Chance Encounters

(I just saw the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie last night and I just felt like I had to write this! Will and Elizabeth don't have a child in this. J/A, E/W)

Will's POV

A year has passed. A full year has passed since I last saw Elizabeth. I hate being stuck on this boat. I need to be with my wife. I need to be.

"Will" I turned around and saw my dad. We had become a lot closer since I had become the captain of the Dutchman. I'm glad that I have someone close to me that I can talk to.

I miss everything about my old life. Elizabeth, having a heart, and I even miss Jack a little bit.

I wonder how he is. Last I heard he was on some kind of adventure to find the Fountain of Youth. He's probably found it by now. He might be crazy, but he knows what he's doing.

Anyway, right now we are sailing through a light breeze. We are still in the normal world, and I'm glad. It's quite depressing in the other world. I don't like it there.

We weren't going anywhere in particular, we were just sailing.

"There's someone on that island" I had almost forgotten my father was there, I had been so wrapped up in my thoughts.

I looked to where he was pointing and saw that he was not lying. I walked to the other end of the ship to get a closer look.

Hey, isn't that the island Jack got stuck on?

I then asked my father this and he studied the island and then nodded. "I believe so"

"Let's go check it out" My father nodded and we went a little closer to the island. I instructed some of my crew to get a rowboat and they obeyed. My father and I got in and we were lowered down to the calm water.

I can get close to the shore; I just can't get on it.

As we got closer, the person stood up from where they were sitting. I realized, as this happened, that this person was a woman. She walked to water and stood in it.

We got closer and I got out of the boat. I walked up to her and she smiled

"You're Will Turner" She said. I could tell she was Spanish and I have to say that she is quite attractive, but I have Elizabeth

"How'd you know?"

"You're the captain of the Flying Dutchman." She pointed toward the ship that was floating in the water behind me.

"Not a lot of people know that. How do you?"

"Jack told me that he was the one that killed Davy Jones and used your hand to do it so you wouldn't die"

"You know Jack?"

"Of course I do! He was the one that put me on this island!"

I laughed. Of course he did. "Why would he put someone else on this island when he barely survived on it?"

"He killed my father and he thought I would come after him for revenge. But now I realize that he was right about my father all along and I no longer want revenge"

"Who was you're father?"


I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting that.

"And your name?"


"Wait, I think I heard Jack talk about you once."

"That's surprising" Angelica rolled her eyes. I wonder what happened

"Well, do you want to get off of this island?"

"Yes, I would like to see Jack and give him a piece of my mind!" I could see she was the kind of girl that had a nasty temper. What has Jack gotten himself into?

"Well, you're welcome on the Dutchman" She smiled

"Thank you" We walked over to the row boat and I got inside first, then I helped her in.

"Angelica, this is my father Bootstrap. Father, this is Angelica, she knows Jack"

"Nice to see you again, Miss." What?

"You as well, Bootstrap"

"You know each other"

"Son, I sailed with Jack for years, and Angelica was on the boat for at least 2 years"

I nodded and my dad started to row back to the ship.

I feel like I don't know all of the facts

Jack's POV

I finally got the Pearl back! I knew I could do it. It took a while though…about 2 months.

So, now we are in Tortuga, we are in desperate need of a crew.

We walked into a tavern and we set up a little table and a sign up list.

After a little while, we had about 20 signatures. We only needed a couple more.

"Do you still need more people?" I knew that voice. I looked up

"Elizabeth!" I stood up "How are you? I haven't seen you in a year!"

"I'm fine, Jack. How are you?"

"I've been better" She raised an eyebrow wondering what I was referring to. I knew that I was referring to Angelica, but it's hard to admit it. I've only just admitted it to myself, and I don't plan on telling anyone else anytime soon

"Why's that?"

"Long story" I stated

"So, may I be a part of your crew?" Elizabeth asked

"Of course! But do you really want to, I mean, you probably won't see William" She glared and I saw the sorrow in her eyes "Okay, that was the wrong thing to say"

She signed her name on the roster and I waited for her to say something.

"When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow morning" She nodded and before I knew it, she was gone again.

What is with these women?

Angelica's POV

It's been a couple hours since the Flying Dutchman found me. It has been nice, most of the guys flirt with me, but I ignore it because I like being off of that god forsaken island!

It was around midnight around here and it was pretty silent. I laid in the bed the Will let me have and just stare at the ceiling. I sighed. I miss Jack. I know I really shouldn't, I should be cursing his name, but I can't. I love him.

I suddenly remembered the doll that washed up on the shore a couple of hours after he left me.

I took it out of my pocket and looked at it. I wish it was the real Jack. I brought it to my chest and hugged it tightly. I hoped he could feel it. I hoped he knew I had it and I actually missed him. I hope he knows how much I really do love him.

I fell asleep holding the doll in my arms, praying Jack really did love me back.

Elizabeth's POV

I arrived at the Black Pearl this morning and I see Jack and Mr. Gibbs already on board. I climb aboard and Jack smirks when he sees me.

"I had a feeling you wouldn't come, guess I was wrong"

"I always stick to my word" I state. Jack was about to retort but then he stopped. He closed his mouth and he looked down at his body.

"What's wrong, Cap'n?" Gibbs asked

"I feel as though someone is hugging me" Jack said softly

"What do you mean?"

"I can't explain it. It's as though a…woman is holding me" That's strange

"I wonder why?"

Gibbs suddenly laughed "Cap'n maybe somewhere miles away, someone is holding a doll of you and it happens to be a Voodoo doll." Gibbs laughed and I did to. How preposterous.

Jack suddenly froze. His mouth agape. I shared a look with Mr. Gibbs and he shrugged

"Jack? Are you okay?"

"Mr. Gibbs, do you know where my compass is?"

"Yes, Cap'n." Gibbs grabbed Jack's famous compass and tossed it to him.

He opened and waited. I pointed north. He grinned "We have our heading"