HAPPY BDAY MAD ALLESS! Hope you like this.

"Dean! We have got to change your tapes man! I don't have space to sit!"

"Eh hey hey! Don't mock the music! Its not my fault you're the Jolly Green Giant!"

The next day, Dean couldn't seem to find any of his clothes after his shower in the freezing motel room.

"SAM! Get me my clothes. Im freezing and the stupid motels decided to double attics as shelves."

"Eh hey hey! "Don't mock the motel. They probably just don't get a lot of midgets around here."

Dean walked right into that one.


Dean's heart almost stopped. He had just left his concussed brother on the side of the impala went to rummage in the trunk for a first aid kit.

After a hasty retreat from their hunt, Dean couldn't find the time to get to a motel before patching up Sam's head wound, so he stopped at the nearest well lit parking space.

And now his brother was missing…again!

Dean cursed and swung his phone out of his jacket. Hearing the faint melody, he followed the tune to the rear of the car and sighed in relief.

How could he forget that when Sam was hurt he always took comfort on the hood.