The Note

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of its characters. I do not own any of the songs used. Just my own ideas.

Summary: Quinn makes a decision that could destroy everyone who cares about her.

Part One

It all started with a note.

The blood & tear stained note fell to the floor as she stood on the chair. She was in her cheerleading uniform. It seemed fitting. Her wrists were dripping blood but that would take too long. She put her head through the noose and kicked the chair.

The scream filled the house. "QUINNIE!" Judy Fabray stood under her daughter and held her up. Russel Fabray came to see what was going on. He cut the rope and called 9-1-1 while Judy held the body of her dying daughter.

Russel Fabray looked over at Judy and said "How are we going to spin this?"

"Spin this?" Judy asked. "You really care about our status right now?"

"People will talk Judy!" Russell seemed shocked that his wife didn't understand.

"Our daughter is dying!"

"I will go meet the EMTs." As Russell Fabray left the room, Judy saw the note. She picked it up. She slipped it in her pocket. Russell was not going to just be able to brush this away. She wouldn't allow it.

"Quinnie," Judy whispered. "Hang in there, okay. We are gonna help you."

Judy rode with Quinn in the ambulance. Russell wanted to clean up the room. He didn't want any evidence of a suicide. Judy looked at the note that she had hid in her pocket.

I can't live a lie any more.

I'm sorry Rachel.

That was all it said. Why would she only apologize to Rachel? Judy didn't understand what was going on.

News quickly got around Lima, Ohio, that Quinn Fabray had died. Everyone at William McKinley High School was in shock. No one knew how Head Cheerleader Quinn Fabray had died. They read it in the obituaries that there was a private service. Family Glee Club was somber. Noone spoke. Finn stared at the ground. Puck's eyes were red. No one would look at each other. Tears dripped down Rachel's face. Mr. Schuester tried to get the club to talk about it. "We lost one of our members…" he began.

"Mr. Schue, with all due respect," Santana said. "Quinn was much more than that. I'd rather we not talk about her." She gulped.

Brittany nodded. "Quinn was more than anyone will ever understand."

Judy Fabray walked into the room. Every student gasped. Finn stood up, "Mrs. Fabray, I…"

She cut him off. "I need to speak with Rachel Berry."

Mr. Schue wasn't sure why Judy Fabray would want to speak with Rachel Berry. He was kind of nervous about allowing it. Quinn and Rachel never were friends. Not that he could tell. Rachel just stood up and nodded. She walked out with Judy Fabray.

Judy and Rachel walked side by side in silence to Judy's car. "I need you to come with me. Please."

"Why?" Rachel choked out.

"Quinn wrote a note."

"It was suicide?" Rachel's stomach knotted and she bawled. Why hadn't she noticed that Quinn was suicidal? Maybe she could have helped her. She always knew Quinn was hiding something behind her cool exterior but suicide?

Judy pulled her into a tight hug. Judy took the note out of her pocket and handed it to Rachel as Rachel got in the car. Rachel read it over and over again. Why her? Why would Quinn apologize to her? She tormented tons of students. So surely that wasn't the reason.

Judy watched the emotions flutter over Rachel's face. Shock. Confusion. Hurt. And something else. Something underlying all of that. Could it be? No, she must be mistaken. She started driving.