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Chapter 1

Up in the clouds, high above Hyrule and the surrounding kingdoms stood the three goddesses.

"I'm bored!" Din proclaimed suddenly, disrupting the serenity of their heavenly home. "Let's do something, anything, just something to relieve the boredom!"

"You're so dramatic, sister. Perhaps you should put that talent to use and entertain Farore and me," Nayru suggested from where she stood. She too was bored, but would never dare complain.

"Funny Nayru. Maybe I should just pick on some Hylians," Din mused, turning her attention to the fair kingdom below. This drew a gasp from Farore, who dropped the flower crown she had been making.

"Don't you dare Din; the Hylians have done nothing wrong!" Farore paused, and then her green eyes lit up. "I know what we can do!" Din and Nayru waited, but Farore just stood there, smiling brightly.

"Well?" Nayru encouraged gently, before Din could lose any more patience. Farore smile got bigger, if that were even possible.

"I think we should go swimming!" Nayru sighed quietly and Din glared, her way of making her distaste for the idea apparent.

"We've gone swimming before," she hissed while furiously brushing away a red lock of hair. "How can that b-?"

"You didn't let me finish!" Farore huffed. "I was going to say that we should go for a swim... at Lake Hylia." This had both sisters attention immediately.

"We can't go to Lake Hylia," proclaimed Nayru. "Can we?" She wasn't sure if they could or not. Mostly, this just didn't sound like a good idea to her. Din however had her own thoughts on the matter.

"Why not? We made Hyrule and everything else down there, so why shouldn't we go? This could be fun! Let's do it!" This was the most exciting thing to happen in a long time, and there was no way Din was going to let Nayru ruin it.

"Come on Nayru, please? Actually, let's go for a few days, maybe even a week! Please?" Farore fixed her pleading gaze on her sister and knew she had won when Nayru closed her eyes and sighed.

All right, fine, but we need new appearances, and names. We can't walk around down there looking the way we do now," Nayru pointed out. Din and Farore became serious; they didn't need to be as wise as Nayru to know that she was absolutely right.

"All right," said Din, "for my name, I'll choose...Valerie, that sounds good for me," she added smugly.

"Hmm... I like the name Kayla. Yes, that's the name I want," Nayru mused.

"Audria, I just LOVE that name! I'm Audria! Now, disguises!" Farore demanded excitedly. Really, she could be such a kid when she got wound up.

"Me first." Din closed her eyes and concentrated. Before her sisters' eyes, she changed. She lost her look of power and became a few inches shorter. Her skin darkened to a tan and her hair changed from dark red to a shade much lighter, almost orange.

Her heavenly gown of satin became a simple blood red top of cotton (that covered only her breasts) and matching pants. Her muscled stomach was left exposed and when she opened her eyes they were no longer vibrant rubies, but sparkling ambers.

"A Gerudo, why am I not surprised," teased Nayru before closing her own eyes.

Almost immediately, her light blue hair darkened, so much so that it almost looked black. It became shorter as well, now reaching her elbows instead of her knees. She too became a bit shorter, but her skin remained the color of ivory.

Her dress stayed silk, but it was now white and of simple design, the only color being a sky blue sash around her slender waist. At last she opened her eyes, and they were the same blue as a summer sky.

Pretty Nayru, now for me!" Farore squeezed her eyes shut tightly and her transformation began.

Her hair became a perfect shade of jade green and fell in curls down her back. A headband appeared to keep her bangs from her eyes, and it was adorned in pink silk flowers. Like the others, she too became shorter, and her skin shade was like peaches and cream. A green cotton dress went down just past her knees and brown boots magically appeared on her feet. When she opened her eyes, they were no longer green, but hazel.

"Just add the wings and you'd be a forest fairy," Din proclaimed dryly.

"I prefer the title, Forest Princess," she giggled, twirling around, excited beyond belief. It was finally happening; they were leaving the boring routines of life in the clouds.

Now bring on Hyrule and all its adventures.

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