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A remarkably boring chapter…

Chapter 2 – Starting in Bishiworld

Unceremoniously shoved and almost katamari-rolled into a large hall that look more comfortable as a gym in a school setting than it did in a building that served the same purpose as starter pokemon/hometown labs, the students tripped over their own feet at the entrance and then unashamedly gaped at the crowd of bishies in front of them.

Their professor adjusted his spectacles and kept glancing at his watch. "It used to be that you'll be thrown out of the orientation building the second your lecture was finished and you'll be given two weeks to catch a bishi. If within those two weeks, you fail to do so, you'd be automatically sent home. Nowadays, you can still do the same (you can leave now and go through all that old-school, if you like) or you can do this, pick a bishi from the crowd here." The man waved his arm out to gesture at the colourful collection of bishies who were milling around the other end of the hall.

"These bishies, smart as they are, volunteered to be 'first bishies' figuring that it would better to have a choice over what trainers catch them instead of being randomly bonked by a random trainer in the wild. If you don't like any of them, you can risk it in the wild and/or wait out for a bishi of your liking signs up to be a 'first' – bear in mind that the two-week-no-bishi-auto-send-home rule still applies for that though. Now, I'll leave you to the lovely assistants we have stationed here to get you sorted out for the start of the rest of your journey. Goodbye and happy bishi hunting."

The professor waved and disappeared before anybody could stop them, leaving the assistants baffled as his disappearance didn't prompt the spree of wild glomping of bishies it usually did. In fact, this batch of fresh students stared at the spot the professor disappeared from, much like children watching their parents leave at the start of the first day of school. They turned collectively to face the bishies, half of them holding their arm where they had blood taken for their bish-balls and belts and looking like they were waiting for the world to make sense again.

"KYAAAAA! AN EDWARD ELRIC! LOOOOOOVE! KAWAII DESUUUUUU!" a student suddenly cried and before anybody could stop her, she ran forward full sprint and tackled an unsuspecting Edward. What followed was a resounding thud as the bishi was glomped to the floor. "CAN I BE YOUR TWAINER? PWETTY PWEEEEASE?"

"NO, NO, NO AND NO! Darn it, I signed up for this in hopes to escape being caught by random rabid fangirl trainers! What made you think I'll choose to be with one now?"

The assistants breathed out a sigh of relief. Yes, that was more like it. They started taking out their clipboards, pens and charts, preparing to record down who gets which bishi and probably start half a million other paperwork too.

Now, back to our lovely heroine of the story, Brooke.

The tomboy skimmed her eyes over the bishies present. What should she have? Well, it was a new world and she'll probably be hiking it out in forests a lot so she didn't want one with high maintenance . Maybe one that can offer protection? The Edward Elric does look like a good choice indeed in satisfying those categories and he'll probably be relieved to have a non-rabid fangirl be his trainer. She started walking in his direction but a different student stepped up and carefully unpeeled the fangirls off the bishi before offering to be his trainer. Darn, chance gone!

Who else? Goku would be nice. It meant Brooke could teleport or fly anywhere she wanted and save on travel expenses but his appetite might bankrupt her by day three. Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass? Hm… Brooke will probably be giving him a piggy back within the first mile of walking considering his lack of stamina and physical ability. Uchiha Sasuke? Well, there's a thought…


"Meow?" Brooke repeated, glancing around for a cat. She could see two catgirls from an unknown anime several metres away flirting with a trainer but she was sure it wasn't from that direction.


There it was again! Was she imagining things? She turned around and then spotted a girl with a giant red bow in her hair and a cat sitting on her shoulder. She was seated at the tea and coffee table trying to maintain a warm smile but obviously her hopes were dashed bit by bit from each potential trainer that walked right past her.

"Isn't that…" Brooke started then took a step nearer to the table. "AAAAAAAAH!" she screamed upon fully recognising the bishoujo whose flinched in surprise (her cat mimicking the action uncannily well) at the sudden screaming.

Brooke stared at the bishoujo dumbly, then regained her senses, helped herself to a cup of coffee, pulled out a chair and sat down opposite the girl. "Hello," she greeted as if she did not just act strange several minutes ago.

The bishoujo stared at her then glanced around nervously.

"No, I'm not talking to anybody else. I was talking to you."

"M-Me?" the girl stuttered in disbelief and her cat meowed on her shoulder, making the girl turn as if listening to what the cat said.

"Yes, you," Brooke sipped her coffee, instantly grimacing and remembering why she didn't drink coffee in general. "You're Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, aren't you?"

This time, both the bishoujo and cat turn to stare at her in disbelief, the cat recovering faster and mewed a string of cat noises.

"Hello, Jiji. Nice to meet you too. At least I assume that's what your cat is called and also what he said," Brooke continued, taking another sip of coffee before she gave up on it altogether.

"You know us and where we're from?" Kiki repeated, blinking widely at her. Jiji continued providing background meowing, not entirely happy he's excluded from the conversation. "People tend to walk by me and go for the more popular characters."

"Are you kidding? You're a Ghibli character! I'm going to go ahead and think you're a super rare bishoujo too! What are you doing here?"

Kiki reached up and scratched between her cat's ears, making Jiji purr loudly in satisfaction. "I'm a newly evolved 'san'. Once we witches turn thirteen, we leave alone from our home for a year. Once you turn a san, the feeling really overwhelms you. I tried to suppress it but I still wanted to try being out here away from home and see the world. But I've been here a week and everybody just walk righ…" Kiki stared at the newbie. Her eyes then drifted to the bunch of students behind her, watching as another student walked by, helped herself to a cup of tea then walked away again.

The witch then glance down at Brooke's bishi-belt before sucking in a breath, steeled her eyes and confidently asked, "Will you choose me as your bishoujo? I know I'm not a fighting type and am not much protection but I can look after myself and, if push came a shove, maybe carry you on my broomstick for a little while to escape danger."

"Wait, wait. Are you kidding? A rare bishoujo as my starter? Hella yes!" the trainer cheered, unclipping a bish-ball from her belt. "Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Brooke."


"Yeah, yeah, I know. I look and sound like a boy. My father wanted a son and wouldn't stop going on about it every chance he got. I became so fed up with it I shaved off my hair and dressed like a boy. The old man wanted a son so I'm giving him one. No biggie. Anyways….er…." Brooke was stared at the bish-ball, wondering how exactly was it suppose to work. Was she suppose to toss it at the bishoujo? Wouldn't that hurt? She herself certainly wouldn't fancy being cracked in the face by a metal ball before being sucked inside it. Kiki reached out and plucked it from her hand.

"Here, I've seen it done hundreds of times," said the witch and then bopped her own head with the ball. She glowed red alongside her cat and broomstick then, in a beam of light, disappeared, making Brooke yelled in alarm. The trainer dove onto the table to catch the falling bish-ball, knocking over leftover cups of coffee and tea as she did so.

"Shoot, Punchable-face is going to complain so much about me returning a coffee-stained shirt!" Brooke swore, feeling the bish-ball wriggling on her hands before, after three curious seconds, it stilled. Climbing off the table and trying not to upset the scant few drinks that had managed to survive the fall, she pressed the button on the bish-ball, letting her new bishoujo out in a beam of red light.

"That felt strange and a little cramped," Kiki mumbled, a little disoriented after her first bish-ball trip. Jiji meowed loudly, pointing a paw at their new trainer. "What now, Jiji? Oh wow, what happened to you?"

"What do you think happened to me? Next time, don't bop the ball on your head unless I'm beside you. If I see a falling ball and I have to catch it," grumbled Brooke as she attempted to paper towel the majority of the coffee off the shirt with one hand and answer her ringing bishidex with the other.

"Property of Brooke, age 19. Status: novice trainer. One bishoujo. Name of new bishoujo: Kiki. Nickname?" the dex listed.

"Um…" was all Brooke managed to say as she looked at the dex, puzzled. She was expected to think up a nickname in such a short amount of time? What was she a baby name book?

"Nickname: Um?"

"Wait, wait, no! I mean. Oh darn it! Surely, there's a button to press to sort out all this confusion. This is why voice activated stuff are confusing!"

"Error: Nickname too long."

Brooke stopped and glared at the device, half wanting to smash it and then pour coffee at its sparking innards. Thankfully, the glaring actually helped because she managed to spy a tiny 'N' button in the bottom corner. There was already an 'N' on the keyboard layout of the dex so why an extra 'N'? Hmmm, to quote Alice in Wonderland: curiouser and curiouser~

Well, only one way to find out.

She pressed the button and was relieved to hear the dex confirm 'no nickname'.

"Well, now that all that is done, I guess we're finished here and could go?"

Kiki hefted up her broomstick. "Where shall we go then?"

"To meet the owner of this shirt," was Brooke's reply, making her bishoujo wonder what kind of trainer did she just agreed to be caught by.

"Yo, Punchable-face! Sakura!" Brooke greeted, lifting a hand but not waving it.

"What did you do to my shirt?" wailed Sebastian, pouncing forward and tugging at the ends of Brooke's shirt to hold it out straight. He had completely forgot that it was a girl wearing the shirt and how it was rather inappropriate to hold the shirt taut like that in public. "Coffee? And as if that wasn't enough, you added on tea as well! My poor Dragon Ball t-shirt!"

Brooke snickered, shoving the other trainer away by his shoulders. "It's not my fault your shirt wanted to be ruined as much as your face does."

Sakura sighed, forcefully uncurling Sebastian's hands from the ruined shirt whilst he stared at it in despair. "Right, right. I think you've been cheeky enough for today, Brooke-san. Let's go shopping and get you some new clothes. Your dex is also your payment card and there should a bit of money in it already. Newbies don't come to this world loaded with money so they get a small amount to help them get by at the start."

"Oh? I have money in this? Cool. Oh and this is Kiki, my bishoujo."

The medic-nin smiled softly at the younger bishoujo who straightened her back and tried to look confident in the presence of an older girl. "Nice to meet you, Kiki-san. It is fine to feel nervous. You're about to start an epic journey after all. Brooke looks somewhat capable so at least you shouldn't have to worry too much. Anyways, shopping!"

Shopping with Brooke proved… interesting. The trainer didn't even pause to look at the female section, instead she made a beeline for the menswear, picking out the cheapest of the cheap that fitted her before tossing it onto the counter to be paid. She was also amazingly money-conscious, an aspect that her Kiki also seems to share. Truth be told, Sakura don't think she ever went in and out a clothing shop so quick before and it baffled her even when they went to the journey supply shop to get Brooke's journey starting kit.

"Do I reeeeeally need a map?" Brooke whined, looking at the batch Sebastian was waving. "Isn't this suppose to be like Pokemon where the map is part of the dex?"

"But the map isn't part of the dex in Pokemon!" argued the other trainer.

"But the territories keep changing every time a new anime/game/show/book/whatevs is released so wouldn't that make the map redundant?"

"True but you're a newbie and wandering around without one to start with is plain stupid."

"Hey! I'm good with directions!"

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't have a map!"

Sakura sighed, giving up on separating the two trainers. They only knew each other for less than twenty-four hours and they're bickering like friends. She turned to Kiki who was investigating what capsules they should buy. "Here, let me help you, Kiki-san."

She flicked through the catalogue of capsules. "Newbies are all given the fridge, first aid kit, storage box and tent capsules for free but only at the start of their journey. If you lose or break them, you'll have to pay the full amount to buy a new one. The fridge is….here, this one on displayed here."

"It's not very big…" commented the witch, wrinkling her nose the same time her cat was.

"What did you expect for a freebie? The tent isn't too impressive either but it keeps out the weather and fits two people – three if you squeeze. The capsules are all thumb-size and you get a small wallet to keep them in. If you want your tent, for example, you press the button at the top of the capsule and throw it to the ground. The tent will appear, all set up. There's a button on the tent that will revert it back to capsule form. It wouldn't revert though if there's something that's alive inside."

"That's good, I can nap in the tent and not be worried about being be stuck in the capsule," remarked Jiji, his meowing understood by Kiki only.

The witch frowned as she tried to understand exactly how the capsule worked. How could something as big as a tent shrink to a tiny capsule? Sadly, that question could only be answered by the Capsule Corp from the Dragon Ball territory who made all these nifty item storage devices.

"Don't be such a scrooge and buy the maps!"

"I have a flying type!" Brooke shouted, pointing a finger at Kiki who blinked confusedly at her trainer. "If I ever get lost, I just have to send her up into the air and she could point out a path for me."

Sakura nodded. "She does have a point."

The newbie nodded, appreciative of the kunoichi's support. "Thank you, Sakura."

"But the maps…"

"Just ignore him, Brooke. My trainer has a thing for collecting maps. It's the reason he is a Trainer Retriever. They give out free maps."

"That's not the reason at all. We're in it for the money," Sebastian corrected, attempting to keep whatever was left of his coolness intact.

Brooke and Kiki's ears perked up. "Wait, you get paid and you get free maps? What exactly do you do? Just find newbies and bring them to orientation?"

That sounded like an easy enough job and they need to earn money one way or another to feed themselves. The newbie duo (trio if you included Jiji the cat) turned and eyed each other. It was pretty much a perfect job for a trainer with a bishoujo like Kiki who cannot fight hence cannot earn money through battling.

"Well, it's not really. That is just part of the job. We also get jobs to retrieve lost trainers, deliver urgent or random posts to them if they're in a territory that's outside the usual postal routes and with new territories always popping up, we get to escort random bishounens that gets separated from their trainers or cities."

Great, this is turning out to be even more of a perfect job for a Kiki trainer- delivery service indeed! "And are you confined to one region only?"

"No, you're free to go anywhere. They install a chip into your dex which gives you access to our GPS map and online bulletin board where all the jobs are posted. You just take any jobs that interest you or within your immediate area. Once you confirmed acceptance of the job, they'll send you the details."

"Sounds great, where do I sign up, Sebastian-senpai?" said the newbie with a spreading grin.

It took Sebastian a good few seconds to realise what exactly she was implying. "You want to sign up? Brooke, you do realise that it's a job that requires you to be familiar with the territories, right? Hell, I didn't even think of applying until I knew several routes like the back of my hand!"

"Well, I need money and I'm going to be travelling anyway so it's just like a job on the go, right? Plus, a job like that where you're handling people must have protocols so there's going to be training involved. If need be, I'll just read the maps they offer and memorise them or something. Can't be that hard!"

Training with the Retrievers were hard though especially because the organization was very reluctant to take on a complete newbie who just stepped out of Orientation the same day she signed up. The trainer also had some cheek and was stubborn as a mule but at least he – er, she – was capable and hardy. Only perk for them so far was her Kiki who was obviously made for deliveries and aerial geographical navigation. Flying bishounen/bishoujos were always a great advantage for the job.

"Thank god, I get paid for training as well!" Brooke exclaimed, stretching her arms up and back as they stepped into the Retriever building two weeks later. "Or else I wouldn't know how to pay for two weeks' hotel bills especially when I feel like I haven't even used the hotel room enough to justify the bill! Instead, it feels like I've been living in the training room for the past two weeks!"

"Congratulations, Miss. Brooke," the receptionist greeted, stopping Kiki and Brooke in their tracks. "I heard you're officially accepted now. Here's your password to access our online bulletin board for the jobs and your collar."

"Ohahaha, collar for a Retriever. As if, the logo being a retriever dog wasn't enough. Who came up with this stuff?" Brooke complained, walking up to the desk and picking up a silver collar with black studs and the words 'Retriever' stitched into it. She dangled it in the air like it was an incriminating piece of evidence. It even had a tiny silver tag on it with her name and Retriever ID number on one side and a holographic photo of her on the other. "Please tell me I'm not supposed to wear it around my neck. That's demeaning and I could probably sue this organization for it."

"You're a ray of sunshine as always," the receptionist laughed and then held up her wrist. "No, it's a bracelet – like one of those studded bracelets that was so fashionable in the past."

"I guess they couldn't just stick with something as mundane as a badge, eh?" mumbled the newbie as she strapped the collar onto her wrist, smirking slightly when the long sleeves of her coat hid the collar from view.

"Now, here's a book of maps just in case the GPS map on your dex fails. It might be a good idea to arm Kiki with it so she could cross check the terrain with the map in the air whilst you use the dex down on the ground."

Brooke took the map, handed it to Kiki who stuffed it into her own bag. How the bishoujo, her broomstick, her cat and her bag could all fit into one bish-ball was a question Brooke and Kiki tend not to think about because it will create many a headache between them.

"And here's an extra tent capsule if the newbie you're retrieving happens to be further than a day's travel to the nearest orientation building. And that's you all set for work and travelling now. Bye, I hope I won't see you back in here soon."

"Jeez, you make me feel so loved."

The receptionist chuckled, "You know I'm only kidding. But really, I hope you won't be in here soon because that usually means the retriever is in trouble of some sort. You're free to call us though. You'll find all our contact details stored in your dex already."

"Great then. Bye!"

"Have a great adventure!"


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