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Chapter 1

"Hey?" called Sebastian as he slapped lightly at the boy's face. "Wake up."

"Ngh, what? It's too early. Let me sleep for several more seconds," the boy mumbled, rolling over only to jolt awake when his face touched an absurd amount of grass that's was certainly not found in on his pillow when he dropped asleep. "Wait, what?" he gasped before attempting to sit up – attempting being the keyword, because before he could get more than a few inches off the ground, his forehead cracked into Sebastian's chin and sent both boys sprawling backwards nursing their respective injuries.

Off to the side, Sebastian's Haruno Sakura snickered at her trainer's misfortune.

"Ow," the boy that just woke up winced then swore several lines of words that were more suited coming out of a thug's mouth than a young man's.

"Well, at least you're awake," said Sebastian, rubbing his chin. "Hi, I'm Sebastian Kensley. Welcome to the Bishi-world. I'm the trainer retriever sent to retrieve you back to the city for orientation (that's where we introduce you to all the fancy rules of this place). I was supposed to be looking for a girl named Brooke but there must have been a mess up with the system since there was no girl to be found and only er…you."

The other boy blinked at him dumbly for several seconds, then, suddenly, yelled so loudly that Sebastian and Sakura started in alarm. The boy pounced forward and, before Sebastian could do anything, punched the trainer retriever so solidly in the face that Sebastian swore his nose was broken into tiny pieces.

"AAAAAaaaaaAaaaaAGHHH!" Sebastian howled before the boy turned and dove into the river that was behind him, the fast current sweeping him away at the blink of an eye.

Sakura sighed, bending down to hold her trainer still so she could heal his nose. "Why do we always get the crazy ones?"

Half an hour later, they found the newbie boy clinging to a rock in the middle of a fast flowing current and looking around frantically for help. "Help, I can't swim!" he cried, not yet noticing the two people at the riverbank.

"If you couldn't swim then why did you jump into the river, stupid?" Sebastian shouted.

"I'll fetch him," Sakura volunteered and, without waiting for her trainer's reply, focused her chakra on her feet. She strolled across the water's surface with ease, making the newbie gape at her like he had just saw a ghost. He flinched away when the bishoujo neared, shifting his grip on the rock and manoeuvring around it an inch to the right. Sakura rolled her eyes, reached down, wrenched his hands off the rock and before the boy could protest, threw him over her shoulder.

"Hey! Let me down!" he screamed, kicking and screaming like a child. "Could you not carry me in a less embarrassing way?"

The kunoichi laughed, "If you wanted bridal style, you should have just asked from the start."

The screaming stopped and the boy grumbled, "Never mind."

"Now, as amusing as it was to see the first time, would you punch Sebastian again if I set you down?" asked Sakura, turning around until the boy got a good view of her trainer who paled visibly at the thought being socked in the face again.

The boy eyed the trainer suspiciously. "I only attacked him reflexively."

Sebastian gaped and Sakura chuckled, a fist at her lips in attempt to keep the laughter as low-key as possible. "Yeah, my trainer does have that kind of 'please punch me' type of face."


But the newbie smirked. "Yeah, couldn't help it. I tried containing it but it's the nose. I can't resist it. It was screaming to be smashed in."

Sebastian covered his nose as both Sakura and the boy turned to scrutinise said facial feature before bursting out laughing.

"I'm sorry, okay? Can you set me down now?" the boy gasped between laughs and the kunoichi complied. "Sorry kidding about your nose and for punching you. I woke up thinking I was in a dream since…well, you don't see Naruto characters running around in reality often." He gestured at Sakura who only smiled politely back in return. Her trainer though, was not as forgiving about the matter.

"And a simple pinch to your own cheek wouldn't have suffice?" he said sceptically.

"Actually I figured out the moment I realised the ground felt too real and hard to be a dream. Then judging from our position, my lack of memory of how I got to the place and how close you were when I woke up, I thought you kidnapped me so I attacked then escaped. It just so happened the river was the fastest escape route I could think of."

Sakura, now no longer hiding her laughter and had become a bag of giggles now, clapped her trainer on the shoulder. "Sebastian… a-a-a-a kidnapper! Oh, this newbie just made my day!"

"I hope you're fine now," the newbie said with a smallest hint of a smirk still dancing at his lips.

The trainer could not decide whether to be offended from being mistaken as a kidnapper or remain polite and considerate since the newbie was after all a newbie. "I'm fine. My Sakura is sama level so she has access to her healing skills. Anyways, I'm Sebastian Kensley. It says Brooke as your name on the file I received but I couldn't find a girl anywhere here. Did you by any chance opened her email? Maybe that's why I don't have your name since the mail was sent to Brooke an-"

"I'm Brooke."

"-d not you. I would have thought the system was smarter than tha-WHAT?"

Sebastian and Sakura looked at the boy in front of them, taking in the cargo pants, boyish t-shirt, jacket, shaved head and boyish smirk…wait….his face does look a little bit girlishly soft now that you mentioned it and the clinging wet garments does show the vaguest hint of a bust.

The boy – no, girl – stuffed her hands into her wet pockets, rocked back and forth on the balls of her heels and repeated herself. "I'm Brooke."

Should she continue to write essay or check email? Maybe the essay since it was due tomorrow morning… but if she continued pounding out mind-numbing words like she had been for the past two hours, her brain would probably become permanently numb. No, no, can't have that. A nice break is due, yes? Yet….

Brooke's fingertips tapped the keys of the keyboard lightly – enough to produce sound but not letters. She stared at the word doc her essay was typed up in, feeling that if she stopped working on it now, she'll never be able to get motivated to work on it again. Hmm….eh, homework shmomework, whatever! Email, it'll be!

With a few quick keystrokes, she was scrolling through her inbox until she stopped at a message without subject or sender. "That's odd," Brooke thought wondering why it wasn't detected as spam and also how no sender was shown. Curiosity winning over suspicion, she opened the message and clicked on the sole link that was the mail's content, getting even more puzzled when she was directed to a Pokémon site of a sort.

"A black and silver pokeball? Which one is that? The great ball is blue, ultra ball yellow….er…."

Hitting a momentary blank and feeling ashamed of herself for not remembering pokeball colours, she scrolled down and read the ad's description.

Bishonen (n) 1. Meaning pretty boy in Japanese. 2. A term given by fans to attractive masculine characters deriving from Japanese Animation. See also bishi.

Brooke read the line for a second time then guffawed. As if she didn't already knew that definition!

Here is where you can combine Pokemon and Bishonen you love. You can capture them with Bish-Balls (shown here) and take care of them as you wish. Like Pokemon, you may train them to battle, to protect you or just to have around when you want company.

"What is this? A new game or something? How did they get my email? I don't remembering subscribing to something like this. What's this? Make me a trainer? Pffft, as if anybody is stupid enough to click that!" she scoffed, she scrolled up to highlight the text of the ad for copying and pasting into an email so she could poke fun of it with a friend later but the browser chose that exact time to not respond. "Uck, come on! I knew I so should switch to a different internet browser!"

Cue mass clicking of screen in hopes of it working then CLICK, the 'Make me a Trainer' button was indented. "I didn't just…click that, did I? Oh sh-"

The world froze, her mouth wouldn't work, and she couldn't even look away from the screen. What was happening? Was she sick? A serious disease that completely disabled all movement – eve that of her eyeballs? Oh god, her father wasn't home yet either so Brooke couldn't even get any help from him either. Wait, NO! NO! NONONONONO, DON'T BLACK OUT, BROOKE! KEEP YOURSELF TOGE-AT LEAST LET ME PRESS CONTROL 'S' TO SAVE THE ESSAY FIR-

"So you're saying that button l clicked on brought me here?" the boy – er, girl – asked. Sebastian shook his head to clear away the initial impression of Brooke being a boy – a rather difficult task when she acted, sounded and looked like one, not to mention she suited Sebastian's clothes even more than he himself did. He wondered if it was offensive to called a girl a boy? Would it be taken as calling her ugly?

"Yeah, that's what happened," the trainer confirmed. "Don't ask me how they think you would be interested in the stuff displayed on the ad or how they got your email. I think that's pretty high level knowledge only."

They arrived at the city gates and Sebastian flashed his bishidex confidently before asking it to confirm Brooke's identity as a newbie. Obviously familiar with the trainer, the guards waved him, Sakura and Brooke through without trouble.

"So how many of people are actually here?" Brooke asked. "There can't be that many or else people will wonder why there's a steady disappearance of anime fans and gamers."

Sebastian smirked and the opening of the city gates answered her question for her.

People were everywhere! And anim-gam-er…FICTIONAL characters were everywhere too! Here! There was a Miroku getting slapped and being called pervert by presumably his trainer. There! There was giant group of sailor scouts happily having tea with just as many 'normal' people in a café. And there! A Luffy was drooling in front of a restaurant. A trainer chasing her Goku down the street, a trainer glomping an incredibly beautiful Lelouch who looked like he could pass out from oxygen deprivation , a-a-a-a….

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Brooke screamed making everybody within hearing distance jolt in surprise. She pointed at the bishies and then the trainers, back and forth, back and forth. All the while, her mouth opening and closed like a goldfish. When the actions failed to show what she was thinking and she couldn't formulate the appropriate words to describe it either, she resorted to more screaming. "AAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAH! AH! AH! AAAAAAAAAH!"

"Right, right, time to move along," laughed the trainer retriever awkwardly alongside his Sakura who picked the shocked newbie up and the two of them ran for it.

If Brooke was ever asked what she saw on the way to and how she got to the Orientation building, she would never be able to answer you. I must have been in some sort of shock, she told herself when she was deposited at the building's reception.

"Right, this is where I leave you."

"What? You do? Why?" she asked still not all together yet, but she was reluctant to lose the one thing that seemed to make sense in this world and that was Sebastian with his punch-able face and messy reddish brown hair that looked so noogle-able.

"Becaaaause, my job is only to fetch you from the middle of nowhere and bring you to the nearest Orientation building. So this is the part where my job is finished and I'm free to go."

"Jerk," the newbie mockingly called him.

"That's for punching me in the face!"

Brooke laughed. "It's not my fault your face is so tempting for the fists."

Sebastian knocked at her skull roughly with his knuckles then shoved her along. "Go on in. I'll get the receptionist to call me when you're done."

"Ha! I knew you'll miss me too much."

"Yeah right, I just want my spare clothes back. I'll take you…er, Sakura will take you shopping when you come out."

With that, Brooke waved and sauntered off to the reception desk where she was ushered down a hall and out of the trainer's sight.

"Aw, come on, I escaped Earth just to attend more school here?" Brooke sighed in frustration upon being ushered into a classroom. The occupants rolled their eyes as if also sharing her exact same sentiments. The teacher/lecturer at the front though, ignored her statement and gestured for her to quickly take a seat.

"I'm Professor Rosseforp, your orientation guide for this afternoon. Welcome to the Bishi world! Now if you don't mind, I'll be rushing through this because my lunch break starts in…." he checked his watch. "Twenty minutes."

He flicked a button and a projector screen scrolled out from a hidden compartment in the ceiling. Immediately, an educational looking presentation started up. "This would be so much quicker if I just made you all watch an educational video but that would put me out of job so bear with as I drone my way through this. Ahem….Bishiworld: a world where bishies could be captured, trained and live hand in hand with humans. Sort of like Pokemon but with bishounen and bishoujo instead of the little monsters? Um, you all do know what a bishounen and bishoujo is right?

Collective nodding from the class – so eerie matching in timing and rhythm that one could have been convinced it was rehearsed.

Rosseforp cleared his throat. "Anyways, continuing on? First question, how you got here? You all received a link to a site that looked like an advert, right? And you all, no matter how or for what reasons, clicked on the lovely 'Make me a Trainer' button?"

More rehearsed looking nods. Rosseforp was starting to get the impression that they had all descended into the trance-like state students used in school to pretend they're listening and nod along to a boring talk. He had done this talk hundreds of times and practically left the majority of the words unchanged so it could come across as rather… dull.

"Well your wish has came true! You all arrived here to become bishi-trainers. Yipee for you," he applauded but nobody joined him. "Ahem, if you have read the website properly you will all know that Bishounen are male anime characters, though this now seem to expand to include games and books, and Bishoujos are the female equivalent of Bishounen."

A collective rolling of eyes – aha, maybe they were listening after all - and a few faces that looked like they just understood something immensely important; maybe a few did skip the description after all.

"These lovely Bishounens and Bishoujos reside in their own lovely little hidden cities which, according to the textbook, used to be open to the public but…" Rosseforp extend the silence a little longer hoping for dramatic effect.

"But, humans started appearing and started catching the poor little bishies so they have to close and hide their cities so as not to become extinct. In fact I think a few are endangered species already. SO, the rule is, we stick to our cities and they stick to theirs. So our first rule in the Bishiworld: Do NOT try to seek entrance NOR try to find these settlements. Why? Because if you intrude their territory, they would intrude ours - simple as that. Imagine, if you will, a horde of super saiyans intruding into our city right now, how much would be left afterwards?"

Whilst the students sat and quietly thought up the usual images of world destruction, utter chaos, disastrous level of deaths and tragedy, the professor quickly flipped to the next slide. "CORRECT, no food will be left. Not very nice, is it? Okay, okay, bad joke. Yes, we wouldn't stand a chance. Please stop giving me that sympathetic look."

"Now bishies usually don't mind being captured as long as they're captured reasonably fairly and this is where the next rule comes. Never EVER capture a chibi without permission, it is like kidnapping a child in the human world."

He flicked to the next slide and clasped his hands behind his back, slowly pacing the front of the classroom. "Now you're probably wondering what I'm talking about when I said the word 'Chibi'."

More nodding! Oh, what a lively bunch.

"Stages! Like pokemon. First you have Bulbasaur which evolves to Ivysaur then to Venusaur. It is the same here. All bishies comes in chibis – the children bishies, sans – your standard bishi and, finally, samas. You can catch the latter two but never the former. Yes? Yes? Come now, nod for me. Don't fall asleep yet! We're nearly there!"

He glanced at his watch then checked its time against the classroom's clock. "Oh lunch, lunch, I think I'll be late again. NEXT TOPIC! Trainers and their um… bishies are… how to put this… compatible."

The students blinked at him – again in creepy unison – then slowly, you could tell who were the brighter ones, one by one the meaning dawned to them.

"We could have babies with them, you mean?" Brooke asked aloud and coaxing everybody to turn to the professor shyly, nervously, excitedly and/or expectantly.

"I wouldn't encourage it because whatever children you will have will usually: A) look near enough like a bishi; B) would be scorn by society to some extent; and C) usually are mentally unstable and um… die from insanity in the end. Well some do, but I think the bishi genes must have evolved or something and quite a few of the halflings don't go crazy anymore instead there were some that became bishi-trainers. But best to be on the safe side though, no?"

The students' faces dropped.

"Onto brighter topics! Now next thing, capturing your bishies. You will use these," he pointed to the silver and black balls hanging from his belt. "Like Pokemon, you throw and you catch. To let out, do the same though calling them by their name works as well. To release, you open the ball up completely and snap it in half. Never release all your bishies because that will trigger the lovely cut-scene of you going home back to Earth and mommy and daddy.

"The Bish-balls we provide are the cheap standardized ones which you will find quite a few bishies out there are actually scared of (Bish-ball-phobia or something like that). If you're rich enough, you can upgrade them to PD-Spheres (Pocket Dimension Spheres) where instead of the cramped void, it's a room. If you're really rich, upgrade to Bishi-dorms where bishies can access each other's rooms when they're inside the Bish-balls, kind of like dormitory hence the name.

"Next rule, never abandon your bishies which are still within your possession more than 3 miles away from you. Remember that, 3 miles! You are linked to them by blood. You can leave them for emergencies and for a very short period of time but if you do stray further than 3 miles and was missing for too long then… your bishi will go mad and might die after two days of your prolonged absence.

"And all bishies that are freshly caught will not be able to separate from you for very long. It's this new thing called Bonding where you're to get use to each other, so at the start of your 'bond' you won't be able to handle more than a few feet away from each other but as time passes and you become more familiar, your 'away' distance will extend to the three mile limit."

"Would we know when we reach the three mile limit?" a student at the front asked.

"Aa! Great question! You will indeed. You can safely consider yourself bonded to your bishies. You will always feel vaguely which direction they are so even the most directionally challenged trainer or bishi could still find each other no matter what. This feeling feels exactly the same if your bishi is beside you or two point nine miles away. ONCE you hit the three mile limit though, BAM! You'll feel that something is very, very wrong and you'll feel like you reeeeally need to get to where your bishi are. You might be confused to a degree and your bishi will definitely be very confused. That a good enough explanation?"

The student nodded then raised his hand to ask another question which shot out of his mouth before his raised hand was answered. "What about home? I mean, I was at home when I clicked the link. So to suddenly have their son disappear from his room. My parents must be worried sick now."

"Ah, another brilliant question. You don't know how delightful it is to get them since most students just accept everything and impatiently wait for me to free them from my boring lecture." Rosseforp stroked his chin in thought. "How to answer though… hmm… basically... no…hum…basically, you're not there anymore. It's as if you never existed in the first place and if you decide you don't like it here and went back, the memories of you will be placed back with appropriate ones created for the time period your were away. Yes, it is awfully confusing."

The student's lips formed a grim line and temporarily accepted the answer, probably already formulating a way to attempt to contact home.

"Right, right, we're near the end and lunch, here I come. Next, your dex." He flipped a phone-like device from his pocket. "This is your phone, your encyclopaedia, your mini-computer, your dictionary, your ID card and your personal details all in one. DO NOT LOSE IT and no, it does not sync with iPods."

The students remained quiet obviously thinking of different ways to mistreat, mess with, decorate and/or attempting to iPod sync the device.

"Lovely! We are at the end and it's the best bit! You will be gaining your belts along with your first 20 bish-balls, you'll have to buy the rest if you want more. The belts are one size, and one size only AND one size fits all. No complaints, hard luck if it's not your kind of fashion though personally I think it's rather funky. It holds approximately 60 balls and for those hardcore trainers among you, you CAN buy another belt and another and another and as many as you like."

He moved to a desk at the side of the room and, from its drawers, pulled out a boxes of dexes, belts, bish-balls, antiseptic wipes, cotton balls, plasters and…huh? What did medical supplies got to do with this?

Everyone's first reaction was to back away as far from the professor as possible as he drew out a box of needles.

"Now, now, we're all mature and cool about this, yeah? Hoy, you there at the back, stop giving me that look that tells me to stop using fashionably young terms! Come, my precious students. I only need a little blood from you to make your belts and balls. Just a little to personalise it as yours~"

You can't blame them for feeling doubtful. First, they got a strange email then they appeared in a strange place that seemed too perfect to be real and now he wanted their blood? They huddled closer at the back of the room like penguins in the freezing cold, glaring at each step the professor took towards them.

"Uck, come on! Beef noodle is on the menu in the cafeteria today. Please let's just get this over with so I can have my lunch."


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