In a room in Amity Park, a male teenager was sleeping in the dark. A glowing figure flew through the window- straight through, even though it was not open, and landed in front of him, making no noise.

"Hello, Danny." She suddenly twitched and grabbed her head. If you could see their eyes, they would've been blood red.

"No..." Taking a deep, shuddering breath, she closed her eyes and opened them once the pain passed.

"I've never done this before...but here goes nothing." She closed her eyes, and the hand that wasn't holding a scythe began to glow yellow. She began to chant...

"Storm, Stop your enemies, Try your best, Obliterate your fears, Remove your doubts, Make everything count. I bless you, yet curse you young Daniel Phantom with the power of the storm. The power that cannot be controlled, this I give to you. Spirit of the storm, COME FORTH!" With her last sentence, the orb on the scythe glowing brighter, and a smoky gray snake-like creature with yellow eyes slithered up her arm, awaiting orders from the girl.


As if that one word were an order, the snake flew onto the boy's forehead, glowing yellow.

At the same time, the girl put her glowing hand on his forehead, and then there was a bright flash of light. The girl was thrown backwards and the snake went back into the scythe.

She walked forward, and there was a lightning bolt floating above his head. She touched it, and it sunk back into his forehead.

"I only hope that you will be able to handle the power of the Storm..." She turned around and flew away.

This is a rewrite of Weapon. This will make more sense then it, since I have a pretty good idea of where this story is going now.

~ Lightning*