Allena heard the door to her cell open and watched as swat bot threw Sonic and Sonia in.

" My children" she cried out and rushed to their side " are you alright".Sonia looked up at her mother.

" Mother...something has.." she didn't get to finish because Norus entered the cell.

" what a sweet family reunion " he said pretending to wipe away a tear " but it won't last".

" You!" Sonic growled and went over to the cell bar door " what did you do to our brother?". The evil King chuckled.

" Surprising wasn't it" Norus turn his head " oh Cinam come here". and walking into the dungeon Manic apparoced the cell holding his family. Aleena gasp seeing her son betraying them. Some how she felt is was her fault he chose this path.

" Yes uncle?" Manic addressed the king. Norus stepped behind his nephew placing his hands on his shoulders.

" Oh my dear sister, you see this happens when you neglect your child." he watched Aleena squirm with guilt.

" Mom it's not your fault" Sonic called to her " don't let him get to you".

Aleena nodded to Sonic's words, but the pain learning about whee Manic was raise still made her guilty about leaving him before he was taken in by the home hes was suppose to go to.

" come my nephew" Norus begun to escort his nephew out of the royal family's sight " or should I say...Son" he grin making Aleena's heart drop.

" Sure...Father" Manic replied. Aleena couldn't handle it and had to sit down, once seated back on the bench she and her remaining children watched the evil King walk away with Manic.

Is Manic really going to betray his family?...