I smirked as I watched the cops run right past me, clueless as to where I was.

'To easy' I thought as I ran to the glass case that was holding "The Miko's Medallion" It was said that it was given to the shikon miko as a gift from the lord of the western lands five-hundred years ago.

I smirked again as I grabbed the medallion, I felt a shock wave of power go through me, and a blue light surround me I dropped the medallion and spread my wings and for the first time I was happy I that me and Dasuki split body's and I know longer have to rely on wiz for my wings, I know had my own.

I looked down and say the ground give out underneath me so I took off but I got nowhere I just stayed it the same place. I smiled when I felt the ground under my feet again. I fell to my knees, enjoying the feel of grass under my hands. I have never been so scared in my life. I stood slowly still unsure about the stability of the ground. Once I was sure it wasn't going to collapse under me again I looked around.

"Where the hell am I?" I said to myself looking around the forest again, I went to turn around, only to find myself on the cold forest floor again, I screamed out when I felt the mangled flesh of my wings hit the ground, I looked to my attacker. He was tall with fangs claws and weird markings on his face. I was brought out of my trance when he spoke.

"What a strange human you have wings yet you smell of a human, oh well I guess you will do for a meal," I heard it say as it steps forward, I closed my eyes waiting for my end to come, but it never did.

I opened my eyes again only to see a beautiful woman with a bow in her hand and a sword at her side. I looked to were that thing was only to find ashes, and a purple glowing arrow sticking out of them. I saw her look at me with soft eyes. She was about 5'4 with long black hair and blue eyes that almost looked black. She was wearing a dark kimono with a gold star on the front, and she had a very curvy figurer. I saw her put her bow on her shoulder before walking towards me.

I looked into her eyes; I was starting to feel lightheaded probably from the blood loss. Yet I still forced my eyes open I needed to thank her and I had so many questions I wanted to ask her like where I was and who she was.

I felt my arms go weak and I knew I wasn't going to be awake much longer, she kneeled by me the worry evident in her eyes, I tried to smile at her to reassure her but didn't get the chance because faint took me.


I saw him faint so I quickly stretched my arms out and caught him. He looked about my age and from my time.

'How did he get here?' I thought to myself as I laid him on his stomach to get a better look at his wound.

I looked at his face he was cute and about six foot with short black hair and black wings but you could tell he was human, I sighed as I stuck my hands over his body to heal him. I watched my hands glow a bright pink, once I was done I pulled back to examine my work. I was happy to find there wasn't even a scar. I smiled and flipped him on his back, before going around the camp and picking up some branches to start a fire, once it was started, I leaned against a tree to relax and to my surprise I actually did. I haven't relaxed since Naraku was defeated.

I sighed after he died I wished that everyone that because of him would be brought back, so Songo got her brother and village back and got to marry Miroku who's wind tunnel disappeared. Kouga got his tribe back, and Shippo left to train. But what hurt me the worst was that Kikyo got a mortal body and her own soul, so she could be with Inuyasha, and no matter how bad it hurt me I respected their wishes and went to go train with Sesshomaru, because as a gift to me I got not only my own powers but also Midorikos, and now the jewel hung around my neck as a useless trinket.

So I asked Sesshomaru to train me, so he did as well as went to Totosie to get me a sword that I could channel my miko powers into. And a bow with a quiver that never runs out of arrows once I use one it is replaced.

I had just finished my training with him to go and see the castle he gave me and the land around it when I found him being attacked by a tiger demon.

I sighed again, before throwing up a barrier around the camp so I could try and get some sleep; this was going to be a long night.

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