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Chapter 5

"Wow, it seems as if you've been just about everywhere!" said Farore with a note of envy in her voice. She and Link were camping under a cluster of trees out in Hyrule Field for the night; hopefully they would be in Kakariko Village sometime tomorrow. And hopefully, she added mentally, those two will be there. It unnerved Farore somewhat that she had gotten separated from her sisters, but she wasn't too concerned. If it really came down to it, she could return to the Land above the Clouds on her own.

Besides, she was enjoying this Hylian's company. Since meeting, they had talked endlessly, mostly with him telling her of all the adventures he had been on in the vast Hylian Kingdom. She had enjoyed every one and wished she could go on of her own. Link laughed at her statement, bringing her out of her thoughts. He looked at her from across the fire he had started, and she couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked in the shadowy light. "I wouldn't say I've gone everywhere," he finally returned softly. "I've never been in the Desert Providence… and I've never been beyond the Kingdom of Hyrule."

"But you want to be; you want to see if there's more out there, don't you?" she asked in a slightly teasing tone. He rolled his eyes, than fixed his gaze on the moon.

"I like seeing new places; meeting new people. I like doing things. I think I would go crazy doing nothing all day or staying in the same place my whole life." He paused thoughtfully. "Of course, it is also nice to have a place to return to… a place I can always call home. You know what I mean?" Farore couldn't think of a verbal reply, so she just nodded her head, even though it was a lie. She had been in the Land above the Clouds for so long, that she couldn't imagine why she'd ever want to return. Link smiled at her answer, thinking it was nice to have someone who understood what he was saying. "So Audria, where have you been? Tell me more about these friends of yours, so that I'll know them when I see them."

"Well, for starters, there more like my sisters; we're all really close," Farore said quickly. She needed time to think of an answer for his question. "Valerie is the oldest of us three, and she's nice enough, but she can be really bossy and has a pretty short temper. She's actually a Gerudo." Link's eyebrows rose with surprise while his mouth fell open slightly, and he looked as if he didn't believe her, to which she just smiled smugly. "I'm dead serious, so you can stop looking like a fish out of water." Link's mouth snapped closed and he turned away so that she wouldn't see the light blush on his cheeks. He hoped he didn't look like too much of an idiot; Audria was nice, pretty, and he enjoyed being around her. Of course, there's someone you like way more… even love. Link brushed the thought away, partially because he didn't want to think of… her and partially because Audria had resumed speaking.

"Anyway, Valarie is a Gerudo, like I said, and she looks like your normal Gerudo girl; tan skin, orange-red hair, amber eyes. Kayla on the other hand is practically the opposite in almost every way I can think of." Farore fell silent as she thought of Nayru and wondered what her over cautious sister was doing. Had she managed to stay with Din, or had all three been separated from the other? If the three of them gotten split up, no doubt Nayru was having a panic attack. Her blue haired sister loved for everything to go as planned, and when things went wrong, Nayru would make it seem as if the world was coming to an end. Hopefully, this whole trip will cause her to loosen up.

"How are they different? Is she a Gerudo as well?" Link asked when he felt the blush fade away. The idea made her burst out into a round of laughter. "Did I say something funny?"

"Somewhat. Kayla's a Hylian like me. I don't think she'd last one minute as a Gerudo. She's really soft spoken, timid, and a massive worrier, but she's really smart and really kind. In fact, she and D-Valarie keep each other balanced. If Valarie were on her own, the world would have it out for her in less than a day, and if Kayla were on her own, people would walk all over her and take advantage of her every minute, and she wouldn't do anything about it. It's kind of funny, but I never noticed that until now." Farore added the last part softly, subdued into silence at how true the statement was.

If it were only Din, things would be… aggressive, for lack of a better way to put it, and if it were just Nayru, things would always be passive. So I guess that makes me somewhere in the middle, even if I am the "youngest." I'm not completely like Din, but I'm not completely like Nayru either. Link watched her and noticed the deep look of concentration on her face. He decided to not ask her to repeat the very last part; whatever it had been probably wasn't important as she didn't seem to be expecting a reply.

She must be thinking about her friends. There's so much more that I want to know about her, but I guess I should save those questions for tomorrow. Link stood and the movement brought Farore back to reality. Link spread out two blankets, one on either side of the fire. "I think maybe we should turn in for the night, if we want to get an early start tomorrow. Goodnight Audria." He smiled before lying down on one of the blankets, his back to her in an attempt to give her some privacy. She smiled and made herself comfortable, surprised at the sleepy feeling that hit her until she remembered that technically, she was a mortal Hylian.

Oh well, she thought as she yawned, the whole point of this trip is to experience new things. Still… it would be even better if Din and Nayru were here. Just as Farore eyes closed she wished that she would be reunited with her sisters soon; after all, they were family, and they meant more to her than anything in the world.

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