Angry Bob Rides the Subway

The epic sequel to "Angry Bob buys a Car."

Anyone who has ridden a subway for an extended amount of time knows the plight of Angry Bob.

Angry Bob was angry.

His car endeavor did not go as planned.

I will ride a subway, thought he.

Subways make people happy.

So Angry Bob got on a subway.

And he rode,

And rode,

And rode.

But he was not happy.

In fact, he was angrier.

I will never be happy on a subway, thought he.

Maybe, I should get off now that I know what real anger is.

Heartened by this thought, Angry Bob got up and stood in front of the doors.

As the train slowed and the doors started to open, Angry Bob felt a tear run down his cheek.

Finally I will know true peace. Finally I will be happy.

40,000 seat-hungry people crushed Angry Bob.

Angry Bob died.