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(Kissed You) Good Night

Half scared to death, can't catch my breath,

Aren't these the moments we live for?

Laughter punctuated the night air over the whirl of alien technology flying the two teens home. The mission had ended nearly an hour prior with minimal scuffling for the beta team, a success in both theirs and Sphere's books.

Sphere beeped and whistled along with Jaime and Cassie's laughter as though to join in with her own amusement. The early spring air nipped at their uncovered noses as they sped through the sky to Gateway City.

Cassie had initially protested at Jaime's insistence of escorting her home, but they had only been about forty-five minutes away, and he had argued that it was no trouble and wasn't that the gentlemanly thing to do? What kind of teammate would he be if he didn't make sure she got home safely?

The blonde, clearly pleased with his concern, reminded her cohort that she was perfectly capable of handling herself.

"I know," Jaime had replied with sincerity in those dark brown eyes, "But I want to."

And just like that, the flirty banter continued between the two, punctuated by excited reminders of all the things that went right with that night's mission.

If the duo was being honest with themselves, both would agree that something had changed in the air between them these past several weeks. The concoction of their combined personalities had suddenly simmered into a chemistry so palpable and cohesive that even their leader had taken note, paring them up on assignments with increased frequency.

Perhaps Jaime's cautious, analytical persona was enhanced by Cassie's persistent, hands-on characteristics rather than muted or antagonized by them. She respected his calm, level-headed orders, and he trusted her intuition and last-minute shots called under smoke and gunfire and unnatural disasters. They both shared a fiery temper when irritated, though rarely did they ignite simultaneously unless against a common foe.

Somehow his awkwardness and her overwhelming presence melded together, liquid magma in a dormant volcano just waiting to erupt. Cassie, never one to shy from her feelings, could acknowledge there was a ledge on that slope of the fiery mountain, and she was poised on the very edge, ready to jump in of her own violation. Jaime, on the other had, could be so dense that she might need to push him in first.

Sphere beeped and trilled, which the Scarab translated to mean they had arrived at Wonder Girl's home. Her mother was away on business, and the brick townhouse seemed a bit melancholy with its dark windows betraying no signs of life within. The New Genesis tech touched down about a block before the blonde's street, quietly rolling to a stop in front of her house and humming quietly in the crisp air.

"Well, I guess this is my stop," she grinned at Jaime, and he swore she could hear his heartbeats trip over each other. "Thanks for making sure I got home safe."

She leaned in slightly, uncertainty tugging at her smile and straining the dimples in her cheeks. Jaime could feel his mouth go dry, his mind short circuiting and unhelpfully blank as he scrounged for an appropriate response.

"Uh, y-yeah. Sure. No problem," he stuttered out. Smooth. Real smooth, he thought sarcastically.

Unfortunately, his nervousness at absolutely nothing seemed to heighten Cassie's sudden self-consciousness, and with a quick side hug she squeaked out "Goodnight!" before all but vaulting the side of Sphere and jogging up the walkway. Wonder Girl fumbled with her keys, dropping them twice before finally finding the one that would allow her to escape from the awkward situation she just left.

The slamming door echoed down the quiet street, the only sounds coming from the soothing hum of Sphere. But the piece of technology vibrating beneath Blue Beetle let out a series of shrill beeps and whistles that sounded almost...annoyed?

'Agreed. Jaime Reyes, you are an idiot,' came the Scarab's caustic voice from the back of Jaime's brain.

"I'm the idiot?" Jaime hissed through his teeth, his sharp temper flaring for a moment. "Who wanted to use the plasma canon on that group of elderly women walking down the street?"

Sphere trilled annoyedly, and the Scarab replied, That's not what we meant.

Slowly, Jaime turned his gaze up the path that his teammate had walked only minutes before. Everything seemed to catch up, a hailstorm of thoughts bombarding his thick teenage skull. Cassie had been flirting with him. Cassie had been flirting and she was happy he had accompanied her home and she had leaned in and-

His train of thought had completely derailed in a violent explosion somewhere between his cerebrum and cerebellum. She was waiting for him to kiss her goodnight.

"I'm an idiot," he whispered, practically jumping out of Sphere and running across the lawn in the shortest distance possible to the front door. There was no more thinking, only acting on the sheer power of his hormones and the signs he was reading into.

Skidding to a stop on the cement porch, Jaime's fist was poised to knock. He never got the chance.

The door was wrenched open to reveal an equally breathless Cassie, arms flinging around his neck as he met her halfway. Their noses bumped almost painfully when their lips met, two tidal waves of surging emotions that melted over like magma, igniting their nerves and melting deliciously down their spines until it was only them and the warmth they shared.

Cassie found her back pressed against the doorframe somewhat roughly, and she dug her nails into his shoulder and the base of his neck in response. The last few bits of oxygen were transferred from Jaime's lungs to Cassie's lips, so he broke apart somewhat reluctantly, the barest whisper of a kiss lingering between their mouths as he watched her through a half-lidded expression.

"Goodnight," he breathed, leaning in to place one last kiss at the corner of her mouth.

Her smile was palpable, and he could feel his emotions erupt all over again.

And now that I've kissed you,

It's a good night, good night, baby. Goodnight.