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"Kyle?" Bemused, the only thing I could do was stare blankly at the figure who forced me to crash land when I was complying with his unspoken but apparent request to leave him alone.

"…Kyle?" I ask him softly, not understanding his intent on doing this.

…But Kyle went silent again. I was left there completely dumbfounded, feeling that my knees were sore from the violent contact they just made with the floor. I stay that way for quite some time without speaking a single word or moving a single digit, feeling anxious about the eerie quietness that now surrounded us. All I could hear was the sound of out steady breathing. This was one of these awkward moments where you have to control when to blink and when to breathe in and out the air manually.

After twenty-some seconds that felt like twenty-some minutes, however, I decided that it would be pointless to wait for his answer that was apparently not coming. I wasn't sure about how much longer I can stand being with him like that without breaking tears. Like I said, I needed a place to cry in. Instead of pressing further on what he wanted, I sighed and tried to get up from the kneeling position again to make myself scarce. Except…

He wouldn't let go of my hands. Actually, I felt the force grabbing my hand grow tenfold as I tried to move away from him. Then came a muffled voice from behind the pillow.

"I have to tell you something." He said, his face still invisible from my side.

Yes. I thought. This is it.

This is the part he says he wants me out of his house. This is the part he says our relationship's over.

Bye, Stan. The imaginary Kyle inside my head told me. The joyful days of love are now all gone. I appreciate you coming back to say sorry, but you really shouldn't have bothered to. The fate of our marriage has been sealed the very instant you said you didn't love me. And I couldn't care less. You know why? He continued. Because I don't think I love you, either.

I don't think I love you either. The last sentence refused to get out of my mind. The exact thing that I said earlier to him. Karma's a bitch.

Ironically, I realized that my head became much clearer at the thought. I became like a prisoner sentenced to death who was waiting with a rope hung around his neck. Everything was so certain now. No hope of parole. No hope of an executive hold from the governor. No hope of living. Ther was no uncertainty to cloud my judgment. The person that I cared about the most was now going to say that he didn't want me around. I knew he was going to say that. It was a mathematical truth.

"Yes, Kyle," I said in a stuttering voice. "Shoot it. Whatever you say, I deserve it."

Any last will? The imaginary executioner asks before he pulls the lever beside him. In fact, I think I do have one.

"I'm so sorry, Kyle." With that, I dropped my gaze and closed my eyes. A tear dropped and got splatter on the floor. "You don't have to accept my apology. I just want you to know that I'm terribly sorry."

Now there was nothing I could do but to wait for what Kyle had in his mind. I raised my head so that I faced the executioner hiding behind the pillow.

When I opened the tear-stung eyes, however, I recognized the familiar pair of eyes staring at me. I blinked a few times before registering that Kyle finally emerged from behind the white fabric. And his lips started moving, uttering something I didn't expect coming at all.

"Like I said, no. I can't accept your apology because there is nothing you should be sorry for."Kyle said. "It's me who should be sorry."

Before I could respond, the pillow suddenly flung to the corner of the attic. Without giving me time to realize what was happening, let alone react to it, Kyle crashed to me with full force and knocked me over. Landing on my chest face-to-face, he then wrapped his arms tightly around my neck and buried his face in my chest.

"You didn't do anything wrong. It is I who messed up everything. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry." His sentence was interrupted by his constant sobbing. "I was so concerned about finishing the work that I didn't realize how you felt about me." I could feel my shirt getting wet with his tears. "I was afraid that I lost you. I was afraid that you left me forever. I'm just glad you came back. I don't know how I could have done if you didn't." He continued on without stopping. "Maybe I don't deserve you. I'm the worst. No wonder nobody ever likes me."


I was at a complete loss of what to say. This whole time, he has been blaming himself for all the things that happened even though there was absolutely nothing that he could have done better. This whole time, he has been afraid that I would leave him forever. While I was wasting my time emptying a few glasses of Whiskey bitching about life and relationships, he was thinking all about me while wetting the pillow. I guess I was wrong again. He wasn't mad at me. He wasn't fuming about my self-centeredness. And he was certainly not thinking of ending the relationship. Instead, he was just afraid of me leaving him.

How could I suspect a person like him?

"Oh, no, nonononono, Kyle." I wrapped my arms around his waist to pull him closer. "See? You're the most kind, most considerate, and most affectionate person I've ever known. You're the kind of guy that anybody would want. You're the kind of guy that I would always want. It's not your fault. The fault is all mine. So stop blaming yourself, Kyle, especially when you have the biggest douche in the universe right in front of you."

"Don't call yourself that, Stan." Kyle raised his head and looked up at me. Oh, those beautiful eyes. God only knows how much I loved them. "I'm not in love with a douche." With that, he unexpectedly kissed me. Without a single second of hesitation, I returned the kiss with full enthusiasm.

Maybe, I thought. Maybe everything is going back in place. Maybe the whole thing is finally over.

While I was feeling the warmth of his lips heating me whole body, though, Kyle suddenly broke the kiss. "So," Kyle's gaze met mine.

"So?" I inquired, clueless as to what he had to say.

"Do you accept my apology?" He looked sincere when asking the question.

What? Apology? Really?

"Kyle, there's no apology to accept in the first place, you've done nothing wrong. The whole thing is clearly my fault, so…"

"Yes or no?" Kyle cut me off insisting that I give him my answer the instant. As his husband, I was fully aware that he was capable of getting extremely stubborn when the issue at hand was something he cared about. I was equally aware that nobody could dare expect to win a debate with Kyle when he was in that kind of state. It seems that I have no other option than to give him what he wanted.

"The answer is a definite yes." I spoke softly. "I mean, how can I refuse a request from the world's most gorgeous person that I love?"

Upon hearing this, he noticeably brightened up in mood as if the heavy burden on his shoulders that was holding him down has finally been lifted.

"Stan, thank you. I really, really, do." He tried to kiss me again, but I stopped him by placing an index finger on his lips. Oh no, we still got business to settle.

"Nah-ah. Not yet. Didn't you forget anything important?" I formed an expectant look.

"What?" Now it was Kyle's turn to be puzzled. He may not remember it, but it hurt me enormously when he first said 'no' when I told him that I was sorry, even though that wasn't exactly what he meant when he said it.

"What about my apologies? You didn't accept mine." I wore an overly sad face and pouted. "Actually, you explicitly said no. You might not have noticed, but that really hurt me. I mean it."

"Oh, Stan," Kyle sighed. "That was not what I meant when I said no. I meant that you didn't have to apologize."

"I know you didn't mean it, Kyle. But please? I can't possibly live up with the guilt if you don't accept mine. Just make us even, will you?" I implored.

Kyle seemed to search for the most appropriate answer for my request. After remaining silent with his mouth slightly open for a few seconds, he formed a wide smile all over his face and answered.

"Yes, I accept your apology. Now we're even. You happy now?" I didn't stop him this time when he tried to kiss me once again after answering. While our lips remained connected, however, I couldn't help but get the sense of guilt that I was cheating on him. Really, Stan? Do you really think simply saying sorry would solve every problem and make you and Kyle even? You know how much pain you caused to Kyle and you now want to get away with it with a simple I'm sorry?' I knew that I still had a huge debt to pay and I would never be free of the sense of guilt until I do something to deal with the outstanding account.

Maybe, I thought. Maybe it's time.

As soon as we part our lips to catch our breaths, I decided to go for the plan.

"Hey, Kyle, you know what?" I could only imagine what his reaction would be like.

"What?" Kyle answered panting, still yet to recover the oxygen level in his lung.

"I think it's time."

"Time for what?"

"It's time we had children, of course."

Kyle's eyes went wild in surprise. "What?" he shrieked. "you're not serious, are you?"

"'Course I'm serious, dude." I smirked. His response was exactly what I had anticipated. "Do I look like a guy who'd joke on that kind of subject?"

"But," He became suddenly hesitant, not understanding what caused the change in my stance about the adoption issue. "I thought you said…"

"What? We're too busy minding our own businesses?" I interjected, fully aware of what was bugging Kyle's mind. "Well, you know what? I went to Kenny's today and it seems that they have this Nick kid as their family." I continued. "And believe me, Kyle. If Kenny and Butters can raise a child, there's no one on this planet who can't."

"Oh, God, Stan," Kyle then unexpectedly started bombarding my whole face with kisses.

"S, stop, Kyle," I giggled as his kisses tickled my senses. While it was certainly a pleasure to see an exhilarated Kyle, it occurred to me that it was me who was denying all this pleasure for the whole time. Like I said, I wanted to have children as much as he did. It was just that I was not confident enough that I would make a decent father. You know, I loved my dad Randy and everything, but he wasn't exactly a model dad, was he? He always got in trouble and all of his efforts somehow ended up plunging him and his family deeper and deeper into predicament. I made a personal oath somewhere in my high school years that I would never be a father like him when I get to make my own family.

That was the reason why I was scared when Kyle first brought up the issue of adopting a child. Was I ready for it? Was there a guarantee that I would not end up being just like my dad? These were the questions that dominated the inside of my head whenever I thought of having a child. Maybe that "busy" argument was nothing more than a terrible excuse that I made up. I mean, was there any parent who was not busy doing their work? We see double income families the whole time these days, don't we? Commitment, not the amount of work, was what really counted.

"Kyle, it's really not that big of a deal." I manage to utter the sentence while Kyle was still eagerly kissing every corner of my face. "I really should have known that you wanted to have one this much."

"Seriously?" He abruptly stopped the bombardment and met my glaze. "You just gave me the biggest present in my whole life, and you're saying you're sorry? Come on."

I smiled at his choice of word. "the biggest present?"

"the biggest present."

Now it was my turn to return fire. I placed my lips on each and every place I could find on the face of Kyle, who was lying on my top the whole time as the conversation went on. As the thick air of guilt that had been engulfing me was gone, I found my body getting…hot.

Oh, jeez. It's not the best time to have a hard-on. Not now. Please stay still.

The lower half of my body, however, disobeyed the order I've just given and made the pants feel tighter second after second. I tried my best to keep my groin from contacting Kyle's body. We were talking about some serious shit and I didn't want to seem like a sex-deprived perv whose only goal was to lie on top of anybody whenever there was a chance.

Reading from my face that something was not right, Kyle shot me an inquiring gaze. "Why, Stan? Is there something bugging you?"

…I wondered how Kyle sometimes became Sherlock Holmes and virtually read people's minds like that. Especially regarding mine.

"Uh, No-nothing. No." I internally cursed myself for stammering like that. It was just plainly pathetic: it ended up making me sound a whole lot more suspicious.

"Dude, I was always wondering who the worst liar in this universe was." Hmm, is it just me, or does Kyle's remark sound somewhat familiar. "The answer is definitely Butters, but," He pulled himself dangerously closer to me, with his nose almost touching mine. "You're certainly a close runner-up. By the slightest margin."

Now Kyle thinks that I'm the worst liar second only to Butters, too. I mean, I knew I may not be the best one, but was I that obvious?

"That's funny." I grinned. "Kenny said the exact same thing to me."

"So tell me what. What's bugging you?"

I debated as to whether to tell him the fact that I was developing a raging erection down there. But seeing the way Kyle played the interrogation game, I guess there was no way out for me. The problem, however, was how to break the news to him. What would be the best thing to tell him?

Kyle, I wanna fuck you.

No, certainly not. That'd be too crude, too blunt. Even for my standard. Now, what if I went all formal and academic just the way Kyle likes it?

Kyle, may I suggest engaging in a sexual intercourse?

No, that's terrible. I should go for a very clever metaphor, instead.

Kyle, wanna taste a sausage of mine?

Fuck, that was the dumbest idea I've ever come up with so far in my entire life.

"Stan, are you alright?" Kyle said in a concerned voice. "You suddenly got all pale and sweaty."

Urgh, forget it. Time for improvisation.

"Well, um, don't laugh."

"Trust me, I won't."

"You… uh… you wanna do it?"

Ah, Fuck. Fuck you, Stanley Marsh. That was the exact line that earned me a slap in the face from Wendy in junior high when I was still going out with her ("Is that your concept of being romantic, perv?"). You wanna do it? Seriously? I'm very disappointed in you, Mr. Marsh. Was that the best you can come up with?

While I my brain was ranting about how terrible I was at improvising words, Kyle cocked his head to the left, and to my relief, didn't slap me in the face. Instead, he developed a wide grin all over his face as if he understood exactly what was going on.

"Uh, I guess. I mean, sure. Why not?"

Uh, what? Did he just say yes, then? Well, I must say that turned out relatively well, but I wasn't still sure if I could actually do it. Maybe he was saying yes just because he hated saying no to my face.

"But dude, tell me if you don't want to. I completely understand that you might not be in the right mood after all this, and I don't want to touch you if that makes you uncomfortable in any way. Like," I paused for a bit, thinking about the appropriateness of the next word. "Sex can always wait, dude."

Yeah. Sex can always wait. It's just that the wait tends to be long and painful. I, however, was ready to play along Kyle's mood tonight. What he says would be my law.

"Stan, now," He said in a serious lecture-tone of his. "Does it look like I would refuse such a treat? Believe me, the last thing that will make me uncomfortable is to get more intimate with you."

Wow, this was becoming harder and harder to resist. But then again, why was I resisting?

"But, um, don't you want to move to the bedroom or something?" This place's a filth, and I know you care about hygiene and stuff."

What I said was all true. The attic was certainly nothing but an old place covered in dust and filled with some unused furniture including the old mattress lying right beside us. And Kyle was the type of person who could not stand anything dirty or disorganized.

"Stan, maybe you didn't get the message the first time." To my surprise, he didn't back up. "So I'm going to be very explicit." He then moved his head right beside my right ear and whispered, each and every word in staccato: "I. Want. You. To. Fuck. Me."

And he attached the magic words at the end of his sentence: "Right. Fucking. Now."

Now that's what I call a serious turn-on.

I muster every force in my body to straighten up and pushed Kyle backward. Caught off-guard, Kyle managed to yelp in surprise before landing on the side of the old mattress. Pushing Kyle so that he was now lying properly on the center of the mattress, I positioned myself hovering right above him.

"You called for it." With that, I plunged forward to start sucking at his neck.

"Mmh," A soft moan escaped Kyle as I intensified my eagerness in my mission to make his neck all covered in purple marks. I was now trapped in a vicious cycle where every lick and every suck made my lust more and more insatiable. Or should I call it a virtuous cycle?

Running out of spaces to suck on, I began to undo the buttons on his shirt one by one to reveal his cream-white chest. Shit, it sure is difficult to undo buttons when you got a raging hard-on, and there were at least a dozen of them. One down, now on two, then three…

"Fuck this."

When I was working on the fourth one, I decided that I couldn't put up with this shit forever and tore the shirt wide open. The buttons made noises when they were detached from the fabric and flew across the place, landing on the floor everywhere. It would take a hell lot of time to get them all back later, the misfortune of these buttons had absolutely no place inside my lust-filled mind bent only on sex with Kyle.

"Aww, I liked that shirt. You'll pay for that." Kyle said as he tugged on my shirt and pulled it upward as I wiggled to get rid of my own clothing.


Before finally working on the remaining half of our clothes, my gaze stopped at the sight of his little, pink nipples exposed helplessly in a stark contrast with his otherwise perfectly white torso, save for some freckles. Now, I wouldn't be doing them justice if I didn't catch this perfect opportunity to please them, would I? Determined, I took each one of them and nibbled.

"Ah, Stan, fuck," Kyle let out a satisfied groan, wrapping his legs across my waist and tugged on my hair. It kinda hurt when he grabbed my hair with too much strength, but I wouldn't mind losing a few strings if it gave Kyle something to depend on. Moreover, I liked it when Kyle played with my hair. It was fucking hot, after all.

While not detaching my mouth from those lovely nipples, I reached for the waistline of his pants to undo the button and tugged it down along with his boxers altogether. To my pleasure, Kyle was apparently enjoying the act just as much as I did because removing the underpants revealed his own fully-developed erection which was smearing precome on my belly as it rubbed against it.

"I can see how eager you are." I teased. "And I'm yet to peel all the clothes. The real thingy didn't even start yet."

Kyle's face noticeably reddened, but he took my teasing rather well and responded. "Does that mean you're not as eager as I am?"

"You're kidding?" I quickly defended myself. "I've been waiting for this for three fucking weeks. If you don't believe me, check for yourself."

"I think I might just do that." With that, Kyle moved down his hands that were previously playing with my hair to unbuckle the belt holding my pants in place. "Help me out here."

I had absolutely no reason to disobey his command. I gladly guided his hands in undoing the belt and pulled and tossed it away as soon as it became loosened. Then I proceeded to haphazardly get rid of the remainder of my clothing. The two of us were now stark naked under the moonlight pouring through the window, with myself lying on top of him. No longer hampered by any fabric standing between us, I rubbed my erection against Kyle's, immersing myself in the intense pleasure it gave me.

"Yours, ah, is hot." Kyle found it to his likings, too.

"You mean it's high in temperature," I asked equally mesmerized in the sensation. "or you mean it's sexually arousing?"

"Both." Kyle wrapped his arms around my neck once again to raise his upper body and demanded. "And I want it inside me. Now."

"Yeah, but," Believe me, I had absolutely nothing against granting his request. However, there was one little problem that made me hesitate. "Do you happen to have any lube in the attic?"

"Uh, no, probably not." Kyle said in apparent disappointment. "Even if there is one, it would be next to impossible to find it in this mess." He let go of my hair and unfastened his legs from my waist, lying on bed. "Do you think we should go downstairs, then?"

I thought for once that might be the only available option here, but getting up in the middle of this act just because we didn't have any lube did not sound appealing to me for obvious reasons. First, it would be extremely awkward to abandon the process and start it all over again in the bedroom. We were all naked, after all. Second, I didn't want to fucking stop here. I got a raging hard-on, and it needed to be dealt with immediately.

Time for another improvisation, then.

"You know what?" I grinned. "I have a better idea."

Finishing the sentence, I plunged downward to grab the root of Kyle's manhood and started licking on top of it. Kyle's was not as big as mine for sure, but that was one of the qualities that I liked about it. So cute and dainty and all.

"Ahh, fuck, Stan, you, oh, God." Kyle was trying to say something, but it seemed his brain was not functioning properly to generate any logical sentence. As a result, he was pouring out random mixtures of curses, the names of the Hebrew Saints, and of course, my name.

After I decided that I teased him enough, I took his entire erection into my mouth. I was usually on the receiving side of a blowjob ever since we starting going out, but I absolutely didn't mind giving him one. Every time my tongue touched one of the sensitive spots on his cock, Kyle jerked backwards and a loud moan escaped his mouth. Something told me that he was not very far from reaching climax.

"Stan, ah, Stan," Kyle whimpered helplessly while grabbing my hair. "I'm real close. I'm gonna, ah, I'm gonna,"

Before he could finish what he was saying, Kyle came in my mouth. I took it all with my mouth, allowing no one single drop of the precious liquid to go to waste. Instead of swallowing as Kyle did most of the time when he blew me, however, I spat it on my right hand and covered my fingers in the white, sticky substance.

"Stan," Kyle cocked one of his brows. "What are you doing?"

"Why do you need lubes," I answered. "when the human body is capable of generating an equally effective agent?"

"Oh, Stan, it's," Kyle flushed hard. "it's too embarrassing."

"No need to be embarrassed, Kyle." I said in an assuring voice. "It came from your body, and it is only going back in. You ready?"

Instead of saying anything, Kyle slowly nodded. Taking that as a yes, I inserted one of the sticky fingers inside him. Shit, it was the first time in three weeks that I did that, and it felt just incredible.

"You're tight." I grinned. "In fact, you're tighter than I ever remember you be. What's the matter?"

"Well, what did you expect?" Kyle retorted. "I had no one to loosen me up for the past three weeks. It has been all empty, waiting day to day for you to fill it up."

"Shit, Kyle. That was the sexist thing you've ever said so far."

I whirled my finger around inside Kyle for the last time before I withdrew it and replaced it with a pair of fingers instead. As I started scissoring, Kyle's moan became louder and more frequent. I must have accidentally rubbed the magic spot when I was going deeper, because Kyle's body almost jumped at the contact and he threw every cursing word at me at the same time.

"Ah, fuck, shit, For Abraham's sake, fuck."

"You like it?" I asked jockingly. "Want me to do it again?"

Kyle suddenly pulled me with full force and matched my lips with his. As we engaged in the kiss, I still did not stop moving my fingers around, rubbing the spot a couple of times afterwards. Each time I did that, I could feel the vibrating sound of his moan through our connected mouths.

It was Kyle who pulled out of the kiss first, gasping for air. The kiss left me breathless as well, and we continued panting in that posture for a minute. I couldn't hold it anymore. I wanted to be inside him this instant.

"Kye, you ready?" I liked to call him that way, especially when we were getting intimate at night. "If you wanna be loosened up more, just tell me so."

"Just, fucking, do it already." Kyle demanded.

I scoffed. "With pleasure."

I now used the remainder of Kyle's cum on my hand to fully lubricate my cock. In doing so, I took extra care not to touch my sensitive spot there. If I did, I would end up cumming even before I entered Kyle.

With my raging erection covered in a satisfying amount of the white substance, I slowly began to push it inside Kyle.

"Tell me to stop when it hurts." That was a rather procedural remark. As soon as I started doing it, I was never able to stop it no matter how much I tried—or I didn't actually try.

Kyle just nodded in silence and remained quiet until I made it halfway through the tight ring. Then he became much louder when the other half of me made its way inside him.

"Ahh, fuck, Kyle."

The pulsating sensation of my dick fully surrounded by the inside of Kyle was more than enough to overwhelm me. After savoring the feeling for a few seconds, I started gently moving back and forth, generating the friction that both of us desperately needed. Kyle grasped each side of my shoulder as he panted and moaned. I could feel his nails digging into the skin of my back, but I could hardly care about it now.

"Fuck, Stan, harder. Go harder. Fuck me."

Being compliant, I enthusiastically thrust in harder and deeper, making sure that I touched the spot every once in a while. Every rub against his prostate was discernible by the way he gasped and shuddered in utmost joy. Feeling that I was already close to the climax, I increased the pace of my thrust furthermore as I began rubbing his shaft up and down to help him out.

"Kye, say my name, Kye."

"Stan, I love you. I fucking love you, Stan."

Watching helpless Kyle calling my name was just enough to send me over the edge. During the last few thrusts before I released inside Kyle, I connected our lips once again as I sent out a loud moan into his mouth. Kyle reached his climax at the same time, covering his chest in the sticky mess.

Letting out one final groan, I collapsed on top of his chest. The two of us remained there hyperventilating as the blissful sensation of afterglow encompassed us.

As our breaths began to resume their normal pace, I placed another gentle kiss on his forehead. "Did you like it?"

Kyle smiled, looking at me with his beautiful emerald eyes that never failed to hypnotize me. "You bet. It was just amazing."

"Good to hear that." I returned the smile. "I made a promise with myself that I'd make every night before you leave for Texas unforgettable."

"Every night?" Kyle asked.

"Every night." I gave a strong emphasis on that adjective.

Kyle chuckled. "Just make sure you don't completely pulverize my pelvis. I would need it when I go to the airport on Monday morning."

"Oh," I smirked. "If I do smash your pelvis into dust, can you call in sick and stay here longer?"

"Stan!" Kyle gave me a forceful yet playful push. "You're gonna need it as well if you plan on getting me to Bennigan's tomorrow."

Ah, yeah. I completely forgot. Now that he brought up the subject of tomorrow's plans, Bennigan's was not the only thing that was on the list.

"And the waterpark, too." I added.

Kyle frowned a little. "Uh, not the waterpark."

"Why not?" I inquired. "They have a no-peeing-in-the-pool rule. Rumor has it that they even have a pee detector in operation. An alarm sounds off whenever the level of ammonia increases and identifies the source of the its release."

"That sounds awesome, Stan. But it's not exactly about peeing." Kyle then pointed to his neck. "Don't say for forgot about these."

"Oh," Then I realized what the real problem was. "I see."

His neck was covered in a dozen of hickeys that I just gave him. A regular t-shirt would not be enough to fully conceal them, and wearing a turtleneck would look ridiculous in a waterpark.

"Sorry, dude. I didn't really think about the waterpark while I was giving them to you." I apologized.

Hmm, now there was a problem with my grand scheme. Where should I go with Kyle tomorrow, then?

"No, Stan. I'm fine. Actually, I wanted to visit another place with you tomorrow."

Oh, Kyle has another place in mind?

"What place?" I asked.

"Um, you said we can have a child, didn't you?"

Oh, yes. I did. He called it the biggest present.

"Yes, I did."

"In fact, there is a baby at the Guardian Angel shelter that I always wanted to adopt."


Well, that certainly wasn't expected. He has been talking about adoption ever since we came here to New York, but did he already have a candidate in mind? He's not suggesting that we go adopt a child, like tomorrow, is he? Although I stood with Kyle that it was time we expanded our family, doing it tomorrow would going too fast. There's Kyle's research project, the planned trip to Japan, and most importantly, I didn't even see this kid myself.

"Uh, Kyle?" I try my best not to offend him. "You're not saying that we go adopt this kid tomorrow, right?"

"Of course not." Kyle stated matter-of-factly. "I just wanted you to meet him in person. Adoption needs a lot of paperwork as well as a process to determine if we are fit to take care of the child. You've got to see him, though. He's so adorable, you know? He looks exactly the same with you."

"Exactly the same with me?"

"Uh, you in your childhood, to be more exact. He's only six months old, but he's got the exact black hair and blue eyes that you have."

"Well, that certainly sounds interesting." I was really getting curious. "I want to meet him in person. I don't exactly remember how I looked when I was six months old, though." Then something hit me as odd. "But wait, isn't a six-year-old baby a bit too young to be raised in a Children's shelter?"

"Yeah, it's too young." Kyle looked saddened as he explained. "That poor thing was found abandoned in front of the entrance to the shelter. Though the institute has all the necessary equipments for taking care of such a young baby, they say they'd really prefer if somebody else took him home and looked after him. What he needs is not the state-of-the-art machinery but parental love and human interactions. Butters invited me to the institute to introduce the baby to me, and," Kyle paused for a bit, "uh, they actually allowed me to give him his name."

"His name?" I inquired. "So, you got to give this baby his name?"

"Yeah…" Kyle fidgeted with his hands. "He didn't really have a name because he was an abandoned child and stuff. When Mrs. Helen offered me a chance, I just couldn't resist it."

"So," Wow, this was getting deeper and deeper than I thought. "What is his name?"

"Um, William…" Kyle said nervously.

"William…" I repeated. "That a good name."

"William Marsh." Kyle cautiously added.

"What?" I raised my voice in surprise. "You gave him my last name?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Stan." Kyle was being restless with his fingers. "I just, I just couldn't resist it. It's just temporary, so anyone who adopts him gets to decide his permanent name. Please don't say you're mad!"

"Mad?" I scoffed. "Why would I be mad?"

"Um, because I gave him your last name without asking you first?"

"Oh, come on, Kyle. I may be a jerk, but not that big of a jerk." I smiled. "There's one thing that bugs me, though."

"What? What bugs you?" Kyle seemed genuinely puzzled.

"Why not Broflovski?"

"Huh?" He didn't understand my question, so I decided to clarify.

"Why William Marsh, and not William Broflovski? I mean, you don't have to feel compelled to use my last name. You can always use yours."

"Uh, yeah, but…" Kyle's look soon changed into a playful one. "What if a certain fat boy from the class rips on him every day and night for having a Jewish name?"

I giggled at his analogy to Cartman. Man, I haven't seen him in years. Not that I hated it, though.

"Then he can tell the fatass to shut up and go fuck himself." I jokingly answered.

We laughed in unison. The verbal feud between the duos was a constant feature of our schooldays.

"I would rather not risk it, though." Kyle mounted a brief kiss on my lips. "By the way, I decided to go by your name when we get to adopt this child."

"Really?" That was certainly good news to me. I'm not trying to be selfish or anything, but Kyle having my last name was part of my lifetime dream.

"Kyle Marsh. Kyle Marsh. It sounds great." I said the name repeatedly. To me, it sounded absolutely gorgeous. I first asked him about what he'd do about his last name three days before our wedding, and he said he was going to keep his a little while because his parents, especially Sheila, didn't like the idea of him abandoning his Jewish heritage. While I didn't make it obvious, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. I once offered to change my name to Broflovski, but was met with an out-of-hand dismissal by Kyle ("No way, Stan. I'm not going to let you suffer from this stupid name. Do you really want to have a name that no one can spell correctly?")

"But," Then I remembered about Sheila. "aren't your parents going to be pissed? I mean, you mom really cares about you carrying on your heritage."

"They would hardly care now." Kyle scoffed. "And even if they did, they have no authority to dictate which name I can have and which not. I'm not theirs anymore." Then he cupped his hand on each side of my cheek and kissed me, saying: "I'm yours now, Stanley."

Fuck, that was hot. That was absolutely sexy.

"Shit," I cursed. "That would definitely make me hard again."

"Then pull it out before it gets hard." Kyle chuckled. "Now that you mentioned it, why haven't you pulled it out already? It's been like, ten minutes since you came."

"And why do you suggest I should pull it out?" I asked.

"Duh? I dunno. Because we're done with doing it?" Kyle said mockingly.

"And," I said with an evil grin plastered all over my face. "Who says we're done with doing it?"

"Huh?" Kyle was stunned. "You don't mean…"

"Of course I mean it. Time for Round Two, Kye."

I quickly pulled Kyle upwards and lay on the same spot that he previously was occupying. Then I turned him around and pulled him on my side so that he was sitting on my stomach in a "riding" position. We haven't tried this one for a very long time, so this would surely refresh our memory.

"S, Stan, you really sure you want to do this?" Kyle flushed hard. Well, maybe he flushed too hard because his entire body was now glowing in red.

"Why, Kyle?" I decided to tease him a little. "If I remember correctly, you liked it much better than me."

Then the impossible happened: Kyle grew redder than he originally was. I thought for once that I actually saw steam coming out of his ears.

Oh my God, I thought. He looks so incredibly cute when he's all shy.

I couldn't take it anymore. Feeling another round of lust engulfing me, I grabbed his waistline and gave him a little lift. His cute, little ass was hovering right over my cock.

"Whenever you're ready, Kye."

Kyle read the eagerness in my eyes, and began to descend. It didn't take too long before I felt the familiar sensation of Kyle's inside squeezing on me.

"Shit," I murmured. "it still feels so good when doing it a second time."

Now my cock was fully inside Kyle. Before I began moving my ass, I grabbed Kyle's cock to see that it was growing firm like just before.

"You're hard, too." I said.

"Mmm," Kyle responded with a pleasured moan.

That gave me the green light. Placing my hands on each side of his waist, I slowly begin thrusting upwards. The movement caused the cum that I had spilled inside him ten minutes earlier drip downward and work as a natural lubricant. To my pleasure, Kyle began to match my thrust by moving his bottom accordingly. Soon the attic was full of the slapping sounds that our bodies made.

"Uh, fuck, you like it, Kye?" I managed to ask Kyle in the middle of the business.

"Uh, yes, shit, yes, I like it." He stammered.

Smiling, I grabbed one of his hands and guided it to his cock. Soon after, the two hands joined in a mission of jerking him off.

Well this feels good than I remember. I thought. We should definitely do this more often.

It was Kyle that came first, unloading most of his loads on my chest. Some of it though managed to reach my face. I snapped my eyes shut instinctively to prevent it from entering my eyes.

"Fuck, Stan, I'm sorry." Kyle became busy with his hands to wipe off his cum from my face.

"It's okay, Kye. Actually, I find it fucking hot beyond belief."

With a few more thrusts like that, I came inside Kyle for a second time that night. When I finished spilling, Kyle fell on top of me fully exhausted.

"Let me be like this for a second." Kyle said, panting hard.

"Be my guest." I was thoroughly exhausted as well.

The silent pause right after the second round was significantly longer than after the first one. Even after we caught up with our breaths, no one dared to speak another word for a good ten minutes. With our chests touching each other, I could feel Kyle's heart beating over his ribcage. It was just blissful to be able to be with Kyle like that. No one ever gets to see him and touch him like I do right now. Feeling his heartbeat, I thought I was the happiest person in the universe.

"Hey, Stan." Kyle finally broke the long silence.

I acknowledged him by humming a little umm-hmm?

"You said you went to Kenny's after you left the house," Kyle developed a somewhat worried look when asking. "What did he tell you?"

Oh, that thing.

"Um, well, practically everything I needed to know, I guess."

"Define everything." He laced his fingers on mine.

"Okay, where do I begin?" I tried to remember the contents of my conversation with Kenny earlier that day. "Well, first of all, he told me that you're supposed to be in Texas right now."

"Yeah, that thing…" he trailed off.

"Seriously, though," I asked. "Why didn't you tell me? I mean, that thing is supposed to be super important. You didn't have to stay behind just to please me."

"First of all, Stan," Kyle stated firmly. "Nothing is more important than you. And I mean nothing. I can forgo everything in my life just to see you one more time."

Aww, that's so sweet… without saying a word, I proceeded to kiss him one more time.

"I mean it. Really." He continued on. "And secondly, would you have let me do it if you knew about it?"

"Well," That actually made sense. "Maybe, maybe not."

Would I have allowed him to do the project had I known what it involved? The answer was probably no. Not after I knew that he would have to work till he collapsed.

"But you have to promise me," I demanded. "Don't keep me in the dark about such an important matter from now on. I'm not going around shouting respect my authoritah or anything, but I really think I'm entitled to know the things that affect you the most."

"I promise, Stan." Kyle answered sincerely. "And what else did Kenny tell you?"

"Um, yeah," then I remembered Kenny telling about Kyle's plan for a trip to Japan. "he mentioned something about this, uh, you planning to take us to Japan?"

"…He told you that?" Kyle didn't try to conceal his disappointment. "That took away the element of surprise."

"No, no, I must say I'm impressed." I wasn't lying when I said that. "I mean, how did you make that all money?"

"Well, mostly by being thrifty. And then there is some additional income from being a TA and teaching summer session classes."

"Just by that?" Ha, Kyle shared a lot of similarities with my mom. "I admire you, dude. I was never good at managing money. I somehow end up spending it for some pointless causes."

"Well, old habits surely die hard." Kyle commented nonchalantly. "Did Kenny tell you anything else?"

"Not really. Except the pizza thing and you fainting." I added. "Are you sure you're okay, though? Don't you have to go to see a doctor?"

"I'm sure I'm okay, Stan. It just happens when I skip meals too much."

"When did you have your last meal?"

"Uh…" Kyle contemplated. "Last afternoon, I had some breads and orange juice for lunch."

"That's all? You didn't have any dinner, then?" I asked. "Here's the thing. I'm gonna take you to Bennigan's the first thing tomorrow morning after calling Kenny to get my car here."

Kyle simply nodded, and then there was another period of silence. I yawned, feeling that it was about time we went to sleep.

"Okay, Kye, you can come down here now."

"Come down to where?"

"To my side, of course." I raised the brows. "or what, you gonna sleep on top of me, then?"

"What makes you think I'm gonna go to sleep now?" Kyle giggled.


He doesn't mean…it…does he?

"Uh, you don't mean…"

"You got all the pleasure of fucking me up until Round Two," Kyle cut me out. "Don't you think it's a bit too selfish to call it a day before I get a taste of you, at least?"

"What?" I was genuinely surprised. "Weren't you exhausted until like, just now?" Kyle had this ability to startle other people sometimes. And judging from the nuance of it, Kyle apparently wanted to top. "And by the way, you haven't topped since the day we were married. You sure about this?"

"Oh, what is it, Stanny?" Kyle's came close to me and whispered to my ear. "Do you think I'm gonna eat you alive like one of those scary zombies? You scared? Huh?"

…I didn't know whether to like it or hate it when Kyle teased me like that. I guess I like it this time, though, because my cock mysteriously grew hard again.

Oh well, I always welcome adventures.

"Bring it on, Kye." I taunted him. "Impress me."

"I promise I will." Kyle mounted a kiss on my forehead. "Just give me thirty seconds to recover. That's all."


By the time we were finished, we were lying side to side on the damp mattress that reeked of nothing but hot sex. I could see the full moon and the bright stars shining through the window in the ceiling. To be honest, I've never thought the attic would be such a romantic place before. I somehow got the feeling that we'd come up here very often from now on.

Kyle lay just beside me using my arm as a pillow. I once thought that he was asleep by the way he breathed steadily, but I could see the glimpse of his emerald eyes still open and blinking.

"You thinking of anything?" I decided to ask.

"Not really." Came a lazy voice. "I guess I'm just enjoying the mood."

Enjoying the mood, huh? Well, I think that's the exact thing I'm doing here as well.

"Same here."

Then there was another long pause. Not one of these awkward moments, though. We didn't speak anything not because we didn't know what we had to say, but because we knew we didn't have to say anything. We were, so to say, connected in a non-verbal way. I could feel what Kyle thought without any kind of verbal communication. I knew it from the way he breathed, the way his heart beat, and the way he stared at the stars outside the window.

"Mind if I asked you a question, Stan?"

"Not at all. Shoot it."

"You're…" he hesitated. "you're not gonna leave me, right?"

I stared at Kyle as if I just saw a dead man walking. "Seriously, Kye? How could I ever leave you?" was he still holding grudges about today's incident? "It's just out of the question. I'm sorry if the whole thing today gave you the wrong impression, but I'm never leaving you. I just can't. you know that, right?"

"Yeah…" Kyle trailed off. "I know. Just checking."

Kyle then shimmied to my side and curled up, closing down the distance between our faces to a couple of inches. "I'm all sleepy."

I, too, moved to Kyle's side a little to the extent that I could feel his breathing directly. "Are you sure you wanna stay up here all night, though? We can go down to the bedroom if you want."

"I'd love to, but," He smiled shyly. "My ass is so sore that I can't even walk right now."

I chuckled. Even though I didn't end up breaking his pelvis like I joked, I was sure that I was close to accomplishing that goal. The fact of the matter is, Kyle didn't fall short of breaking mine, either.

"True that. Mine is sore, too. Guess we're destined to sleep up here covered in dust, then."

Not that I minded. It was certainly a unique experience to be up in the cozy attic with Kyle all night. In dead silence, I began to sort out the schedule tomorrow. Cancel that, the schedule today. Although there was no way to determine what time it was, I was pretty sure that it was past midnight. Kyle and I have been engaged in that crazy spree for at least a couple of hours. Or at least I felt that way.

Anyway, the first thing to do in the morning would be to call Kenny who will be driving my car here. Then there's the lunch at Bennigan's, and I guess I'll be going to the children's shelter to see this William kid. After that, umm, what did I have in mind?

Oh, yeah. The horror movie. Kyle would definitely like the new installment of the Paranormal Activity series for sure.

"Hey, Kyle. You wanna go see that Paranormal Activity tomorrow?"

… but I didn't hear any answer.

I lowered my head to peek at the face of the redhead. His eyes were closed. He was sound asleep.

I thought for a second about how cute he looked in such a defenseless state, but my exhausted brain was not capable of keeping the train of thought going any longer. I, too, felt the eyelids become heavy like solid pieces of rock.

Before closing my eyes, I planted a soft kiss on his left cheek and whispered to his ear.

"Happy anniversary, Kyle."

And then I was taken away to the blissful state of much-needed sleep. I dreamed of me and Kyle taking a picnic at Stark's Pond back in Colorado. Besides us was that William kid who looked exactly the same as my young self. I must say that it was the best dream I've had in a very long time.



A/N: Gosh, that was AWKWARD! It was the very first smut that I've ever written—and may I remind you, it lasted rather long—and I'm more or less determined to make it the last one. I guess smut is not really my thingy. Sorry that it didn't live up to your expectations, if you had any.

The story started as a simple idea of describing how much Stan and Kyle loved each other, but at the same time escaping the "I love you-I love you too" or "drunken sex at someone's party" repertoire. Sure, it was not entirely free from clichés, at least that's what I had in mind.

I think I learned a lot by writing this fic, and it seems fairly certain that I'll continue writing SP fanfics for a while. Writing, after all, is the only thing that keeps me sane—or insane, for that matter—amid the crazy college life. I think I'll have to keep each chapter shorter to 2-3k levels from now on: 5-6k a chapter was just too much for an inexperienced writer like me.

In fact, I already uploaded a prologue and the first chapter for another experimental fic that I'll be writing next. If you're interested, you can access it from my profile.

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