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Chapter 4

Great, just great, Din, or Valerie as she was supposed to introduce herself, mentally whined. I cannot believe I got separated from those two! All around her was brown rock and high above the sun beat down mercilessly. Why does it have to be so hot? Wait, no I can't complain, I'm Din! Nothing's too much for me!

Her disguise begged to differ. She, it, them, whatever just weren't used to it. She screeched and kicked a rock, watching it sail over a cliff. At that moment, she noticed a bridge connecting her side to the other and relief swelled up inside her. Finally, the Fortress was almost in sight. She couldn't believe that she was going to walk among the Gerudo girls, the greatest race in Hyrule, and they weren't going to even know it was her.

The thought made her eager to get to her destination and she felt full of energy once more. Before she could move however, a laugh rumbled in her ears and enormous arms snared her waist.

"Temper, temper Aveil, such a brat, aren't you," whispered a voice tauntingly before she was turned around in her captors arms and lips crashed onto her own.

What the heck!She inwardly yelled, trying to pull away, but she was soon pinned against a rock and her attacker continued his assault. Din caught flashes of red hair and glimpses of tan skin before her attacker had the audacity to shove his tongue into her mouth. Her mind roared

Whoever you are, dumb pig, you're going to regret this! She bit down on the slimy intruder. Hard. The person jerked his head back, dropping her in the process. Jumping to her feet she spat the blood she had drawn from her retaliation on her attacker and glared unbridled murder.

The man before looked to be in his mid-twenties and he was coughing up blood. Finally he stopped and rubbed his jaw as if it would help. "Aveil, you cobra!" he hissed, "what is y-"

"I don't know any Aveil, you slimy piece of leever waste, but I swear you'll have more than a wounded tongue if you try that again!" The man looked her straight in the eyes, and only then did it really sink in who he was.

Ganondorf, the current Gerudo King. Oh well, it didn't matter, she was Din!

But he can't know that stupid, her mind taunted. You're just a regular Gerudo named Valerie, remember?

"You dare speak to your king that way?" he finally growled, trying to intimidate her, no doubt, into mindless submission like some of the other women at the fort.

"You don't intimidate me, and I'm not going to be your most recent conquest, your Dumbness. I don't answer to anyone but myself." he glared at her bold speech, but inwardly, he was curious. He had never seen her around the fort; he would have already tried to seduce her if that were the case. So who was she, and where did she come from?

"What is your name?"

"Valerie. Nosy pig." she added, just loud enough for him to hear. His hand balled into a fist. He wanted to teach her some manners so badly...

"I'm not telling you where I'm from either, because I don't have a permanent residence. I travel all over. My mother was a Gerudo, and I came to see her home. She left pregnant with me. Now, out of my way." Ganondorf watched her barge past him and run across the bridge. When she got to the other side, an idea struck her and a cruel smile spread across her face. She turned back to him.

"By the way, your royal pain in the behindness, I'll be sure to tell your sweet Aveil what a lousy kiss and cheat you are! So long pig!" And with that promise lingering in the air, she took off in the direction of the fortress.

Ganondorf watched her go, unaware that at the same moment, both were thinking the exact same thing.

This is definitely the start of long, long rivalry.

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