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Bumblebee and Bulkhead returned to base with their human companions. Raf was surprised when he noticed his sister. "Monica! You're here!"

She smiled when she saw him "You bet I am. This place is amazing. I can't even begin to describe the science behind their ground-bridge technology."

"Oh great, another science wiz." Miko said

Monica looked at her "And I think it's a good idea if I keep an eye on you guys from now on."

"Relax, ok? Our 'bots have it under control."

"Really? So you're saying you've never caused any trouble around here?"

"That's right." Miko replied

Ratchet huffed at that.

"Maybe I've tagged along on a few missions-"

"Without their permission." She assumed

"So what? Bulkhead's always got my back! Who are you, anyway, my mother?"

Optimus spoke up for her "Monica is concerned for your safety, as we all are, and her responsibility is admirable."

She smiled up at him, flattered he even took notice to her.

Suddenly, an alarm on the monitor went off. Ratchet checked the readings "I'm detecting a strong energon signal."

"Can you trace the source?" Luna asked

"On a human based computer? No."

"Luna and Bulkhead will come with me to investigate." Optimus said

Bulkhead almost jumped for joy. He was going on a mission with one of the most legendary gladiators in Cybertronian history. As for Luna, she felt a bit nervous. The last time she'd been on a team was during the Great War. It didn't end well for her and she hated to think about it, but she was sure the rest of Team Prime suffered from loss also. She wasn't the only one, and she couldn't afford to be paranoid about it.

Monica looked up at her guardian, who seemed to be lost in thought. "You'll do good, Luna."

Luna looked down and smiled, then followed Optimus and Bulkhead into the ground-bridge. Moments later, Arcee and Jack arrived to base.

"Look who finally showed up." Miko exclaimed.

"Don't blame me. Jack was busy socializing." Arcee said

"Let me guess! With Sierra?" She teased, making kissy faces.

Jack flushed, placing a hand behind his neck. "Hi, Monica."

She smiled back "Hi, Jack."

"Where's Optimus?" Arcee asked

"Scouting mission with Luna and Bulkhead." Ratchet replied

She chuckled once "Bulk must be thrilled about that."

"I don't see what makes her so special." Miko muttered, a bit out of jealousy.

Arcee shrugged "She was famous on our planet. Can't say I was ever much a fan."

"Why not?" Monica asked

"I don't necessarily agree with watching bots battle for the entertainment of others."

"But wasn't it part of your culture?"

"Do you agree with everything in your culture?"

She made a good point. "No."

"It was an absurd game." Ratchet cut in "The gladiators risked their lives battle after battle, and all they fought for was power and fame."

"In a sense, they were the first warriors of Cybertron." Arcee said. "And they all served under Megatron when the war broke out. He was a gladiator himself, after all."

"Luna didn't."

"She had Orion Pax. Of course she chose the path of an Autobot." Ratchet said

"Who's Orion Pax?" Monica asked.

Raf and Jack exchanged looks. "We should probably tell you everything that's happened this month."

She blinked twice, ready for anything. "Go for it."

They began to tell her everything starting with Unicron's awakening.

Meanwhile, out in the field, Bulkhead was begging Luna to tell him about one of her famous battles. "You've got remember the one at Polyhex! You and Nova against The Destroyer? That was a good match."

She remembered Nova getting seriously hurt, and how close they came to loosing. She hated that match.

Optimus noticed how uncomfortable the subject made her feel. "Bulkhead, let us focus on the mission at hand."

"Right, sorry." He replied

She offered Optimus a sad smile, and he nodded at her.

They continued on as their signal grew stronger. The air around them was starting to thicken and they soon found themselves surrounded by fog. They went on, barely able to ahead of them. Luna focused on a strange structure up ahead. She looked more closely as they passed it, seeing a large platform filled with wooden horses for humans to sit upon. "Where are we?"

"I think we're in an amusement park." Bulkhead said

"A what?"

"You know, it's where people go to play games and go on rides. Miko loves this kind of stuff."

They came across more rides and buildings and noticed how run-down everything looked. "It seems that this place has been abandoned for some time." Optimus concluded.

Luna jumped when she almost walked right into an enormous, concrete statute of a man wearing colorful clothing and makeup. "So bizarre…" She mumbled to herself.

Optimus checked his device to see that their signal had suddenly disappeared. "Bizarre, indeed."

"Now what?" Bulkhead asked

"Finally!" A femme voice called that echoed throughout the park. Luna froze. "I was getting tired of waiting."

Optimus and Bulkhead drew their blasters. "Reveal yourself."

Out of the fog came a dark figure with the exact same build as Luna. She came clearly into view, exposing that she was Luna's Decepticon twin. She casually held her arms in the air to show that she was unarmed. "Three against one seems hardly fair, don't you think, dear sister?"

"What do you want, Nova?" Luna demanded.

"To talk. About you, about me, about Megatron's ridiculously generous offer."

"My answer was final."

"Of course it was. I don't know what he was thinking. You would never reconsider, now would you? But you know how he is, always so insistent when his mind is set on something."

Luna tensed.

"I was surprised myself, actually. Why would Megatron be so interested in you after all this time? You refuse to serve him, and you are no use to me anymore. Even I do not know what he is really planning."

"Are you going to make your point?" Optimus demanded.

She smirked. "You see Optimus Prime, I am not here to ask or beg for Luna's corporation. If she does not want to join us willingly, then I'm afraid we will have to take her by force."

Troopers appeared out of the fog, circling around them. Knockout and Breakdown appeared beside Nova. An ambush. "Last chance, dear sister! Come with us and we shall spare you your Autobot comrades."

Luna didn't want anything to happen to her newest teammates. She kept her optics locked on Nova. "Maybe I should go with them."

"I do not wish for you to sacrifice yourself." Optimus replied.

"We can take 'em." Bulkhead added.

She turned her head to look at them, hesitating. She wanted to give herself up, for the sake of her friends. But there was no chance they'd leave her side. They were in this together. "I'm staying with my team." She announced.

"Have it your way." Nova smiled, giving the signal. "Take care of them."

With that, the troopers opened fire. Breakdown went right for Bulkhead and the two of them engaged in a brawl, disappearing into the fog. Luna fought beside Optimus, taking out one 'con after the next. Her massive blade made a good shield from the blaster fire. She looked around for her sister but it was too difficult to see.

Suddenly, Knockout popped out of nowhere, carrying a weapon he used to electrify Optimus. Extreme pain traveled through his circuits and he fell to the ground with a groan. Luna looked down in shock, then up at Knockout, who flashed her a devilish grin. The next thing she knew, she was being hit hard, flying through the air and sliding across the ground.

She quickly got to her feet and picked up her blade, spinning around in every direction, looking for her sister beyond the fog. Nova came into view, walking casually with her blade out and ready.

"I don't want to fight you, Nova."

"I don't think you have much of a choice." She lunged for her sister, raising her blade above her helm. They broke into an intense sword fight. Their blades clashed over and over. Nova was ruthless, while part of Luna was reluctant to fight back.

She took a hit so hard it sent her crashing through a wooden roller coaster. "Sloppy. Very sloppy." Nova called "Being an Autobot has turned you weak!"

Luna groaned, getting to her feet. She was getting angry. She drew her blasters and fired into the fog repeatedly.

"You chose this, Luna. You chose to fight against me. You and I are no longer sisters upon this world, only enemies."

Her words hurt. She shook her head. "Then why am I holding back?"

"You are a fool and I look forward to seeing you prisoner to Megatron."

Luna spotted her in the fog. Angry and upset, she attacked on sight. Her sudden outrage caught Nova off guard and she took a nasty hit to the face. Luna continued to go at her, almost uncontrollably. A powerful spin-kick hit her so hard it sent her crashing through a building, which crumbled down on top of her. Luna knew it wouldn't hold her for long. She grabbed her blade and ran off to find the others.

Back at base, Monica learned about the Matrix of Leadership, Vector Sigma, and everything else leading up to restoring Optimus Prime's memory. She took a moment to let everything sink in. "You've been through a lot… I'm just glad you're all safe."

"Us too." Arcee said.

Monica looked at Jack, anxiously "So you've really been to their planet?"

He smiled "It was no big deal."

"Are you kidding? You are the first person to ever step foot on another world! We haven't even made it to Mars yet. You've made the biggest accomplishment in human history!"

Miko rolled her eyes "Too bad no one knows about it."

"Well I know. And I think that's pretty amazing, Jack."

He laughed shyly. "Heh, thanks."

Arcee walked over to check on Ratchet "Any word from the others?"

"No. They should have reported back by now. I cannot seem to contact them."

Luna clicked her comm. link again, trying to get through to Ratchet. Nothing but static. She looked around, unsure what to do next, when she noticed a large figure walking toward her. "Bulkhead!"

As the figure got closer, she realized it wasn't who she thought it was. It was Breakdown. The Autobot didn't have time for another fight. Her only concern was finding Optimus and Bulkhead. She ran off before he could get a clear shot. She ran faster, starting to panic. It was hopeless in this fog, especially without means of communication.

Luna suddenly crashed into someone, lifting her blasters automatically. Alarmed, Optimus and Bulkhead did the same. The two of them seemed unharmed. She sighed in relief, lowering her weapons.

"Luna, are you alright?" Optimus asked.

"Fine. What about yourselves?"

"We're ok." Bulkhead said.

"We need to find a way out of here."

A ground-bride opened up next to them. "Found one." Bulkhead said. They entered it quickly, Luna being last to go through.

"Bulkhead!" Miko called, happy to see him. "We were starting to worry."

"How did you know we needed a bridge?" Optimus asked Ratchet.

"You weren't outside the communication range. I knew something was wrong."

"The 'cons set up an ambush." Bulkhead explained.


Luna didn't want to talk about it. She glanced at Monica, who started up at her with concern. The Autobot couldn't fake a smile. She walked off down the hall without saying a word.