to take at least another several years to complete my graduate program." He slowly raised his hands and wrapped them around my neck. "I'm not sure if I can wait that much, Stan."

"I know. I know" I placed my hands on each side of his cheek, and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. "But you should. I promise I'll always be with you so that you're never lonely."

"Never make any promise that you cannot keep, Stan." Kyle still seemed distressed. "Especially if you're going to leave for London for three weeks tomorrow."

I felt sorry that the last conservation we had before I flied to London had to be like that. Throughout my stay in England, I couldn't erase that saddened look of him from my mind for a mere second.

I'm going to make those three days the happiest moments in your life.

During the two hour ride, I devised this plan of mine. First thing after I'm home, I'd treat him at Bennigan's in the next county. In the morning of our anniversary, maybe we can go to the local waterpark that enforces a strict "no-peeing-in-the-pool" rule, unlike PiPi's in Colorado. I heard that a Broadway musical, the Book of Mormon, was in our town until the last day of July, so we could go see that in the evening. On the last day, well, we should go to watch this new installment of Paranormal Activity—I don't remember if it was 6 or 7—which opened recently. Kyle seemed to have developed a maddening enthusiasm for that franchise, and I was ready to sit through it as long as Kyle would enjoy the experience. And most importantly, of course, I will make each night utterly unforgettable for Kyle. Yes. Definitely, definitely, unforgettable. I couldn't help but to smirk at the thought of it.

I'm gonna make you scream my name over and over, Kyle.


"Here's one fifty. Keep the change." "Thank you, sir. Have a good night."

After torturous hours of riding, I was finally there. The ride was slightly delayed because of the horrible traffic, and the driver told me that it was 5 minutes past eight. Though somewhat late than expected, I was finally in front of my home sweet home, 1708 Anderson Boulevard, a standard two-story house in the suburban area. The setting sun generated a beautiful, dramatic effect as I approached the front door, carrying two large travel bags. Through the window, I could see the light in the living room pouring outside.

What would he do when he sees me?

I briefly consider opening the door myself as I lowered down the bags and grabbed the key chain in my pocket. At the second thought, though, that would rob all the romanticism from out long-awaited reunion. With my mind full with anticipation, I took one heavy breath and pressed the doorbell.

Ding, Dong.

Then I heard the familiar voice from my beloved one. "Oh, who's there? Stan, is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me." I soon heard the door clicking open, and was greeted by a pair or bright emerald eyes. I couldn't even begin to describe how much I was longing to see those again. "Stan! I'm glad you're back!" With a big smile, he spread his arms widely in a welcoming gesture.

"Long time no see, Kyle." I stepped inside the house, and immediately gave him a passionate hug, squeezing his waist with my arms and resting my head on his right shoulder. I was sure that I was grinning like an idiot, but I couldn't care less. I've waited this moment for a long time. A long fucking time. I wanted it to last.

"Stan," It was Kyle that broke the silent moment of happy reunion. "I can't… breathe..."

"Oh, sorry, my dear." I quickly let go of him, watched him catch his breath, and then gave him a quick kiss on his forehead. "Did you miss me?"

"You bet I did." Kyle grinned, with his hypnotizing eyes staring directly in my eyes, making me a little bit dizzy. "You have no idea how lonely I was without you. Those three weeks felt like three millennia."

"Sorry I left you alone for so long." I said, not breaking the connected gaze. "But you're going to leave for Austin in three days. That makes us even."

"Yeah, even we are." He stared down, seeming a bit saddened as he realized that we're not going to be together like this for long. But no, he shouldn't be like this. I wanted to make him happy when he's with me. Without much thinking, I passionately pressed my lips against his. Kyle flinched a little at my sudden action for a split second, but soon gave himself in and returned my kiss. I coaxed his lips open, and let our hungry tongues mingle with each other. God, I wanted this to last forever. With our tongues fighting for dominance in our connected mouths, the satisfaction of having Kyle all to myself overwhelmed all senses. I already felt my pants tighten as my lower body pitched a tent against the fabric of my underwear.

Jesus, I can't wait until later. I need him right now.

Without breaking the kiss, I was thinking about going straight into bed with him. I barely realized that I had planned to have dinner with him at Bennigan's first, but fuck the plan. Dinner can wait. I have more pressing issues to deal with right now. I was sure Kyle was thinking about the same thing.

To my dismay, however, Kyle abruptly wrapped my cheeks with his hands and pushed my head away from him, breaking the kiss. What just happened? Surprised, it shot him an inquiring gaze. What made him break this perfect moment of reunion between us?

"Sorry, Stan. I've got works to do." He made an apologetic look, avoiding my gaze. "I have to prepare for that research project at Austin. I may have to work until late today, so you might want to go to bed first."

With that, Kyle quickly turned around to proceed to his room filled with a myriad of textbooks and a computer. Soon, all I could hear was the sound of almost furious tapping on the keyboard emanating from his room. Absolutely dumbfounded, I stayed in that exact position having trouble registering what just happened in front of me. Uh, what did he say again?

I've got works to do. I have to prepare for the research project.

But what did they mean? I mean, he couldn't be serious, could he? Tomorrow's our first anniversary, and he would be leaving for Austin in three days. We were supposed to have all these days only to ourselves. There was simply no time to waste minding some stupid work or research projects. What was he thinking?

He said he missed me. He said he had been so lonely for the past three weeks when I was not around. And moreover, he fucking knows that I wanted to spend some time with him. He could do whatever research that he wanted to do in Texas, right? But clearly, Kyle seemed to be ditching me for his precious little research project. Why? Why should he throw me away for work like he just did?

"Stan?" My contemplation was interrupted when Kyle called me from his room. I tried to regain my composure, and cleared my throat with fake coughs. "Yeah?"

I know it. He is going to take back what he said. He is going to say that he was wrong, and tell me he wanted to be with me instead of the stupid work of his. Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

"Don't forget to close the door."

Maybe not.

I rolled my eyes, turned around, and lifted two travel bags which were sitting outside the door the whole time. I moved them in, shut the door, and locked it as instructed by Kyle. It would be sheer redundancy to say that I began to feel disturbed at the insensitive behaviors of Kyle. He usually wasn't like this.

Come on Stan, don't get carried away by such a small matter. Talk to him. Tell him that I want him to spend time with me instead of the computer.

Suppressing my unpleasant emotions, I strode down the hallway to stand in front of Kyle's room. Through the open door, I could clearly see Kyle sitting on his chair, his back to my side, gazing intently on some 3-D models displaying on the monitor. I tried to notify my presence to him by clearing my throat.

…He didn't look back.

"…Kyle?" I tried my best to hide my emotions when calling him. "Yes, Stan?"

He still didn't break his focus on the monitor.

The hot-tempered self inside me demanded that I approach him and turn him around to face me. But no, I'm his husband, right? I'm supposed to be understanding. Well, maybe what he was doing now was really important that it required his immediate attention. All I needed was a good, old-fashioned talk. Nothing more.

"I…I need to talk to you for a second."

"Not now, Stanley. Sorry, but as you can see, I'm extremely busy."

Wow. Just wow. Has Kyle Broflovski even been this cold to me, or to anyone?

This was a completely different Kyle from the one I knew. The Kyle I remember loving was someone who was always understanding and considerate, as long as the stupidity of the situation did not become too much for his rational mind to handle. Sure, we had our fair share of rough times before, but he would never treat me like this. I was deeply hurt. All I wanted was a simple take, and he said no, without even bothering to look at me.

My mind was now generating random scenarios. A mere thought of it gives sheer despair and sadness, but, is it that… he doesn't love me as much I love him? Is it that he grew tired of me, as our marriage got past the initial honeymoon period? Is it that he no longer enjoys my company as much as that of his work? I mean, tomorrow's our first anniversary, for God's sake! All I could think about for the last several days was him, and how to make him happy as we celebrate our happy marriage for the first time. But apparently, all Kyle could think about was his shitty computer and that shitty research project. Did he even care about me?

No, Stan. Please. You're overreacting, and blowing it out of proportion. You're tired, you're emotionally distressed, and you're not capable of making rational decisions. Just let it pass, and you may talk to him later when he's done with his work. Okay?

I could barely suppress my temper trying to take over my reason. Feeling defeated, I slowly walked away from Kyle's room and moved myself to the kitchen. The table was empty. There was no sign whatsoever indicating that Kyle had been preparing something. The dishes and utensils were arranged in a neat manner over the sink that he always liked. The sink itself was clean and dry, meaning that Kyle himself didn't have anything for dinner. Or at least he didn't have anything that required washing dishes.

Then I remembered, for the second time since entering the house, that I had planned to take Kyle to Bennigan's for supper. Even the nerdiest workaholic like Kyle wouldn't be able to attend his computer all night long without having anything to eat. As it seems that he hadn't have dinner yet, maybe I can coax him into having a dinner at the restaurant. There, I could tell him about how his remarks and behaviors hurt my feelings. Badly. With this in mind, I once again approached Kyle's room to talk him out of his work.

Please, Kyle. Don't you dare reject this. I don't know what I'm going to do if you do.

Kyle, of course, was still facing me in the back. For the first time in a long time, I felt like throwing up due to sheer nervousness when confronting someone. I tried to swallow the sudden outbreak of saliva.

"Kyle? Did you have anything for dinner?" I prayed to God that he answered no.

"Oh, No, I forgot." Kyle answered, but still not breaking his gaze into the monitor.

"Really?" I felt somewhat relieved, with a genuine smile plastered over my face. "Well, I was thinking about going to Bennigan's for dinner. It's less than an hour drive. My treat."

"Oh, that so sweet of you." Although Kyle still refused to look back to me, I could see his smile partially reflected the monitor. It was working. It was about damn time he gave me some attention. But my hope to get everything back on track shattered at his next words.

"But sorry, Stan. Like I said, I really need to get this thing done." He continued, still not stopping his tapping on the keyboard. "I've been working on this all day long, and forgot to make your dinner. If you're hungry, there's some frozen pizza in the fridge. 90 seconds in the microwave, you know that, right?"

Ha, Ha.

Ha, fucking, ha.

Frozen pizza. Frozen friggin' pizza. He wants me to eat frozen slices of leftover pizza when I offered him to go to a fine family restaurant together, on the eve of our first anniversary.

Something snapped inside my head, and rage invaded every one of my brain cells.

"FINE!" I shouted, mustering all strength that was left in my body. If I was in the Himalayas, the force of my shout could have caused a serious avalanche.

Kyle literally jumped a few inches in the air, finally looking back to find out what just happened. My heart was pounding one hundred and fifty times a minute and I could feel blood raging under the skin of my face. "S, Stan?"

"I said FINE!" I continued shouting. "If you care more about your stupid work than me, well then go ahead!"

"Stan," Kyle made that apologetic look again. "I'm so sorry. I just needed to finish…"

"Do you have," I cut him off. "Do you have the slightest idea of how much I looked forward to this day, when I could meet you again? Do you have any idea of how much time I spent thinking about you when coming home? Do you know what I had in mind when I pressed the doorbell thirty minutes ago? I wanted to make you the happiest man on Earth, Kyle. I really did. I wanted to have a fantastic dinner with you. I wanted go to a musical, and spend time with you in that waterpark you said you wanted to go someday. And then," my visions blurred as tears began to well up in my eyes. "and then, I wanted to go to the cinema to watch this Paranormal thing together. I was ready to do anything that would make you happy. Did you know that?"

By the time I finished, his apologetic expression in his face had disappeared, replaced with a genuinely embarrassed look. "O, of course, Stan. I knew you cared about me." Then he stood up from his chair. "I always know you care about me, Stan. How could I not know?"

"Yeah, I can totally see that." I spat. "Tell me. Does this have anything to do with the argument we had about adoption last time?" Kyle seemed surprised that I brought out that topic. "No, I didn't think about that until you mentioned it just now."

"Then why do you treat me like this? Why do you act like I'm not even here?" I continued, still riddled with uncontrollable anger. "You know what? Screw this. I can't deal with this shit any longer. Sorry to interrupt you making out with your precious little computer. I'm gonna make myself scarce to leave you two alone." With that, I stomped my way out of his room and headed to the front door. I heard Kyle quickly following behind me, but didn't bother to look back.

"Stan, wait! You don't understand!" he sounded desperate.

"Oh, I think I understand very well, Mr. Broflovski." I tried to distance myself from him in an effort to demonstrate how frustrated I am. "I understand how hard it is to live with someone you don't care about." I reached the door by the time I finish the sentence, and undo the lock.

"But, Stanley," now he was almost crying, from the looks of it. "I love you. I love you more than anything in my life."

I let go of the doorknob, and turned around. "No." I came up with the coldest tone I could come up with, and glared daggers at Kyle. "You don't love me. Oh, but that's hardly a problem now." I debated briefly about whether to actually speak the next words, but I end up spitting them out. "Because I don't think I love you, either."

Oh, shit. What did I just say?

I immediately regret saying that. That statement couldn't be more false. If it were in a court of law, I would have been sentenced to death for the most blatant perjury in the history of mankind. Of course I was angry and frustrated, but that was because I loved him. Never in my lifetime have I questioned the sincerity of my feelings for Kyle. And that was not going to change in a million years. Why did have to say that?

And then I saw Kyle as I've never seen him before. Upon hearing my last words, his body completely stiffened. His eyes widened in disbelief, and his pupils lost focus. Technically, he was still looking at me, but in reality, he was not, as if he was zoning out. He looked exactly like a zombie that appeared in those horror films, except that he was not moving a muscle. The only thing showing that Kyle was still alive was the constant flow of tears on his cheeks, now forming small creeks leading from each eye to the collar of his shirt, soaking the fabric wet.

Now my mind was at crossroads. In this situation, I could do either of the following. First: let go of your little pride. Run to his side, and hug him. Say you're sorry and tell him that you didn't mean it. You said terrible words that could not be forgiven by one thousand deaths, but at least it would be a start.

Second: why falter? Who was the one that treated you like shit? Who was the one who ignored you and your feelings? He almost had you eat leftover pizzas on the eve of your first anniversary. Whatever the problem is, he is the one who caused it. So, he deserved whatever punishment you wanted to give him. Leave the house. Drive anywhere. I know you don't want to be here.

I briefly let my mind have a fierce debate on which option I should choose. Slowly, however, I came to the realization that the answer was already set. As much as Kyle was miserable, so was I. This wouldn't have happened unless he suddenly decided that he'd rather be with a computer and work than to spend time with me. There was really no going back.

I grabbed the doorknob again and turned it to open the door. It was already dark outside, as the sun set a long time ago.

"Don't wait for me."

Without looking back, I stepped into the darkness, and slammed the door shut behind me.


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