Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. The characters all belong to their respective studios and creators. I am just borrowing them for my story.

Author's Note: This story is set after the end of season 2 of Roswell (after Tess has already left) and in the beginning of season 6 of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer- after Buffy and Spike have gotten together, but before Willow was addicted to magic and before Willow and Tara broke up. Sorry for the confusing time lines, but it worked best for my story.

Chapter One - A Change

"What do you want, Maxwell," Michael snapped sleepily into the phone. "It's four in the morning and I have an early shift at the Crashdown."

"I think I've ruined my chances with Liz. This whole Tess ordeal, well….," Max sighed into the phone. "How could I have ever been so stupid? Liz will never forgive me. Michael, you and Maria are together again, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well maybe you could give me some advice, you know, um… about how to get Liz back?"

"Oh this is priceless," a now fully awake Michael laughed into the phone. "You, our fearless leader, is asking me for advice and romantic advice at that!"

"Michael this is serious," Max said embarrassed, because he could still hear Michael laughing in the background.

"Oh, I'm sure it is. I'm sure you and Liz's little love fest is serious. Very serious. Well Maxwell, my advice to you is to be nice to her. You know, apologize to her and buy her flowers- all that crap that women seem to like."

"What crap that women seem to like," Maria asked groggily.

"Nothing, just go back to sleep," Michael replied as he carried the phone into another room.

"Michael, was that Maria?"

"Yeah, so?"

"She's sleeping at your place now? I had no idea things had gone that far."

"Yeah, well she is my girlfriend."

"Michael, I don't know if that is such a good idea. I mean--"

"Look, Maxwell," Michael cut him off, "You just be nice to Liz, let me handle Maria."

"But Michael, this could have serious ramifications. You don't know what could happen. Just think this through--"

"I'll see you tomorrow, Max," Michael murmured as he hung up the phone and got back into bed.

"Was that Max," Maria asked, trying to wake up.

"Yeah. Let's just go back to sleep, okay? I'm tired."

"Goodnight Michael," Maria whispered as she snuggled into his arms and went back to sleep.


"Can you believe him," Buffy yelled over the roar of the screaming demon. "I mean, Spike just showing up at my house like that, at two in the morning, with no explanation, wanting to talk. Wanting to talk about what? We don't ever talk, we just screw around and even that's not great. I mean, really, I…"

Buffy trailed off realizing she had already killed the demon and was now just beating it's steaming carcass. "I've really gotta stop talking about my problems to the night uglies," she thought out loud.

"So I'm a problem now, Slayer? I thought I was just the one who rocked your world," Spike called out from the shadows.

"What are you doing here, Spike?"

"What do you think, love, I've come to have my daily dose of fun with the Slayer."

"You are so gross, Spike," Buffy said taking a step back.

"Maybe, Slayer, but you're gagging for it anyway. I can smell you -- your excitement and anticipation. I can hear your little heart beating ecstatically. Just admit you want me, Slayer."

"Never, I will never want you, Spike."

"You're such a bad liar," Spike murmured as he grabbed her into a passionate kiss.

He dragged her back into his crypt, slammed the door and began to fumble with her clothes. "You've always wanted me, Slayer."


Spike opened his eyes and looked next to him on the bed. Buffy was gone. It didn't surprise him, but bloody hell, it still hurt. He looked around the room and noticed that he was no longer in his crypt. It didn't look like Buffy's house either. Where the hell was he? How did he get here, wherever here was?

He pulled back one of the curtains and sunlight spilled into the room. He jumped back screaming and then realized that nothing had happened. He hadn't felt any burning and he was not turning to stone. He cautiously stepped forward and put his hand into sunlight. Nothing. What the bloody hell had happened to him?

He looked at his hand and realized that the skin was tan and his fingers were longer than he remembered. Just then a blond girl, wearing nothing but a sheet, walked into the room.

"Hey, spaceboy. I think we overslept. Liz's dad is probably furious with you for not showing up to work this morning. We'll just have to smooth things out later. Right now I want to spend some quality time with my boyfriend," Maria told him.

"Well then I suggest you bloody well go find him, because I want to be alone now. And another thing, I don't know who you are, woman, so don't call me 'spaceboy'. Also…," Spike stopped startled, but his mouth continued to move. His voice was different! What happened to his accent? He just sounded like some pitiful American teenager now. What the hell was happening to him?

"I don't know what your deal is Michael, but this is not funny. You just can't stand closeness can you, because every time our relationship is going well, you do something to push me away. Well, it won't work, Michael, I won't let you," Maria ranted as she grabbed a calming bottle of cypress oil.

"Michael, who the bloody hell is Michael?"

"Oh, cute Michael, real cute. Would you just stop being immature for a minute and talk to me. What's wrong? Are we having communication problems, because if we are--"

"Shut up, damn you. Do you always babble so? I don't know who you are or what you're doing here, so kindly…," Spike trailed off as he saw a mirror above the dresser. He hadn't seen his reflection in centuries and now that he finally saw it again, it wasn't his. The face of a teenage boy stared back at him.