I have decided this chapter will be the last one in my lovely little series it will include the wedding the wedding night/ honey moon :)

They walked hand and hand up the isle of the small white D.C. church they had found, the seats were filled with friends and Mr. Gibbs in the front seat Abby and Ducky standing side by side on the right of the alter and McGee beside Ziva. All had identical grins lighting they faces ducky wearing a splendid blue bowtie matching with Abby's black dress with blue trim and McGee wearing a matching one and Ziva was in an all blue dress looking all very amazing. The Guest mostly people they had worked with thought the years even Fornel showed up with Jethro and his shared Ex-wife and daughter winking at the couple going up the isle before returning his gaze to the front.

Tony was so caught in Jethro's stare his soon to be husband had to squeeze his hand and grinned teasingly when it came time to say the vows and the I do's and he wasn't paying any attention to the priest. They had chosen simple vows they wrote them selves Jethro promising him love as much as he could give and Tony promised to always be true and never give up no matter how much of a bastard he was, earning a barley concealed giggle from Abby and Ziva even laughed quietly. Finally the priest finished with a smile and " I now present you Man and well... man" beaming into the church crowd as several people stood up and cheered as Jethro grabbed the collar of Tony's shirt and Kissed him sweetly.

After pulling apart Tony quickly said their goodbyes covering his head from the onslaught of rice bombarding them as they jumped in the car shutting the door and then firmly wrapping his hand around Tony's his dog tags dangling from his wrist realizing with a start for the first time that apparently that was his hand intertwined with Tony's in that drawing from so long ago. This made a bright smile creep onto his face as he started the car and pulled his hand away tugging off the tags and placing them over Tony's neck. Leaving with squealing tire marks and the Obnoxious clanking of the cans tired to the fender of the charger and kissing Tony for all his worth as they drove down a semi empty street words the airport to catch their flight to Mexico.

After another Dizzying adventure of trying not to puke while Jethro drove twice the legal speed as they ran hand in hand both in their tuxes laughing their asses off when they reached the gate the number of people giving them dirty looks was rising by the minute and neither of them could give less of a fuck. Of course neither of them really appreciated that Abby had stenciled onto their carry on bags in shocking white against the black canvas and personalized message on each Tony's said ' I LOVE JETHRO!' while Jethro's said 'I LOVE TONY!' with of course small expertly done up with pink hearts all over both of them. But as un comfortable as they were with that, the looks the security guards were giving them just made them both laugh harder almost missing their flight.

It wouldn't have been a complete make out fest on the plane despite the stuffy flight attendant that seemed pissed that Tony was pointedly ignoring her flirting or the fact that neither of them really enjoyed to much PDA. Still they had to be touching the entire 8 hour flight whether it the small sneaking kisses or the fact they both refused to unclasp their hands Tony rubbing smooth circles on the back of Jethro's hand sending shivers up his spine. Unfortunately that gave Jethro an idea learning across his overly roomy first class seat he whispered hotly in his new husbands ear " Now Mr. Gibbs" pausing to enjoy the way that sounding and to nibble lightly on his ear "I'm going to the restroom and I'd like to join the mile high club with you so meet me there in a min". Smiling like the bastard he knew he was he looked Tony in the eye before pointedly eyeing his hsand and pointedly licking his lips before standing up and walking casually to the restroom feeling a certain someones eyes burning a hole in the the back of his head as Tony's lust filled gaze followed him.

Not a minute after he shut the door behind him there was a soft knock at the door immediately opening it he pulled Tony inside and latched the door behind him locking it tightly so thaComing down from their post orgasmic high they heard a previously unheard knocking and all both of them could do was grin at each others soft chuckles erupting both of them couldn't remember a time they had been happier hell when was the last time either of them had been horny enough to fuck someone mid flight and that would be their first. Cleaning up quickly noticing that the knocking had stopped Tony leaving out a loud "fuck!" when he realized that his zipper and button on his pants were ripped throwing a half hearted glare at jethro when he saw the older man holding back a hearty laugh that was quickly smothered with Tony's lips.

When they made their way back to their seat after their rather in-promtu tryst with Tony holding his pants together with one hold while the other was firmly wrapped around Jethro's, a man in a business suit who got up when he heard the door of bathroom open looked at the first with puzzlement then shock before taking in their appearances before starting to laugh under his breath muttering something that sounded suspiciously like " Horny Bastards.." before hesitantly entering the bathroom.

This of course was to much for Tony who dissolved in a fit of giggles falling into his seat pulling a smirking Jethro with him temporarily silencing his own giggling by tenderly kissing the man sitting awkwardly in his lap, only brushing his tongue out a little before giving the older man a playful shove off of him with a moan finally hapily tired and the fact his ass was pretty sore he leaned lightly against Jethro making himself comfortable half expecting Jethro to complain about being used a pillow.

Just before drifting off to sleep he whispered softly in Jet's ear " I love you Jet" snuggling himself impossibley closer before falling asleep his hand still wound tightly within Jethro's own hand.

It wasn't long until they had disembarked from their flight and were running again dodging traffic as they carried their belonging with them through the streets before reaching their temporary home. an open door beach house with wrap around deck with huge windows that made up the wall facing the beaching. throwing their bags down they proceeded to make the most of their 3 weeks vacation/honeymoon time they had due to the fact both of them hadn't used their vacation days for anything in years. Spending most of copiuse time in the bedroom, or snuggling by the TV watching all the movies Tony insisted on bringing along with them.

Sitting in the living room with Jethro both naked only covered by a thin blanket both exhausted but so content after just finishing their third round of the day and it was even close to lunch time. After only a week of being there Jethro had fucked Tony over any and all palpable surfaces around the house of the beach, in the Jacuzzi out back even in the ocean they had made love in every possible position except for one... and he realized he trusted Tony enough to top him... that thought a month ago would of scared him shitless but now he knew it was time.

They fell asleep like that holding each other in the humid Mexican air comforted by each others presence and loving that they were each others and had no plans to stop their almost frantic love making anytime soon.

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