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"Princess, your father wishes to speak with you."

"Thank you Sophie. Please tell him I will be there shortly," Clarissa smiled politely at her head servant, Sophia Johns, before turning to put her sketch pad down. From the corner of her eye, she could see Sophie leave her chambers.

Sighing, she stood, brushing off her flowing skirts as she went to see what her father wanted.

When she arrived at the throne room, there were guards awaiting her. Strange, she thought. They don't look familiar... brushing it off, she entered the large room. And almost stopped in her tracks.

There were two more thrones next to her parents, with a middle aged man and what she presumed to be his wife. Next to them stood three stunning looking teenagers, most likely her and her brother's ages. She tried to ignore them as she proceeded to her fathers throne.

"Father, you wish to speak with me?"

Valentine Morgenstern grinned at his daughter.

"Clarissa! Dear, I'd like to introduce you to King Robert Lightwood, and his wife Maryse Lightwood. They are the rulers of an area in America. They and their children will be staying with us for a while for business. Oh and of course, these are their three children," He motioned to the teenagers. "Prince Alec, the eldest of the trio," The tallest boy with midnight hair and deep ocean eyes nodded. "Prince Jace, who is your brothers age," The golden haired angel nodded, a smirk on his lips and mischievous in his golden eyes. "And finally, Princess Isabelle, who is your age."

"Pleased to meat you," She curtsied at them, keeping my voice void of emotion. "I am Princess Clarissa Morgenstern. Welcome to my home. I hope you enjoy your stay."

"Oh it's lovely to finally meet you Princess. Thank you for letting us stay in your home. I hope we're not a bother to you." Robert Lightwood said, with a warm smile on his face. She couldn't help but smile back.

"Of course you are not you're highness. I am glad to have you." He nodded at her, and she turned to her parents.

"Clarissa," Her mother's sweet voice filled the room. "Have you seen your brother? No one seems to know where he is."

Clarissa chuckled shaking her head. "He is most likely out hunting again. He mentioned something about the lake by the town of St. Xavier's this morning." She replied, rolling her eyes.

She could hear Isabelle chuckle across the room. Turning her head Clarissa grinned at the girl.

"Oh it's so nice to have another girl around here who understands me!" Isabelle laughed, walking over to stand next to her.

Valentine and Robert rolled their eyes, along with Isabelle's brothers, while Jocelyn and Maryse just gave each other knowing looks.

"You girls may be excused. Supper is at six o'clock. Dorthea will come to get you." Jocelyn said. Clarissa nodded at her, and beggin to walk out with Isabelle when her father's booming voice stopped her.

"Clarissa! Darling will you show the boys to their chambers, seeing as you're brother is not present to do so." She nodded and motioned for them to come with her.

When they were all outside, Clarissa turned to them all.

"Okay, just so we're straight, I do not like being formal, so please save that for the adults. Now boys I'll show you our spare chambers, and then Isabelle-"

"Call me Izzy."

"And then Izzy, I'll show you yours, and if you'd like I can give you all a tour."

Alec raised his eyebrows at Jace and shrugged his shoulders. Jace grinned, turning to the girls.

"A tour would be lovely, Clarissa." She narrowed her eyes at him, and Izzy's smile broadened.

``You know, I think you are the first girl who has not melted on spot for that guy.`` She laughed at that, shaking her head.

``It`s about time, too.`` Alec said under his breath. Jace spoke up.

``Oh, come on who can`t resist this,`` Clarissa could picture him gesturing at himself. ``Honestly. You must be blind!``

She rolled her eyes at him again, and stopped outside of two sets of doors.

``Here you are! Bye!`` She said in a rush. She couldn`t get away from him sooner.

``What about the tour!`` He shouted after the girls retreating forms.

``I`ll leave that for Seb! I don`t have time anymore.`` She yelled over her shoulder.

The girls ran off laughing, ending up by a door right next to Clarissa`s.

`` You can stay here, the one to your right`s my chambers.``

``Awesome! Hey where`s your fitting room, I really need some new dresses. I wasn`t a loud to bring most of mine.``

They laughed, and Clarissa began dragging her down the hall.

``Right here. Down four doors from our chambers, I made sure of it.`` Izzy laughed at her and entered the room.

``Whoa! This room is huge...``

``Yeah, I kind of had them convert four old rooms that no one used and add them on to the original one.``

When they were done admiring the fabric and shoes, it was already Six, and Dorthea was ready for them.

``And now, for the longest most terrible dinner of your life.`` She heard Izzy mutter under her breath. Oh boy... she thought.

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