this is my first Sonic the hedgehog fanfic and I'm using the Underground universe since I didn't play the games much when I was little ( not have a Sega system) try to understand ok

Queen Aleena: After the defeated of Robotnik peace finally returns to mobius, but some time we don't know what we got until it's gone.

It's been 1 year since the prophecy was profiled and Robotnik was defeated by Sonic the hedgehog and his two siblings. now the royal family was enjoying the time together as a family.

Sonics foster family was saved and are now living at the castle , sadly Sonia and Manic foster family's couldn't be brought back from roboticised but the sibling know now they must work hard to never let roboticising happen again. Together with the freedom fighters Mobius was starting to look beautiful after cleaning up from robotniks mess.

Sonic was looking up at large portrait displayed on one of the hallways wall. it was hedgehog, a male hedgehog with green fur and blue tips at the end of his spikes, he was dressed in royal clothing with a read cape, under the picture in gold was a plat that read " King Jules Novthis Hedgehog". the hedgehog has green eyes just like Sonic

" I see your looking at the portrait of your father Sonic" a voice called. the blue hedgehog turned around to find his mother approaching him

" I guess mom" he said turning back to the picture, Aleena joined looking up at the picture as well

" your father was a brave man" she said tears started to swell up in her eyes " sadly he never go to meet you or your siblings" she wiped the tear away

" don't cry mom" Sonic said, Alenna smiled at him

" It's alright Sonic" she said ruffling his head " now let go find Sonia and Manic".

Some where hiding in the castle locked away laid a large black crystal, soon the crystal begun to spark black lighting the glowed bright purple and then the light faded, a evil laugh could be heard echoing.

Sonic and Aleena found Manic working on a new project until it blew up in his face, Sonia was helping until she got hit with smoke and oil.

" Yuck" Sonia cried

" sorry sis" Manic said taking off his goggles leaving a mask on his face " I'll get it right"

" Children" Alenna called from the door " what going on?"

" nothing mom" Manic said cleaning off his goggles

" Besides getting me dirty" Sonia said, she was still fussing over her ruin outfit, Aleen approached her daughter

" now Sonia" she said lifting her daughters chin up " ruling a kingdom sometimes means we have to get dirty" then Aleena looked away " in my case plenty"

" you?" Manic asked, Aleena nodded

" why yes" she said " when I was your age I used to get dirty all the time, your grandparents weren't happy about it but I couldn't help it, I was having fun"

Sonic and Manic snicked at there sister who gave them a death glare. Suddenly the castle started to shake, the royal family lost there balance, Sonic's foster father came running in

" your Majesty's" he called

" yes" Aleena said getting up with the help of her children

" something happening in the forbidden chamber" he said. Aleena gasped

" what wrong mom" Sonia asked

" quick children come with me" she said dashing after the rat man, Sonic and his sibs were right behind them.

Aleena reached the door to the forbidden chamber, she placed her hand on the hand print that on the door identifying her and the door opened. Rushing in she came to a horrible sight. The large black crystal that has been guarded for years now laid shattered on the floor

" Mom" Sonic called coming into the room " whats going on?"

" I fear a new threat has came to us" she said picking up one of the broken pieces " I fear Norus has returned".

Well what do you think? and I kinda made up Sonic's dad's middle name just for a royal title

Chapter 2 coming soon