A/N: So here is my first ever transformers fic! (Based on the show Transformers Prime) I've been obsessed with the series. Figure this takes place AFTER Orion Pax part 3. So Optimus got his memory back and everything is back to normal at the Autobot base. Let me know what you think! Reviews good or bad!

It was the final period of the day and students were anxiously waiting for the bell. Raf was seated by the window. He looked out, knowing Bee would show up any second now. He was looking forward to spending the rest of his day with the Autobots.

A sporty white car pulled up and Raf watched as the driver got out. His face lit up when he realized it was his sister, Monica. She was eighteen and still adjusting to her new life in college. It was hard work and exhausting but as always, Monica was totally committed to her studies. She especially liked being someplace new, someplace other than Jasper. It was finally winter break and Monica was coming home for a whole month. Raf was excited about this. He missed having her around.

The bell rang and suddenly everyone was in motion. Jack and Miko approached Raf in the hall.

"Our bots are late!" Miko exclaimed "I bet they're out battling cons without us. I am so not taking the bus."

"Actually, I have a ride. My sister's right out front." Raf explained as they walked outside.

"Monica, right?" Jack asked. Raf had mentioned her before.

"That would be me." The three of them looked down at Raf's sister, standing with a hand on her hip at the bottom of the school's steps. She was wearing jeans and a red T-shirt and her hair was tied back into a neat ponytail. Raf thought she hadn't changed a bit.

He grinned and ran over to hug her. "I'm so glad you're home."

"Me too. I've missed you all so much." She looked up "Oh. Who are your friends?"

"This is Miko and Jack."

"Oh right, you told me about them over the phone." Monica smiled. Being so smart, her brother skipped a few grades. She thought he would have a hard time making friends.

"I told mom I was picking you up but she said you've been staying after school. For a club? She says you're really involved."

"It's a science fiction club." Jack said quickly "Miko and I are in it too."

"Really? You never mentioned it, Raf."

"That's because it's a secret science fiction club." Miko said. Both boys gave her a look. Raf knew his sister never missed a thing. She was too smart for her own good. He wondered how he would be able to keep the Autobots a secret from her.

"Monica, whose car is that?" Raf asked, changing the subject.

She glanced at the white Audi parked along the curb. "You know how my old Toyota was always causing problems. I couldn't take it anymore. So I traded it in for this one just last week. Nice, huh?"

Raf nodded "Can we go for a ride?"

"Of course. Only if it's okay to skip out on this secret club of yours."

He forced a laugh "It . . . shouldn't be a problem." He turned to his friends "I'll see you guys later."

"Nice meeting you, Miko. Jack." She added, nodding to each of them.

Once they approached the car, Monica made a gesture with her hands to show it off. "Ta-da! What do you think up close?"

"It's awesome."

She smiled "It's a little beat up but I think that gives it personality."

The moment Raf climbed in, he could tell something was . . . off. A certain symbol engraved on the horn caught his attention. "It's an Autobot."

Monica was in the driver's seat now. The car was in motion when she looked at him "What?"

"Monica, where did you get this car!?"

All of a sudden, the car jerked forward and took off down the street. Monica instinctively hit the breaks but it was no use. Her hands let go when the steering wheel started turning. It was like the car had a mind of its own.

"What is going on!?" She cried.

Raf turned around to look over his seat. Two identical purple cars were coming up fast. "Decepticons" He confirmed.

Raf didn't know anything about the Autobot he was riding in. But right now, he needed to trust it. "They're gaining on us! Can you lose them?"

With that, the Autobot went faster, its engine roaring. Raf looked back to see that the deceptions were falling out of sight. The Autobot made a sharp U turn then pulled into an empty lot, cutting off its engine.

Raf was sure they lost them but it never was that easy. A moment later, both 'Cons pulled in side by side. With no more options, the Autobot had no choice. Her doors flung open. "Quickly, you must get out now."

Raf was surprised to hear a female voice. He only knew of one other female Autobot.

"Who said that?" Monica gasped.

"We need to get out! Trust me!"

"Raf, wait!" She followed him out of the car then froze. The two cars suddenly . . . transformed? Into what appeared to be . . . giant metal robots? She heard noises coming from her car and when she looked over, it had transformed into one as well. She stared, eyes wide, unable to move.

The Decepticons drew their blasters. "Surrender now, 'Bot!"

The Autobot drew hers. (She carried blasters in both her forearms). "Never!" A protective mask slid over her face, leaving only her optics visible.

"Monica, come on!" Raf shouted, tugging at her hand. He pulled her away just as the 'Cons started shooting.

They ran behind a dumpster and Monica fell to her knees. Her heart was pounding. "This is crazy!"

"It's okay! She's on our side." Raf assured her.

She looked at him like he was insane. "She? Who is she?"

Before he could answer, one 'Con crashed on top of the dumpster. Monica fell back, pulling Raf along with her. It got right back up without noticing them.

Raf moved back closer to the dumpster, focused on watching the battle. Something about this Autobot was different. The first thing he noticed was the massive blade that she carried on her back. There was a handle in the middle that she could hold with both hands, with long, razor sharp blades extending on both sides. It looked like it could cut through anything, and she also used it to reflect blaster fire. At just the right moment, she grabbed one 'Con by the arm and sent him flying into the other.

"Whoa." Raf gasped. This 'Bot could seriously fight.

But she was feeling weak. Her lack of energon was making her dizzy. She considered making a run for it. Besides, her first priority should be getting the humans to safety. She spotted them behind the dumpster and was about to transform when one 'Con slammed into her, pinning her down face first. To stop her from struggling, the other stabbed his blade into her shoulder. She let out a cry of pain.

Raf couldn't take it anymore. "Stop! Leave her alone!"

The 'Cons looked right at them and lifted their blasters. Raf gulped as he listened to that ringing sound get higher and higher . . .

There was an engine roar as a yellow Camaro zoomed into the lot. Bumblebee transformed and jumped in front of Raf and his sister. The scout drew his guns. "Bee! You need to help her! She's an Autobot!" Raf shouted.

Bumblebee understood. He tackled one Decepticon, freeing the Autobot beneath him. She shot at the other above her and the 'Con stumbled backwards. Then she sprang up on her hands, kicking him square in the face and sending him flying.

Bee already had the other 'Con down. He looked at the Autobot, cocking his head to one side. She slid up her mask, meeting his gaze for a moment. Then suddenly, her optics closed, and she collapsed in front of him.