Two months later, Shadow Queen was ready to have her baby. She hired a woman named Tina to help her.

"Just take it easy. You're doing fine." Tina told her

Shadow Queen did just that and her baby was soon born. It was a beautiful girl. She was a light purple with white strands of hair. Tina took her and cleaned her off then gave her back to Shadow Queen. She looked at her daughter in her arms and saw her as a beautiful girl.

"What are you going to name her?" Tina asked

"I'm not sure." Shadow Queen replied "Get Ice King in here. I'll need his help with this."

Tina fetched Ice King and brought him to his wife and child.

"Well what do you think of her?" Shadow Queen asked

"She's adorable." Ice King said

"Yes she is. She still needs a name." said Shadow Queen "What do you think it should be?"

"How about Sapphira?" Ice King suggested

"I like it, alright Sapphira." Said Shadow Queen and looked at her daughter.

Tina nodded and wrote down the name then asked "middle name?"

"I don't know, let me think." Said Shadow Queen and started to think, then eventually said "Marie, Sapphira Marie."

"I like the way you think. Alright then, Sapphira Marie it is then." Said Tina and wrote it down.

"Thanks for your help." Said Shadow Queen

"Okay Shadow Queen, I'm glad to help said Tina and left.

Shadow Queen then looked at Ice King and said "You should really get to know your daughter."

Ice King took Sapphira and held her. To him it was amazing how small his daughter was.

"Shocking isn't it? It's hard to believe she's that small." Said Shadow Queen

"It is" said Ice King

"Especially at the fact that I'm bigger then you." Said Shadow Queen "Well it doesn't matter, she's adorable."

"She is adorable" Ice King agreed

"There is one issue though." Said Shadow Queen

"What?" Ice King asked

"I don't know how to be a mother." Said Shadow Queen

"We'll make it work." Ice King told her

"What makes you think that?" Shadow Queen asked

"We can learn." Ice King said "I don't know how to be a father."

"Well we'll both have to learn." Said Shadow Queen "I'm sure we'll figure something out."

"So do I." Ice King agreed

"I know we can do this." Said Shadow Queen "I'm scared though"

"Don't be scared" Ice King told her

"Well, wouldn't you be too?" Shadow Queen asked

"I am" Ice King replied

"You don't seem like it" said Shadow Queen

"I'm better at dealing with it." Ice King replied

"I'm sure of it since you weren't the one pregnant with her." Shadow Queen told him

Ice King stared at Shadow Queen then looked back down at Sapphira.

"Why did you stare at me like that?" Shadow Queen asked

"No reason" Ice King replied

"Sorry, I just don't like it when someone stares at me." Said Shadow Queen and looked down at her daughter "Oh look, she's sleeping. She's so beautiful."

"So true." Ice King agreed

"She kind of looks like you too." Said Shadow Queen

"A little bit" Ice King said "She looks more like you though."

Shadow Queen smiled then turned to notice Finn and Jake.

"Oh, I didn't notice you two there." She said

"That's okay" Jake replied

"Who's that?" Finn asked

"That's our daughter, Sapphira." Shadow Queen told them "She was just born today."

"She's cute." Jake said

"Thank you" said Shadow Queen

"You're welcome" Jake replied

"Why did you come here though?" Shadow Queen asked

"Just to see how you're doing." Finn replied

"You're not thinking this is a bad thing right?" Shadow Queen asked

Finn and Jake shared a look and said "no" in unison

"Yeah right" said Shadow Queen

"Okay, maybe" Jake admitted

"Thought so" Ice King mumbled

"I suggest you leave." Said Shadow Queen

"Fine" Jake said and grabbed Finn and left

"We should probably get some rest." Said Shadow Queen

"You're probably right, Shadow Queen." Said Ice King and put Sapphira in her crib

They then went into their room when Sapphira started to cry.

"Why is she crying?" Ice King asked

"I don't know." Said Shadow Queen and held Sapphira in her arms. "I think she just doesn't want to be alone. Is it alright if she sleeps with us tonight?"

"I don't mind." Said Ice King

Shadow Queen got in bed with Ice King and put Sapphira in between them and she calmed down. Shadow Queen then turned out the light and they went to sleep.