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The book lay open on the floor having fallen from the box that had been sent to him by Minerva. Restorations to Hogwarts were going well and while cleaning the rumble, they had discovered a collection of bits and pieces. Ron who had been heading the clean up in that particular area of the castle, had immediately recognised the various objects as items from the room of requirement. Now Harry found himself sitting on the sitting room floor at Grimmauld place and staring as his advanced potion's book, eyes wide as if he expected it to suddenly take on a life of its own.

Property of the half blood prince.

The words written in the black elegant swirls of a young Snape, Harry's heart began to beat faster. Memories of the man dying in his arms flooding his mind, nausea and sadness washing over him. Looking down at his hands, remembering in vivid detail the blood that had been smeared all over them, the scent of the copper had stayed in his nostrils for days after. Green eyes beginning to tear, Harry shook his head trying to dislodge the morbid thoughts.

It's been six months and I still think about him everyday.

With an overwhelming feeling of sadness, Harry picked up the book and placed it back in the box, flicking his wand to put it in the attic. There it sat for ten years until one evening.


Harry was drunk, not merry but rolling around steaming drunk. The loud crashes echoed throughout the silent house as he bumped and stumbled into various pieces of furniture. His bedroom seemed so empty and desolate, the realization that his marriage to Ginny was officially over, the paperwork had arrived that morning, made Harry begin to cry. Huge emotion filled sobs bouncing around the room, the tears had he had held in for a long time finally erupting in a tidal wave of emotion.

See Ginny I'm not emotionless!

His mind reflecting on the numerous arguments they had over the past nine years, he insisting that she was too emotional and she resolute in her opinion that he had no emotion at all. Harry found that hard to believe, concurring slightly that he didn't show his feelings like he used to, but that it didn't mean he felt nothing. The last argument has been the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for her, the subject had yet again been about children.


Harry pulled from between her legs, she sighed softly at the loss of him inside her. He gave her a light kiss on the lips and flopped down on the bed beside her. The scent of sex lingering in the air, sweat glistening on their still flushed skin.

"Harry?" her voice disturbing the tranquillity of the mood. Harry murmured he had heard her, turning to face her.

"I think we should adopt." her voice filled with determination, this subject had been mentioned before, after the devastating news that she couldn't get pregnant. Harry let out a huff and turned his back to her.

"Not again, Gin, please." she could feel the atmosphere changing rapidly in the room, annoyed that she had spoilt the mood of their anniversary. It had been the first time they'd had sex in nearly three months, she had been beginning to think he was having an affair. Even going to the trouble of placing a discreet tracking charm on him to see where he had been going, strangely disappointed that he obviously wasn't. The knowledge that he would rather go without than sleep with her was tearing her apart inside.

Harry lay listening to her struggling not to cry and feeling nothing. Knowing that he should feel the need to reassure and comfort her but unable to force himself to care enough. Thinking back to when he realized that this wasn't what he wanted, sick inside at the thought of it being almost from the beginning. Stuck in a marriage he had come to accept had been rushed into, the pressure from everyone just after the war pushing them to follow the set path planned for them. Reluctantly, he decided after the first year to sit and tell her that they shouldn't be together. The call from the hospital ending that plan, Ginny had been pregnant, neither of them had known but she had miscarried and while doing some routine tests, the hospital had discovered a problem with her uterus. Ginny devastated at the prospect of no children in their future had fallen apart, Harry saw all eyes on him to support and keep her together. So here he was, eight years later and tied to a marriage that was slowly destroying both of them. A brief flicker of guilt flashed through his head, heart racing at the memory of the affair he had with a ministry colleague. Blond, blue eyed and eager to please, Stefen had been just what Harry needed. Their illicit trysts giving Harry the strength to get up in the morning, the taste of the man on his lips making his heart skip at beat. The memories of sinking into the tight heat and the fluttering of the ring of muscle around the base of his cock, fuelled his nightly masturbation fantasies. Late lunches at work became code for heated messy sex in bathroom cubicles at the Leaky Cauldron, staying late for a meeting meant bending Stefen over the conference table and fucking him hard. Now he lay in bed torn apart more by the fact his affair was over, Stefen had been transferred to the new Ministry Head Quarters in Europe, than by his wife crying in bed beside him.

"Why?" Ginny's voice filled with anger and tears. Harry sighed and sat up, turning his tired eyes to look at her. She felt his glare before she even saw it and her anger grew.

"You selfish bastard!" she spat, glad when he flinched at the vehemence in her tone, "You don't care about anyone but yourself!" she flung herself from the bed and threw on her dressing gown. Storming from the room, eager to be away from him. Harry stayed sitting in the bed, unsure of what to do, anger bubbling beneath the surface. He jumped from the bed, scrambling to throw on some trousers, determined not to argue with his cock hanging in the wind.

The fight that had followed had been spiteful and angry. Accusations of Harry not having feelings about anything echoing in his head for days, the conclusion being Ginny grabbing a bag and leaving him.

End of flashback

Now Harry sat on the floor contemplating where everything had gone wrong, thinking that the only time he had been happy was when he was at Hogwart's. The need to look at his memento's creeping upon him, he staggered to get up and grab his wand, a brief flick of his wrist and the room was filled with boxes from the attic. Eyes immediately drawn to one box in particular. Brushing the dust off, it swirling around the room as he flung off the lid. Hermione's time turner in a ornate box caught Harry's attention, taking the shiny locked out and slipping it over his head, wishing he could change things. The book at the top calling to him, his advanced potion's book. He picked it up and lifted it to his face, breathing in the familiar scent, mind immediately transported back to when he was in his dorm room, the book by his bed. The scent had permeated everything, lingering in his mind as he lay in bed at night, his fingers touching himself, slowly stroking his cock to completion while all the time the smell washed over him. Even now as he breathed in the smell, his cock awoke. Filling and firming in his jeans, without being aware of it Harry reached to palm himself, a needy whimper springing from his mouth.

Closing his eyes, a fantasy taking shape in his fevered mind. Nimble fingers tracing the outline of his throbbing cock, his own fingers becoming narrow ones, the grip firmer and more assured. He deftly opened his fly and freed his cock, the cooler air of his room drawing a moan as it caressed his skin. The tip already dewy with pre-come, he swirled his finger through it and brought it to his mouth, the taste bitter. Imagining the taste of someone else on his tongue, Harry whimpered and stroked himself, the slick sound of him stroking his cock filling the room.

Eyes squeezed shut as he chased his fantasy, the black eyes regarding with coldness dissolving into a look of heat and passion, the rich voice filled with spite becoming full of filthy words. Begging and pleading as Harry fucked him hard and without mercy, the twitching hole grasping his cock as he pulled out, the slickness shining in the classroom light. His green eyes watching as he sunk himself back inside, the sight of his cock pushing in inch by glorious inch, the body yielding to his shaft, the tight heat gripping him. Harry arched his back, his cock erupting all over his hand, eyes flying open to watch as he spilled himself all over one of the pages in his book, gazed eyes drawn to scribble written in the margin.

Tempus- time

It can be cheated.. Essence of the traveller mixed with ethanol (Booze?). A time turner touching them at the same time(need to find out how to get one)

Wand motion - a flick to the left and to the right in a circular motion, like following the seconds on a clock.

His orgasm fuddled mind grabbing his wand, the idea seeming good as he shuddered from the aftershocks of his climax. Swishing his wand in the recommend fashion, the flash of light filling his head with pain, then darkness. Harry fell backwards and banged his head, the last conscious thought was one of 'oh shit'

A cool hand pressing to his brow bringing him back to land of the living, his head pounding with the combined hangover and the blow to the head.

"Sir, sir, are you ok?" a young timid voice asked, Harry opened one bleary eye, the figure of a young girl slowly coming into focus. Harry was glad he no longer wore glasses, shocked that he had lived with eyesight that poor for so many years.

"Maybe you should go and get Headmaster Dumbledore." another more assured voice said to the other, Harry's eyes sprang open at the name.

Dumbledore? What. He's dead!

Stumbling as he was helped to his feet, his eyes taking the familiar sights and smells of a Hogwarts corridor. The two girls viewing him with wariness, he noticed that they were wearing slytherin colours, raising a shaky hand to touch the tender spot at the back of his head, wincing at the pain it induced. Harry's vision went fuzzy again, the girls shouting for him to sit down, he shook his head, the movement making him nauseous. He sat back down on the cool stone floor and smiled at the girls.

"Rosie, go and get the headmaster, I have no idea who this man is." the more assured one ordered the smaller girl, she squeaked and ran off as fast as she could. Harry smiled at the girl watching him with narrowed eyes, her wand trained on him.

"I'm sorry, where am I?" Harry asked, more than aware of being at Hogwarts but reluctant to ask the question lingering in the outskirts of his mind, when is it? He shook his head, unbelieving that the spell could have possibly worked.

I'm dreaming.. that's it, dreaming.

"Hello, I'm very pleased to meet you, I'm Headmaster of Hogwarts," Harry looked up, his eyes squeezed frightened to look at the man before him. "Albus Dumbledore and you are?"

Opening his eyes, Harry's heart leapt at the vision of a younger Dumbledore smiling down at him, memories and emotion threatening to spill out, his mind in turmoil. Harry did the only thing he could in this situation, he fainted.