"What happens when he's your prince charming,

but you're not his Cinderella?"


Vanille's POV

"Mommy!" I heard Audrey yelling. I turned, smiling fondly at the twins. Elli, now 15, sat on the couch glaring at them.

'Could you please quiet down?" she snapped. "I'm trying to watch Naruto!"

Audrey sighed, exasperated. "But El! Andrew stole my shoe again!" she whined.

I grinned to myself. "Now, Andrew, be nice to your sister and give her the shoe."

He stuck his tongue out at me before grudgingly handing over the pink sandal.

Elli went back to my laptop before she growled at the screen. "Sakura is such a bitch."

I laughed, "We've been saying that for years."

"Daddy!" I heard both Audrey and Andrew yell at the same time. I looked up at the doorway.

Itachi stood beside Deidara and he swooped his kids up in his arms instantly. "My angels."

I grinned, jumping off the couch and right into my bomber's arms.

"Hey, un." he smirked, kissing my forehead.

"I think you've gotten shorter." I snorted.

"I HAVE NOT, YEAH!" he yelled, beginning to tickle me as punishment.

"KAKUZU!" Ellie yelled, attempting to save me from the blonde's wrath. "DADDY BROKE THE NEW TV!"

"DEIDAAAAAARAAA!" Kakuzu yelled from somewhere in the base. Said bomber stopped his assault and dashed away to hide.

I should probably explain some shit, huh?

Well, it's been about seven years since Lexi broke the news of her pregnancy. She had to beautiful twins, a boy named Andrew and a girl named Audrey.

I am currently pregnant with my first child. She's a girl and I will name her Rose, both after my friend who passed away so many years ago and my ninja cat who grew up into a powerful feline and used her awesome cat-ness to save me from attackers from the Snow Village.

Elli is now 15 and she still calls Deidara daddy, even though she knows about her real parents. We told her when she was 14 about what had happened to us and how we got here. She ingested the information well, and soon we took her to the real world and she met mother again.

My mother then died a few months later due to lung cancer.

I told Ellie about our time in the Nut House and Lexi's life before that and about her would be sister had she not died. I told her about Micah and Rose and all those others that helped Lexi, Vanessa and I.

Speaking of Vanessa, her and Hidan have gotten married and they have a little boy named Micah. Hidan knows who the real Micah is, though he doesn't mind because inside he thinks Jashin killed the real Micah so that Vanessa could be his. Though he'd never tell her that, of course.

That's about it. I'll be having Rose in a few months and she'll join the new Akatsuki generation. We're still at war with Kohona and will probably have to keep defending the children against that village. But for now, we're safe and that's all that matters.


~The End~