Dear readers

A lot has changed in the three years since I returned to writing fanfiction. The fifteen year-old who typed those first thousand-word chapters is long gone: this eighteen year-old is left. My understanding and style of writing has changed a lot. I've lived a lot more of life, and experienced a lot more – stuff like growing up, depression, death, sexuality… I've left school and my home, I'm currently in an entirely new city with entirely different people at University. My life is 100% different than it was in summer of 2011. In any case, I'm no longer a child.

Another thing that is now different is my feelings about my two most popular works thus-far: "Captive" and "Reprisal". That isn't to say I'm not proud of them, or the work I put into them, but I just don't feel good about them anymore, particularly "Reprisal", which has been sitting unfinished for more than an entire year now, at my last check. Continuing with it has felt like a chore for the longest time now, and as a result its most recent chapters were rushed and sloppy. I've backed myself into so many corners plot-wise. I had originally planned for a re-draft, but having just re-read parts of the story for the first time in about a year I can whole-heartedly say that I don't want to. From my own creative stand-point, "Reprisal" is a lost cause, one that I don't want to spend any more time or effort trying to salvage.

However, I don't plan to completely abandon this series, nor am I going to delete the stories. I'm going to fall back on an idea I have had for these past three years, ever since I finished writing "Captive".

On completion of said story, I jumped straight into its sequel. I immediately knew that someday, when I had finished whatever number of stories I wanted for the series, I would go back and re-write "Captive", to fill it with more detail, emotion, and depth. I never forgot about this desire, even when I tired myself out trying to resuscitate "Reprisal" on numerous occasions. Well, this is now what I plan to do.

"Captive" is going to be entirely re-written. The main story will be unchanged, but it will be much, much longer, with the above mentioned improvements. Some of my original chapters barely eclipsed 1000 words. This will definitely change.

I am reverting to this strategy because I remember how much I loved writing "Captive". I genuinely looked forward to the moments when I knew I would have time to write and upload and read the reviews that were left for me. This was true with "Reprisal" for a while, but as the clear problems began to emerge writing became much more of a task, rather than a distraction/relaxing activity that it had been before.

Once this overhaul of "Captive" is complete, in a much more satisfying form, I will progress to the sequel/s, which with any luck will be much less problem-ridden, and just overall better.

This seems like a good plan, currently. I hope readers, both old and new, will encourage/appreciate this initiative.

Thanks so much, so you all soon on the new story!