I couldn't keep away from you for long… so I'm back! I discovered that I need to write; it's my way of relaxing after long stressful days, and believe me, they've been stressful. Updates for this story will be much farther between than before because of… dun dun dun… MOCK GCSES!

Yes, they are mocks, but they are still important, so I'm going to have to start revising in the next week or two, which is a shame. I don't want to, but I have to. Ugh, school is hard.


If you haven't already read my story "Captive", STOP! Go back and read it, otherwise you won't get this at all!

However, if you can't be bothered, here's a summary of the last story…

Somehow, Mufasa managed to survive the stampede. Scar's latest plan was in ruins; he'd be exiled for sure. But, he thought quick, and used Simba as a leverage to get Mufasa to stand down as King, allowing Scar to assume the throne. Simba was held hostage in Scar's den for six moons (months) and meanwhile, Scar made everyone else's lives a living nightmare, including those of Mufasa, Sarabi and his un-willing mate Arianna.

With the help of Sarafina's mate Ni, Mufasa managed to overthrow Scar and rescue Simba, although Ni died in the process whilst trying to save Simba himself. Scar and his hyenas left and everything is at peace…

Or is it?

They don't know it yet, but everything's about to get a hell of a lot worse.

So, I present to you…



The outlands.

A land of lost hopes and unforgiving heat.

A brown pelted lion was trudging across the barren wasteland, dehydrated beyond measure and dying for sure. For nearly an entire week he had been wandering, not knowing where he was or where he was going.

His name… was Scar.

He had a dark, limp mane, and a slash over his left eye, supposedly where the name had come from. Until recently, he had been continuing his six moon long reign over the Pridelands, but now, it was over. His brother had seen to that.

His brother. Even the thought of him made his blood boil. He had taken back his throne and driven Scar out, all for the sake of that little brat. Though he was dead now, luckily, as far as Scar knew. He had hatched plan after plan to regain his title, but now he didn't know if he could even manage it. He was so weak from lack of food and exhaustion. Finally, he couldn't walk anymore, and fell down onto the ground.

It wasn't fair, he thought to himself, all his life he had been the second best. Second place, second choice… his brother had always been better than him, at everything.

Once again, the thought of him caused Scar to fly into a rage. He struggled to his feet, snarling all the while. That was it, he was getting his throne back. It WAS his, he deserved it…

But he would need help…

His hyenas were gone. Most of them had run away during the fight, and the ones who remained… he had made them leave…

"Go away!" he had shouted, "Worthless creatures!"

And they had, leaving him quite alone. There was no way they would ever come back to him.

And then, an idea hit him. They would need some convincing, but, they were perfect for the job.

"Look out, Mufasa," Scar muttered, "I'm coming for you."


Next update will be… soon, but I don't know.