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Memories, jumbled and disjointed flashed behind Harry's eyes, the feeling of falling overwhelming him. Screams for help echoed loudly and he realised they were tumbling from his own lips.

Sirius falling through the veil loomed in his mind, his despair still there even after discovering the truth about his godfather. Remus crying in his arms, smoke and screams of pain washing over him. Fragments that seemed to slip through his fingers, what was real or fantasy anymore he didn't know.

"Harry…I love you." Severus' voice in his head, young and old voices overlapping, the tears brimming in his blinded eyes. Unable to open them, trying desperately to stop falling and go back to his waiting arms.

"Severus." his tone anguished and broken, the word though whispered was deafening in his ears.

His mind faltered for a moment, a clear image in his mind, hoping to hold on to it, Harry concentrated hard and the vision was suddenly clear. Standing by the garden watching himself with Severus, the music drifting through the open doors from inside.

"I don't think you should get married." Severus' rasping voice brought Harry to stand still, his face stunned at the words.

Agitated, the younger Harry turned away, body tense as he went to walk away. Severus lifted his hand, uncertainty on his face as he grabbed the retreating Harry's arm.

"Harry, please…you asked my opinion. I merely gave it to you." the slight commanding edge made Harry look at him, his face still full of annoyance and confusion.

"Why?" Harry whispered, staring at the open door to the house, clearly concerned about someone overhearing. Severus ran his fingers through his black hair and let out a huff.

"You are too young," he turned his face away from Harry, standing by the sidelines, the older Harry saw the look of despair on the man's face, "You have your life ahead of you…don't let someone dictate the path you should take."

"I want to get married!" Harry shouted but there seemed to be no conviction in his words, Severus span around and offered him an eyebrow quirk.

"Oh fuck off, you don't know anything about me!" Harry spat, this time his voice brimmed with certainty.

"Really…all those talks we've had…I know you still wake at night with the screams of the dead in your ears," Severus whispered, his tone harsh, gesturing to the house, "Does she know that!"

Harry stood staring at the house, tears filling his eyes and went to walk away, halting by the door. Severus stock still, breath heaving as he watched, his dark eyes widened as Harry whirled around and pulled him against his body.

"You know everything, do you?" Harry murmured, Severus struggled for a moment, "Do you know when I come…It's your name that's on my lips, not Ginny's?" obsidian eyes flared and Harry crushed their lips together. The kiss heated, a battle for dominance that Harry quickly won, the former potion master relaxed into the embrace and Harry's tongue mapped the addictive cavern of his mouth.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Ron's furious voice reaching a painful volume, the two men broke apart, Harry flushed but obviously aroused. His straining cock visible through his trousers, the fact not unnoticed by his raging friend. A dull thud filled the night, the red heads punch connecting with Harry's jaw, Severus' angered voice booming loudly.

The image shimmered, dispersing but the subsequent memories remained. Ginny coming to see what the ruckus was, angry words and tears. The wedding officially off, Harry left alone and despairing at the loss of his friends. Insisting that Severus stay away, harsh words said in the heat of the moment.

The sight of himself sitting at the kitchen table, cup of cooling tea in his hand as he cried filled Harry's eyes. The flare of the floo making them both look up to see a pale, tired looking Severus emerge from the fireplace.

"I told you to stay away." Harry's words croaking as he looked at the man, the annoyed façade crumbling under the intense stare of the dark eyed man.

"I know…I couldn't." Severus' voice almost inaudible, the confession making the man lower his eyes, avoiding Harry's gaze. Harry watched as his past self jumped up from the table, body trembling as he crossed the room to the potion master. Engulfing the man in a tight embrace both of them wearing matching incredulous expressions.

"I didn't mean it." Harry muttered, pressing his mouth to Severus' neck, breathing in the scent of the man.

"Couldn't have stayed away even if you had meant it." Severus whimpered as Harry bit down on the throbbing pulse point on his slender neck.

"YES!" Severus shouted, startling Harry who pulled back with a surprised smirk on his face.

"Like it a bit rough?" he asked, mirth in his tone, his hand running up and down Severus' back. The older man shuddered with the sensation and nodded his head, fire in his eyes.

"Yes…you…with you." Severus licked at Harry's bottom lip, the move broke Harry's control and he slammed their lips together. Moans of desire reverberated in the room, Harry grasped and grabbed Severus, pulling at the man's clothes. Never breaking the heart stopping kiss, Severus scrambled, blindly yanking at his buttons, the ping of them flying across the room made Harry moan into his mouth.

"Fuck, I want you so much." Harry breathed, his voice husky with lust.

Reaching down to palm himself through his jeans, his hard cock straining painfully against the material. Severus followed the path of his hand with his dark eyes, tentatively he reached across the trace the outline with his fingertips, Harry's head fell back and his moan was low. Green eyes dilated with arousal, Harry grabbed Severus' hand and pushed it hard against the bulge, both men moaning at the sensation.

"So hard." Severus murmured, licking his lips and Harry grabbed the back of his head, devouring his mouth in a toe curling furious kiss. The sound of tongues lapping and duelling the only sound in the silent house.

Please let this be a memory.

He prayed as he watched, the memory of the feel on Severus' smooth skin under his fingers was still fresh in his mind. The taste of the man on his tongue filled his senses, past experiences and the new memories bombarded his mind, making his head spin. His eyes focused on this memory, their first time and his heart began to beat faster.

"Please…touch me." Severus begged, Harry broke the kiss. The look of bewilderment on his face evident, pulling away to gaze into Severus' eyes.

"What?" Severus asked, impatience in his voice and his fingers gripped Harry hard through his jeans making the younger man whimper.

"You…ahhh different." Harry managed to gurgle out as Severus dropped to his knees, kissing his cock through the material. His mouth leaving a wet smear on the front, his lips wet with saliva as he leaned back, looking up at Harry with wild black eyes.

"We've wasted too much time," a slow lick along the length of Harry's cloth covered cock, "I want you," a nip to the head that was leaving a wet patch, Harry's pre-come leaking through the denim, "Don't want to wait anymore…did enough of that already." Severus ended his sentence by wrapping his mouth around the wet cloth and sucking at the damp patch, Harry buckled forward, his legs suddenly giving out.

"Shit…suck me…suck ME!" Harry screamed, Severus needed no further encouragement, yanking the zip of Harry's jeans down and tugging them to his thighs. Harry's rigid shaft sprang free, droplets of pre-come splashing Severus' face, the potion master's tongue licked along his lips as if desperate for a taste. The scent of arousal permeating the room, heat building and Harry looked down at the vision of the man slowly licking the tip of his engorged length.

"Taste so good…" the rest of his sentence mumbled and a flustered Harry didn't catch the words but watching back at the memory now Harry thought he heard 'never forgot how you tasted'

He knows who I am?

The moment forgotten as he remembered the feel of Severus engulfing his rigid length, the sensation forever etched in his mind. The cool caress of the breeze from the open kitchen window, the soft lap of his agile tongue and the heat of his wet mouth as it wrapped around his twitching shaft.

"Severus!" Harry screeched, the need making his voice shake with desire, a self satisfied smirk graced Severus' face before he swallowed Harry down the base of his cock. The feel of the potion master's nose pushing against his abdomen caused Harry to groan. The younger man unable to stop the urge to rut forward, hips snapping back and forth as he fucked Severus' gasping mouth. Soft slurps, muffled moans and the sound of occasional gagging loud in Harry's ears but he was incapable of stopping. Grabbing Severus' face between his palms, wild green eyes trying to focus while he stared down with awe at the sight, a look of shame flickered across Harry's face and his thrusts slowed. The depth of the thrusts seemed to lessen, stroking Severus' flushed skin. Harry's thumbs rubbing his high cheekbones and Severus looked up. Harry noticed that the potion master's eyes were watering ,he pulled back only to be stopped by Severus grabbing his buttocks and pulling him closer.

"I'm choking you." Harry's lust filled voice was soft and husky, his concerned words belied by the moving of his hips, allowing the man to swallow him down. Severus hummed his appreciation, fingers clasping Harry's hips, controlling the depth and speed of his thrusts. Choking back moans of bliss, Harry clenched his fists, biting his lips to keep control and fighting the need for release. Severus sensing his internal battle pulled off his cock with a slurp, eyes fixed on Harry's glazed green eyes and whimpered.

"Come down my throat." the hitching of Harry's breath his answer and he resumed his lavish worship of the turgid shaft.

"Oh…oh…fuck!" Harry roared, Severus taking him deep in his throat the catalyst as he climaxed. Body shaking, hips jerking and Harry's hands came up to hold Severus' head as he filled the grunting man's mouth with his release. The memory of the feel of Severus' throat convulsing around the head of his cock and swallowing his come at the forefront of Harry's mind as the vision shimmered, falling back into the recesses of his mind.

Daylight hit his eyes, the light making his head hurt and his eyes sting as he opened them. The bedroom filled with the boxes from the attic, the scent of old books and robes assaulting his nostrils. Floor cold beneath his body, Harry felt overwhelming despair and began to cry. Soft whimpers and sobs punctuated the silence of the room. His eyes were drawn to the bed, bemused by the black sheets adorning the large four-poster.

What? Ginny hated four-poster beds.

Heart hammering in his chest, he looked around the room that was clearly occupied by two people, a lamp of each side of the bed with various books gracing the bedside cabinets. Walking to his usual side, not surprised to find the book he had started reading the week before, still open on the page he had gotten to. The other side of the bed was tidier, two books neatly stacked together and a small bottle of cologne. Trembling, Harry reached to pick up the bottle, the smell of spice and a hint of sandalwood filling his lungs as he took a deep breath. Sense memory pushing through his confused thoughts, his eyes drawn to the bed and reliving a vision.

"Oh…more…more." Severus whimpered, Harry's grip on the man's hip harsh and bruising. The rhythmic creaking of the bed, not the new four-poster but the one that Harry had gotten when he first moved back to Grimmauld Place. The noise of wood straining under the onslaught drowned out by the moans of desire spilling from Severus' lips. The ropes holding the dark eyed man in place tested by the struggles coming from the bound man, Severus desperate to touch Harry.

"Oh fuck…let me touch you…please!" Severus' breathy tone overflowing with pleading gasps and words made Harry's thrusts increase. Fucking the undulating man with hard, fast and deep thrusts, Severus' face pressed into the pillow to hold in the howls of pleasure at the rough treatment.

The movement caused a small pensieve bottle on the bedside cabinet to fall to the floor, distracting the watching Harry, the memory of Severus showing him what had happened in his past.



"We have to talk." Severus spoke in quiet tones, his face anxious. Harry lay gasping for breath, the sweat still lingered on their skin from the marathon sex session they had just partaken in. Hours and hours of pure, raw need finally sated as they lay in the afterglow. Now Severus had Harry worried with his words and the expression on his face, his own face falling as he jumped to the wrong conclusion.

"Was this a goodbye fuck!" Harry spat, anger in his words but tears brimming in his eyes, shocked that after three months that the former potion master would want to leave. Severus' features changed into stunned surprise, eyes soft as he pulled Harry into his arms, kissing the upset younger man.

"No, no…Harry, I would never leave you." realising that he given away too much of his feelings, Severus lowered his eyes waiting for Harry to dismiss what they had. Their feelings had never been discussed, Harry's silence made him look up to face shocked green eyes, a smile on his face.

"You love me?" Harry asked, a tremble showing his nerves.

"Yes." Severus whispered, Harry kissed his mouth and pulled him flush against his body, Severus moaned at the feel of Harry's firming cock. The dark eyed man allowed a brief forlorn look to cloud his feature, the sadness at Harry not returning the sentiment unnoticed by the kissing younger man.

"You're insatiable." Severus laughed and tried to make light of the situation, Harry hitched an eyebrow in a perfect imitation of his infamous sneer, laughter in his own voice as he spoke.

"Enjoy me while I'm young…won't be this quick to recover when I'm old!" Severus laughed harder at Harry's words and the look on his face made Harry's laughter pause, "What?"

"What do you know about time travel?" Severus' serious tone made Harry sit up and look at him with apprehension.

Several hours later and two pensieve memories used to show Harry the truth of his outlandish words. A pale, shaking Harry sat on the bed and Severus paced back and forth at the end of the bed.

"It's all true, isn't it?" Harry's cold voice made Severus pale, nodding his head as he met Harry's angry green eyes.

"THAT BASTARD!" Harry shouted, Severus stumbled back at the venom in his voice. Glazed verdant eyes snapped back into focus, looking at the man, his hand reached out for the dark eyed potion master. Relief written all over his drawn face as Harry pulled him onto the bed and into his arms.

"I tried to save you from going to Voldemort…my parents," Harry sobbed, eyes filling with tears as Severus held him, "I love you." Harry murmured against Severus' chest, his tears spilling on to the man's skin.

End of flashback


Now standing by the bed watching himself fucking the man hard and fast, Harry remembered his despair at discovering the depths of Dumbledore's betrayal. Severus revealing that the headmaster had left a pensieve for Severus that would remove the oblivation charm but for Harry it was no comfort, desolate at the loss of so many people that could have been spared.

"Merlin…fuck me hard…MASTER!" Severus broke the contemplative mood of the voyeuristic Harry, pulled back to the memory before him. Grunts filled the room, Harry's body glistening with exertion and he reached down to flick the clip attached to Severus' foreskin. The tip of his cock purple with need from the combined clip and cock ring strapped firmly around the base.

"Mine…you're mine!" the lust burning in Harry's voice, Severus arched his back, trying to thrust back even with the rope restraints holding his hands and legs in place.

"YOURS!" Severus almost roared with need, Harry flicking lazily back and forth across the clip, the metal teeth biting into the soft flesh of Severus' dark pink foreskin, the tip of his cock closed shut. Black eyes fluttered shut at the sensation, moans escaping bitten lips and Severus' tongue lapped at his abused, swollen bottom lip trying to moisten the bleeding flesh. Harry leaned over him, licking at the spilt lips, savouring the taste of his blood and thrusting his tongue into Severus' willing mouth.

"You want to come?" his tone sex laden as he spoke, Harry slowed his thrusts adding a slight swivel to his hips, Severus' eyes snapped open and he grunted with pleasure. Repeating the move, drawing the same response, Harry smiled and increased the swivel, the move brushing his cock against Severus' prostate on the forward push.

"Tell me, beg me to come." the self assured tone made the watching Harry smile, remembering fondly that it had taken him months to allow himself the freedom to embrace his role in the bedroom. Now watching his younger self wallowing in the control he had, fucking the man beneath him with gusto, deep lunges guaranteed to make the man scream with pleasure.

"Please, please…I love you, my master!" Harry's arched his back slamming hard, Severus screamed as Harry released the clip, rubbing the abused tip of his cock with soft delicate strokes, the head dripping even with the cock ring. Severus, so turned by the sensation overwhelming his body, Harry gathered the fluid on his thumb bringing the shining digit up to the gasping man's mouth. Severus lapped energetically at the offered treat, murmuring his delight at the taste.

"Oh yes, that's it." Harry moaned, his hips plunging hard and fast, the bed shaking under the intensity. Severus pressed his face back into the pillow, shouting and moaning his need for release. Harry taking pity on him, un-strapped his bound cock and began to stroke the rock solid length, his finger twisting around the head and rubbing the abused foreskin earning a hearty howl of satisfaction from the potion master.

"Come for me…I want to feel you tighten around my cock." Harry ordered, Severus stopped breathing, cock erupting everywhere, spraying the sheets below him and coating Harry's stroking fingers. Harry's eyes flickered shut at the feel of Severus clenching around him and moaned, his thrusts jerking as he followed his lover into blissful oblivion. His own orgasm heart stopping and overwhelming, soft grunts escaping from his parted lips as he poured himself into Severus. The gasping man keened underneath at the feel of his come coating his insides.


The splintering of the bed frame loud in the room, the bed trying to fold in on itself, Harry shouted a releasing spell and pulled Severus off the bed as it disintegrated. Soft, tired giggles slowly filled the room, Harry turned to look at the shaking Severus, tears of mirth spilling down his cheeks and Harry let out a husky, shaky laugh.

"I think we might need a new bed." he laughed, Severus leaned into his arms and pressed an exhausted kiss to his smiling lips.

Heart still hammering in his chest at the vision of the bed in front of him, swaying on his feet as more memories coursed through his mind. Frantic, Harry reached for his bedside drawer, pulling a book from its confines. Smiling like an idiot and praying that the memory was true. Eyes scanning the photographs gracing the pages, Severus and Harry smiling, confetti still in their hair. Closing his eyes, tears of happiness falling onto the pictures under his fingers.

Nerves, fear crawling up his spine as he fidgeted, the tie on his suit feeling suddenly to tight around his neck, He reached up to loosen the pressure, a soft slap halting his moves.

"Stop…he'll be there." Hermione's sweet voice doing nothing to settle his nerves, the pain of Ron not being there was still fresh and Harry found himself struggling not to cry, "It's his loss, enjoy your day." Hermione whispered, looking over to Remus.

The wolf's face reflected the nerves Harry felt and he tried to smile, his amber eyes filled with pride as he looked at Harry. Relief evident in Harry's mind as he watched the display between them., Remus pulled the nervous Harry into a hug.

Remus' words echoed in Harry's mind, confronting the wolf after discovering that Dumbledore had oblivitated both Severus and him. The wolf shocked at Severus having told him, admitted that the obliviation charm had not worked.

"I was half way back to the tower when I remembered everything," his eyes filled with tears, "I tried to stop it but I failed…I failed you Harry." Harry had pulled the man into his arms, assuring him that he couldn't have done more. Cursing Dumbledore and his meddling, glad that Remus had survived but distraught that Tonks had still died in the final battle.

Now watching himself with the man, Harry felt tears building and his heart ached for the man who had lost two loves. Smiling, when the clear image of Hermione and Remus kissing, both splendid in white robes, their wedding day being a beautiful affair appeared in Harry's mind.

Eyes pulled back to the scene unfolding in front of him, Remus standing by a flustered Harry. Music began to play, a beautiful flute piece drifting into the garden, flowers strewn along the white path leading to the alter. Severus standing waiting at the arch, handsome in his grey suit, hair tied back with a black bow. The minister smiling as the two men came to stand side by side to recite their heartfelt vows. Declaring the world, the love that they shared and officially marrying in a bonding ceremony.

"Harry." Severus' voice washed over him, frightened for a moment to open his eyes in case it had all been a dream. Soft warm hand stroked his cheek and he leaned into the familiar touch.

"Severus?" Harry whispered, a soft huff of amusement touched his skin, the scent of his husband caressing his senses, he opened his eyes. Severus was kneeling at his feet, face older but still handsome, flecks of grey touching his temples and Harry felt weak with emotion.

"It's okay, relax, the memories will take a while to slot back into place," his voice deep, Harry leaned forward and touched the man, confirming that he was there in flesh and blood, "How much do you remember?"

"You…me…married…oh you let me go back," Severus nodded and Harry remembered the lengthy conversation they had, Harry adamant that he had to go back to insure their future, Severus' disagreed and the argument had been fraught, "I thought I'd lost you." Harry sobbed, pulling the man into his arms, Severus sighed and pressed a tender kiss to his lips.

"Never…I will always be yours," his eyes flicked to the door, nerves on his face, "Do you remember everything?"

"It's coming back slowly…a bit fuzzy in places…Remus!" Severus smiled, "Bloody hell, he married Hermione…I was his best man!" the memories seemed to flow, filling gaps in Harry's mind.

"Breathe…breathe…Severus…I love you." Harry cried, tears brimming in his eyes, feeling helpless as he watched his love in pain. Gasps of agony filling the antiseptic smelling room, heart in his throat with fear.

The rest of the memory flashed in Harry's head, he let out a gasp, Severus offered an understanding smile at his widened eyes. His own eyes brimming with tears, black depths reflecting the love in Harry's stunned eyes.

"I remember…how could I forget?"

"Side effect, we knew that there were risks but you still wanted to try," Severus kissed him again, tongues duelled slowly and even after ten years the passion still ignited immediately between them, pulling away when the need to breath became overwhelming, reading Harry's mind, Severus whispered, "He's downstairs, waiting for you."

Taking the steps two at a time, Harry ran down to the drawing room. The house so different now, light and filled with joy. Halting at the doorway, eyes filled with tears as he watched. Dark hair, thankfully not an unruly mop and verdant green eyes shining with happiness on the little boy's face.

"Daddy!" Tobias Orion Potter shouted and ran into Harry's arms.

The End