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Eragon awoke with a start and he gasped as the pain came flooding back. He tried to heal himself but found his arms were restricted by something. Slowly he looked up and frowned as he saw his arms chained to the wall and he realised he was in some sort of cell. His frown deepened as he looked around the room trying hard to remember how he came to be in such a place. The first thing that came to mind was training the new riders on Thunderstone. Then there was the pull telling him and Saphira to go east. They had arrived at the Shadowlands and there they had found:

"The Ra'Zac," Eragon spat venomously. He should have heeded the warning given to him on Helgrind all those years ago, perhaps then he would not be in this situation now. Yet there was a nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach that told him he had forgotten something important.

There was the sound of approaching footsteps coming from outside and the rattle of a key in the lock. A man with blood red hair and eyes entered the cell and the memories suddenly came rushing back. There was a Shade working with the Ra'Zac and he had managed to defeat Eragon and Saphira single handed. Eragon had not seen Saphira for a while and he felt a feeling he hadn't felt for a long time; fear. He knew she was alive; it was just a matter of trying to make sure she was alright.

"So Shadeslayer," The shade said contemptuously. "I trust I find you well rested and ready for another day of questioning?"

He tried to hide the pang of dread he felt at the Shade's question by drawing his cracked lips into a sneer and saying: "Not really, as hosts go you're pretty bad,"

The shade grinned, showing an array of pointed teeth. "I wonder if you'll be so full of yourself once I've killed everyone close to you?"

Eragon glared and spat: "That isn't going to happen."

"Oh?" The shade questioned him with an expression of mock surprise. "And why's that then?"

"Because when I get free I'm going to kill you." Eragon replied with a growl.

"Is that right?"

"It's a promise,"

The shade observed him with a bored expression. "I grow weary of this meaningless talk. It matters little whether you have any important information; you and your wretched dragon are here solely for my entertainment, nothing more. When I get bored with you, you shall be disposed of, but don't worry I shall make sure you get to watch Alagaesia burn,"

Eragon's glare intensified as the Shade spoke such.

"Now then; shall we continue where we left off?" The Shade raised a hand and muttered a few words.

Agony erupted all over Eragon's body and he let out a howl of anguish. He shouldn't have left Thunderstone; he shouldn't even have left Alagaesia, and most of all he shouldn't have left those important to him. Because of his weakness he was going to rot in this cell while those he loved died…

Arya's eyes snapped open. Feelings of surprise and anguish rippled through her. She sat up from her bed and placed a hand to her forehead. She had been sweating. As she struggled to gain control of her senses she felt a familiar mind touch hers. Firnen?

The green dragon pressed an eye up against her window. Are you alright little one?

Arya sighed. I think so; I just had dream, or perhaps a nightmare.

I doubt it was a dream, little one, for I had it as well even though I was perfectly awake.

Arya's whipped her head up. Then it must be a vision of some kind, but then that would mean…

That it has happened, is happening, or will happen. I know.

Arya felt Firnen's worry across their bond and sighed. She headed out of the hut that had once belonged to Oromis and sat down with her back against her dragon.

It had been ten years since the defeat of Galbatorix. Ten years since she had been elected queen. Ten years since she had been parted from the one person who she had ever trusted with her true name, well apart from Firnen that is. She often wondered whether she had made the right choice by declining Eragon's offer of accompanying him as he rebuilt both the Riders and the race of dragons. She was after all happy when he was around, something that she hadn't felt since that day she had turned her back on him.

I miss him, she said to Firnen. I miss them both.

As do I little one. Perhaps we should contact the riders and see if they can clear this up.

Arya nodded. In the meantime I'll look through Oromis's library and see if there's anything about group visions. They can't be very common.

Firnen's head shot up. You won't sleep any longer?

I can't sleep any longer Firnen, not after what we just saw. Worry creased her features at the thought of Ra'Zac and a Shade, but not nearly as much as the idea of Eragon in pain.

In the very northern tip of the Spine, far away from the boundaries of Alagaesia, lay a small fortress carved in the heart of a mountain. This was where Murtagh had spent the last ten years of his life. He had constructed it himself using magic to assist him, but also doing a large part of it by hand. He was proud of his work and now as he looked down on it he reflected on whether he would ever see it again.

Are you sure about this Murtagh? Thorn said to his rider. Once we leave there may be no turning back.

Murtagh frowned slightly and placed his hand on Zar'roc, which was strapped to his belt. If our visions are to be believed then Eragon may be in danger. We have hidden for far too long.

Thorn growled in agreement. Yes, we are Dragon and Rider, not frightened rabbits hiding from a fox.

Murtagh smiled at his partner's enthusiasm. Excited are we?

Thorn swivelled his head around and peeled his lips back in a dragon's equivalent to a smirk. Oh? Are you trying to tell me that you aren't excited about seeing her again?

We are not having this conversation again. Murtagh replied shortly, causing Thorn to laugh.

Very well then partner, shall we be off?

Yes we shall. Murtagh said as he climbed onto the back of his still laughing dragon. He threw one final glance back at his home before Thorn spread his wings and took off.

Leandros glared down at Amethea. "So what, are we just supposed to sit around while our master gets tortured to death?"

Amethea in return looked thunderous, even the tips of her pointed ears had turned red. "I am merely relaying order Leandros! If you have a problem with it, go take it up with Teris! He simply says that Ebrithil wouldn't want us to go charging in after him and getting ourselves killed."

"You know as well as I do that if it were any of us in that situation then he wouldn't even hesitate to come after us. Stop agreeing with everything Teris says just because our master left him in charge," Leandros shouted in return. "Of course, should I really expect anything different? You love him so much you'd probably let him get away with murder!"

The sound of Amethea slapping him echoed around the courtyard. "You know nothing about me you pirate scum!" she shouted and without another word she turned and fled.

Nea, her dragon, glared down at the human before turning to follow.

That could have gone better. Dawn, Leandros's dragon, commented drily.

Leandros grunted but didn't reply as he sat down on the ground, his back against the wall.

Well you were being rather rude to her; you have nobody to blame but yourself. I mean you should put such childish behaviour behind you; you are after all 22 years old now.

Why is it that every time I get into an argument with her you always take her side? Leandros grumbled glaring down at his feet.

Two reasons. Dawn said licking a bright orange scale that she'd gotten deer blood on earlier. One because quite often it is your fault and two she's right you don't know anything about her.

Leandros sighed. I hate it when you're right. All right fine, I guess I'd better go and apologise.

Yes you had better. Dawn mused.

But first there's one thing I have to do. He reached into a bush and pulled out a dark-skinned girl no older than fifteen.

"Do you make a habit of eavesdropping on your master, Amoko?" Leandros asked her, raising an eyebrow.

"I—I am sorry Ebrithil, I did not mean to overhear," Amoko stammered, a guilty expression on her face.

Leandros laughed. "Sure you didn't, well you obviously have something you want to ask so spit it out."

She looked up. "Is it true what they're saying about master Eragon? That he has been captured and that the visions we've all had are of what's being done to him?

Leandros sighed. "Yes I'm afraid that seems to be the case. From what I can gather only Dragons and their Riders are getting these visions. I want to go after him but Teris won't allow it as I'm sure you just heard."

Amoko looked down. "I hope he'll be all right."

"So do I, kid, anyway you should head back to bed, you have a long day of training tomorrow and Nag will be worrying about you,"

Amoko nodded, glad she wasn't going to be punished, and raced back to her bedroom.

Leandros watched her go a thoughtful expression on his face before he headed off to look for Amaethea. They couldn't afford to be on bad terms during the current crisis, with Eragon captured and a possible Ra'Zac swarm on the way, the Dragon riders would need to stand together or die.

There you go my first ever fanfic. I just felt that the ending of inheritance was lacking somewhat and that the series needed closure. So I decided to continue the story and this is what came out for better or for worse.